Oct 31, 2011

The Thinning of the Veil...

Samhain - pronounced [Sow-In]
Observance Date: October 31st-November 1st
Moon Phase: Waxing
Waxing Moon: Draw your intents, wants & desires to you.

I feel as though my own veil into myself is actually thinner today. I feel like so much is so clear. Feeling full of energy and happy. Is it that I am more intune with nature and the universe now than ever before. Because of all of the knowledge I have gained over the past 7 months? Is it because it is the witches new year and the veil between the other world and this world is thinner. A door is open...

Samhain is a time to connect with our loved ones who have passed into the other world. Our ancestors, pets, familiars, family members. It is a time to remember and pay respect to those who have walked this well worth path before us. A time to remember those who suffered the burning times and at all other times to I believe. It's not just at the 'burning times' that witches suffered. I think this is a good time to remember all who have suffered at the hand of others. Whether it is any kind of slavery, religious unjustice. This kinds of things happen every day still. As I look back at american history we have not been a kind and understanding people. I do not understand the forefathers. Why do we not like and why are we cruel to people who are not are exact duplicate? I am speaking of going into another country and kidnapping people and making them our slaves. Why? I don't get it. I am also speaking of all of the cruelty reaped upon the native americans. Who I feel were here before the white man. I feel very close to the native american culture. They were (are) truely in tune with nature. Respected the land. And all we did is destroy and steal from them. I also speak of the injustices that are done in modern day. People are still ridiculed, fired, ... for their beliefs today.

Okay, got a bit off course there. But I wanted to get that off my chest. *lol*

Today I am going to make moon cookies for the 1st time. I don't know if any tricker-treaters will want them. As home-baked goods are frowned upon. But it is something that I feel strongly about today. Home baking, family, crafts, feels like a theme of today for me. I'd like to make some herb bread too. And making fried chicken for supper. It will be a very early supper. I don't want my grand kids Evey and Dante having candy for supper!

I didn't think I would feel any different today, than on any other day of the year. But I feel very loved. Like Isis has her arms around me letting me know I am loved. And that I am going in the right direction. I keep getting goosebumps. *lol*

I intend to put candles (safely) in my windows of my home to guide and welcome spirits of  the other world. I will have a big ritual. I have a lot of ground to cover. I'll probably go out trick or treating with my grandkids too.

I'm SO glad that I'm all better from being sick! It's like a miracle. I've never gotten well so quickly. And I've always had to go to the doctor to get well. But its like a real miracle that I actually got well without any antibiotics. What a blessing.

Oct 28, 2011

Candle Crafting...

I am having so much fun making candles. I just knew that I would love it and the creativity would come naturally to me. The ideas come faster than I can get them created. *lol*
Today I think black and purple and orange candles will be on my to do list.

Just 3 days to Samhain & my naming ceremony. I'm SO excited. Have been doing some research in my books and online for more Samhain ritual ideas & getting the feel for what this special sabbat represents...

I've also been doing a lot more experimenting with herbs. Making different natural loose incenses from scratch. I've created one that I just love called 'Autumn Forest' & I've followed recipies for others. Such as Silver RavenWolf's  'sunshine brew'. Personally I would love to learn how to create the original 'witches brew natural incense' I just loooove natural loose incense & to burn them on the self-igniting charcoal discs. I go through a lot of those. *giggles*

I should be posting more pics later on today. Be sure to check out My Etsy. And my other pages that I post pics to her on my blog. (books page has been updated as well as candle crafting). And be sure to stop by and friend me on Facebook,(my personal acct) and I've also created a facebook page for my craft shoppe. I'd be honoured if you'd stop by & 'LIKE' my Sacred Oaks Alchemy fan page.

Blessed Be,
              Raven Sylverwolf )O(

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Oct 24, 2011

Hedge Witchery

The last couple of days I've been reading Hedge Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. And have been trying some of the suggestions in there for candle crafting. wow! I feel so so good and positive and filled with happiness, peace & joy. I also did a small low magick ritual last night for the 1st time in probably a month or so. I slept so good and sound & actually had some good dreams! Woke up feeling really great too.

Took some more pictures of my new votive candles. They are brown in color aligning them with the element of earth. All of the colors, scents, herbs & spices used correspond with energies of love, fertility, good fortune & abundance.

Some of them have my little orange hearts dropped into them and some peeking out the top as well. Those votives are called ' Enveloped Love ' & I also made grungy candles (country prim) for the 1st time. They are interesting. My grungy votives are sealed in love with cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Which correspond with good fortune, positive flowing energy and movement.

They are all scented with hollyberry candle liquid scent during my cooking process.
Holly is symbolic of fertility. Holly being used by Pagans dates back hundreds and hundreds of years to the time of the Egyptian ancients.

When burned these candles will have your home flowing with positive energy, abundance, and love.
As the aroma of coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove burn on the outside. And the scent of hollyberry spilling over into your home will be intoxicating during the holidays.
Also perfect for your yule rituals & celebrations.

What witch would not want to draw abundance, good fortune and love into their rituals. These candles with their properties would be all the more powerful for use in your ritual if used during a waning moon rite...

I am selling them on my Etsy Shoppe - Sacred Oaks Alchemy in sets of 3 for $12.00 You may order all Enveloped Love, or all 3 Grungy, or mix and match. Convo me on Etsy to secure your proper order. I'm offering a 10% discount to my facebook sisters and brothers of the craft. PAGAN is the coupon code to use for the discount. The listing is for 1 set of 3. Also convo me if you desire more than that. I can set up a custom order for you.

Brightest Blessings,
Raven )O(

Oct 19, 2011

A Time of Change...

 Samhain is a time of change. Perhaps that is why it is now at this moment in time that my kids have come home. It is a challenge for sure. Compromise. Extra efforts are needed by all. Myself, my husband and my daughter. But it always seems like I'm the only one who gets bombarded with my emotions, plus everyone else's. And that I'm the only one that makes any extra effort, sacrafice or anything. Everyone else gets to just be themselves. And I'm stuck getting in trouble with my husband. Everything I do is wrong. Everything I think is wrong. Everything that I don't do is wrong.

They just got here yesterday. They had moved to Illinois back in July. I have missed them terribly. And its like I don't even get to enjoy my own family. I've tried to do everything right. I've tried to not make decisions on my own, without my husband. But it just doesnt seem to matter. He is mad no matter what. Every idea or anything I do is wrong anyway, no matter what.

I'm still planning on my special naming ceremony on Samhain night. I'm looking forward to it. I need to take some time to do some research. So I can plan my ceremony correctly.

I'm looking forward to Samhain very very much. I might even have 2 rituals. Or maybe just combine everything into one?? I don't know...
As Samhain is the witches new year. I want to make a resolution. I want to welcome the members of my family who have passed. And welcome them into my home and to be with me. I plan to
have a lit candle in my windows. Wherever it is safe to burn them.
I would like to make some special samhain candles with the correct correspondences. I have 2 candle books to look to for the aid in this.

Well - today is clean out the fridgerator and freezer day. *giggles*

I've also been doing some new work on my pixel websites.
My main site is Faery Charm - http://faerycharm.net
I have a pay members area, some freebies in the main area...
Some new goodies on my Shoppe & My Etsy
Love & Blessings ~ Raven aka Jules

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