Oct 27, 2012

10 Blessings

Today I am writing my 10 blessings that I'm thankful for, in my journal...

  1.  I am thankful for the all the passion parties guests purchases. Because every purchase brings me closer to my goals.
  2. I am blessed to have a good running car. Because that enables me to get to my parties to make money to pay my bills.
  3. I am blessed to have a family that cares & loves me. Because not everyone is that blessed.
  4. I am thankful for the food in my home. Because it gives me fuel to have the energy I need to do my work.
  5. I am blessed to have the use of my legs. Because I enjoy walking in the fall leaves.
  6. I am thankful to have my eye sight to see all of the wonderful beautiful things in this universe.
  7. I am thankful to have a large widescreen t.v. because I don't have to always wear my glasses to see the t.v. guide since the screen is so large.
  8. I am thankful for the plants I have. Because they make me feel happy when I look at them.
  9. I am blessed to have a pellet stove. Because I don't like to chop kindling
  10. I am blessed to have footies. Because they make my feet all warm & cozy.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Everyone ready for Samhain!?? 


Pinky Promise Giveaway - Blog - Pentel of America - Pens, Pencils, Refills, and Markers

Pinky Promise Giveaway - Blog - Pentel of America - Pens, Pencils, Refills, and Markers
I luv pentel inkpens!

Oct 22, 2012

A Pool of Thoughts...

 I have SO much going on right now. In a way I like being busy & moving forward on my path. On another hand, it does not come easily to me. It's a lot to juggle 3 jobs. I've never done that before. I've just always gone to work, come home, then get up the next day & do it all over again. *lol*

My Passion Parties business is really taking off & growing! 'You get out of it, what you put in.' So true!! As soon as I started giving to others to help them; no matter what my financial situation was. I started receiving gifts in my business. Leads for parties in Wyoming starting popping up for Jenny to hand to me. And have been traveling to do them no matter the distance or circumstances. I bought a Passion Sister a pkg of 250 business cards from Vista Print when she could not afford to do it for herself. All of a sudden I have started running into an old friend at the motel I worked at for four years, when we first moved out here to Wyoming. How many years have I been going to this motel to get an orange sunkist bottle of pop and never ran into any of the old crew I worked with. Then I started devoting Tuesdays to working my business for Passion Parties. And just all of a sudden I'm running into the manager all the time when I go there to get a cheap pop *lol* And she read my magnet on my car & said oh! I should have a party! I told her YES!! You SHOULD!! *lol* I didn't have any cards or anything on me at the time. But I did tell her I will bring her one later on. And so I did. I took her 3 biz cards, & 1 of my 'Shades of Winter' catalog inserts. Pointed out to her that these are our winter sales & on my website is the regular catalog & a shopping cart, contact form, other info, etc...

I now have my extra nursing clients all scheduled in too. I picked up seven new housekeeping clients, in addition to my currently eight clients I already had. Now almost every day of the week is filled! WOOHOOOO!!! mo' money bebe!

I should be able to qualify to be paid as a 'Team Leader' and get my title officially changed now.
The first title elevation you do is 'qualified' consultant. You want to elevate to that level immediately. When you sign up you purchase a starter/demo package. That gets you to the consultant status only. When you sell 250.00 or more in retail products in 1 month, you are then qualified. And can begin growing your business ie: (booking parties, vendor events, signing consultants under you...)

I now have 1 qualified and 1 non-qualified consultant. When a consultant has 1-5 consultants signed under theirselves I then have certain qualifications to meet for my title to change. Team Leader is my next elevation title. To be paid a bonus check I must do:

  1.  at least $300.00 in personal retail sales
  2. have at least $100.00 in retail sales by my frontline. (or downline, which is consultants I have signed).

    I've passed my goal for personal retail sales. Now I have to make sure that my frontline has a combined total of $100.00 in retail sales.

Oct 13, 2012

Don't Understand this Sadness...

I should be so much happier than what I am. I don't know whats wrong with me though. I can't even recognize growth and accomplishment when I have it. I drove to Billings, Montana for the 1st time for a Passion Party. And I got orders. So that is a good good thing. I freaking drove to Billings. I went through with it. I didn't cancel. I didn't get scared and back out. I went through with it. I conquered it! That is huge personal growth. I do not drive anywhere I am not 100% familiar with. I live in a very small town. I don't ever drive into the big cities. That kind of anxiety has held me back in my life. Maybe I just have too much that I'm worried and scared about right now. And can't see the good things that are happening. I've been living off of my retirement and workers deferred compensation benefits for over a year now that  I accumulated while being a state employee for 6 years. That is all now gone and so the pressure is really on.

I'm in home healthcare now. But not making as much as what I've become accustom to. I was expecting this huge instant success in my Passion Parties business. But it hasn't happened for me this way. I keep telling myself its like magick. I will get out of it, what I put in to it. I havent been putting in enough effort, to receive the results that I'm wanting.

Finances have become so desperate now that I have to cancel all my monthly automated payments. My checking account was enormously overdrawn a few days ago. And its not that I'm spending money that I don't have. It is online automatic payments through paypal. So I'll have to cancel my forum I love. that is $60.00 a month (ning.com forum) http://thewitchesgarden.ning.com and my website for passion parties has a shopping cart on it. So, now I'll have to downgrade my site until I can rightfully afford it. *sigh* Passion Parties by Julie. I can't do anything about my prescriptions I have to have. I can't go without my imitrex (for migraines), can't go w/out my anti-depressant! Now I'm being treated for an ulcer & H-pylori. One of the h-pylori meds are $100.00!!! In November my husband will have the opportunity to add me onto his insurance. But I'm sure I'll have to hear about how that is going to cost him more money.... *ugh!* I feel like such a burden, not being able to pay my own way. I haven't had to rely on someone else money-wise for a long time. I do not like feeling like this at all!!

                                                                               siggie a gift from my pixel sis Jacqui

Oct 5, 2012


What have you harvested this year?
How are you saving your harvest so that it lasts through the winter?
What other preparations are you making before the snow falls?
I've harvested higher self esteem! In the spring (back in April) I joined a wonderful company called Passion Parties. Part of my goal was to build a stronger me. A little more outgoing. And I am doing that. I am believing in myself more. Standing up for what I feel & believe to be right. Not settling for being treated like dirt & thinking that I deserve it. Knowing that I deserve more & demanding it, and not taking anything less than what I do rightfully deserve. I feel stronger in my spiritual beliefs as well. If someone had come up to me last spring and asked me if I'm a witch. I would have been shocked and possibly even denied it. But now I feel like I would embrace the opportunity to talk about my religion & spirituality. I own it now!

I have learned a lot about self worth from passion parties in the past 6 months. I find myself being less depressed too. And realizing how much a waste of time that is. There is no reason to feel bad about my weight or anything. I can make the choice to change it at any time :D When the time is right. It will happen...

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