Jan 19, 2013

2013 items in 2013

Today I was cruising around on CharmingPixieFlora's youtube page. Havent been there in a number of months. I came across an interesting video she did concerning something she implimented into her life last year from a blog. Which I can't recall the name of. But she does list on the video comments. To throw out 2012 things to de-clutter their homes in the year 2012. And Flora is continuing it for her life this year as well. 

Well, you just wouldn't believe how much my home needs de-cluttered! Flora says this is roughly 5 to 6 items a day. BUT then important thing she mentions is that for this to be successful she is careful to not bring in unneeded items. Otherwise, what purpose is really being defeated? So she made herself the deal that in addition to her de-cluttering; if she brings something in. (like she buys something new, yard sale, etc...) then she has to throw something out. 

Very smart lady she is! *giggles* This sounds like just the plan to get my home, life, work & spirit organized and cleaned up!

But where shall I begin? hmmm... 

Flora also mentioned that if our homes are in disarray, that is how we feel on the inside. I truly couldn't agree more with her. Nobody understands why my house is such a chaotic wreck. hmmm Well thats because thats how I feel on the inside. All of the things that make me unhappy stay wrapped up on the inside of me. And I go on the computer, read, make candles, to avoid and shut out the physical world around me. Flora mentioned something that really touched on my heart though. 

She said if we walk into a room and all we see is all this chaotic mess. We could miss the pretty vase of perfect flowers. Or the kittens all cuddled up together looking so cute. And wow! How simple and how pure is that! oh yes. She was referring to a quote Albert Einstein? Confucius? -- someone once said (paraphrasing, don't quote me) Make your life as simple as possible w/out making it simplier. So by keeping out the clutter, chaos & disarray. We make room for the simple pleasures in life. The flowers, the plant, the animals,...

Who wants to join me clearing out the clutter in the life?!!
Lets do this together!

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