My Witchly Wishlist

My lil wish list of witchy things I am trying to make or purchase....

lavender text=2011, green text=2013

Chalice - This will most likely be of dyecast resin, have a dark ages look to it.
*still using wine glasses*
I have recently made my own very magical chalice to use. I took a wine glass I already had. I like the shape of margarita glass. And glittered the outside of it. It now sits on my altar glistening in purple, black, gold, and a touch of silver.
A few things I've glittered lately (spring 2014)

Candles - I am in need of all kinds of candles. I need small ritual candles the most.
I want to start collecting all different colors to have on hand.
I now have a small supply of what are called 'chime' size candles.
I started making candles in 2011 of my own.

Herbs - I am collecting all types of herbs. I am growing my own lavender. But trying to stock up my witches cupboard / apothecary...
I now have a small supply of herbs.
I have a large basket of packaged herbs, herbs in small bottles. Yay! Herb stock is growing!

Essential Oils - I am of course going to be making some of my own I hope. I don't have any essential oils yet at all. For an 'extended class' I'm taking at Sacred Mists I need the following oils to get started.
Marjoram, peppermint, eucalyptus, grapefruit, geranium, lemon, chamomile,
rosemary, tea tree, lavender, and bergamot.
I have lavender, rosemary, and bergamot & eucalyptus essential oils,
& sweet almond carrier oil.
No longer able to afford to pay for schools. My essential oils were increasing. But now with less money (different job), I am using oils more and more and need to restock. I use a lot of lavender, rosemary, bergamot, eucalyptus, mint for headaches & well being.

Statuary - I am planning to buy several small altar statues. 1 feminine, 1 male, 1 mother goddess, some animal statuary I would like to get is an owl, (bastet) cat, raven, & old oak and green man.
I have still not purchased any statuary. I do have lots of faeries and angels around my home I could choose from. I usually represent the the elements, God, Goddess.
I have a faerie, an owl, and a native american mother that I usually have on my altar at all times. Sometimes there isn't room for my native american lady. My ankh, owl, and faerie are always present on my altar.

I'd like to find an inexpensive candle snuffer. I don't use my candle snuffer much anymore. I now believe that the wind of my breath is more sacred. I do not follow the belief that a candle should never be blown out. The air of breath is most sacred.*lol*

sea salts, and incense are always a great thing to get too. I luv Witches Brew in Original scent. I run out of it often. As well as charcoal discs.
I just ordered my 1st empty clear witch bottles. low on these all the time
I also need a dropper. I can probably pick that up at the store. *lol* I have 2 droppers now & sometimes purchase plastic ones that I save.

I've not had any luck finding ANY eye droppers locally. You'd think that were a normal everyday household item. ?? sheesh!
I have purchased a candle snuffer though since I last updated this page.

*updated on 4.12.2014*
*updated on 1.5.13*
* updated on 7.25.2011 *


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