Oct 28, 2011

Candle Crafting...

I am having so much fun making candles. I just knew that I would love it and the creativity would come naturally to me. The ideas come faster than I can get them created. *lol*
Today I think black and purple and orange candles will be on my to do list.

Just 3 days to Samhain & my naming ceremony. I'm SO excited. Have been doing some research in my books and online for more Samhain ritual ideas & getting the feel for what this special sabbat represents...

I've also been doing a lot more experimenting with herbs. Making different natural loose incenses from scratch. I've created one that I just love called 'Autumn Forest' & I've followed recipies for others. Such as Silver RavenWolf's  'sunshine brew'. Personally I would love to learn how to create the original 'witches brew natural incense' I just loooove natural loose incense & to burn them on the self-igniting charcoal discs. I go through a lot of those. *giggles*

I should be posting more pics later on today. Be sure to check out My Etsy. And my other pages that I post pics to her on my blog. (books page has been updated as well as candle crafting). And be sure to stop by and friend me on Facebook,(my personal acct) and I've also created a facebook page for my craft shoppe. I'd be honoured if you'd stop by & 'LIKE' my Sacred Oaks Alchemy fan page.

Blessed Be,
              Raven Sylverwolf )O(

sigtag by me
Outlines purchased at Berliner Barin
Lines painted by me


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