Jan 5, 2013


Arianrhod -Pagan Blog Project Prompt. Week 1 January 4-11 2013

Arianrhod - welsh Goddess. Goddess of the silver wheel (the full moon), keeper of time, karma, and afterlife, rebirth. She is believed to ferry souls to the moonland. She rules over the moon, the sea, and the stars. She is believed to take the shape of an owl. She is known for the Goddess of beauty and fertility. Arianrhod represents spining tools such as the weaving loom. Spiders are also sometimes associated with Arianrhod, as she is a weaver, like the spider. She is the weaver of time. The turning of the wheel of the year. She represents the sky, The Stars of the Corona Borealis.

Pantheon: Celtic/Welsh

Planet: Moon

Colors: blue, purple, white, silver and gray

Herbs/Incense: Birch

Candle Colors: green and white

Animals: Owl and wolf

Elements: air & water


Sabbat: Yule

Plant: Ivy

I feel drawn to Arianrhod. She is the first goddess I learned about when I embraced my magickal path. Which started almost 2 years ago. I've always felt a strong connection to the moon. I feel a sadness when I cannot find it in the sky. The owl is sacred to Arianrhod. Owls keep making their way into my life for some reason. My grand kids give them to me as gifts, they find their way to me as statues from yard sales. Same with the wolf. I feel a great love and respect for the wolf. I feel very drawn to these animals. As well I do other animals as well. I even had a dream about a dragonfly just last night.

I think maybe the Goddess Arianrhod represents to me change, transformation, reincarnation in my own life. By reading about her I learn that these things are alright. I used to fear death. I thought it was an ending. But I think it is just a change is all. And change is good.


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