Jul 27, 2011

New Discoveries...

I had a really nice ritual last night for planning and looking ahead on my path.
I ask the Goddess Isis to aid me in my meditation bath the night before. She spoke to me
loud and clear.

So I called to the four pillars and called to Osiris and Isis to join in my circle and aid me
on my path.

I have some very very difficult work to do in my path right now. My life is changing. And is going to change even more. I'm going to be making a huge change in my life in my marital status and I've lived with this man for 24 years. I've never lived on my own before. But it is something I feel a very strong urge to do. It is on my mind every second of every day pretty much...

But anyway, about my rite last night. I've not ever made a connection to a particular pair of
Deities yet (until now). There have been Goddess's I've researched and have felt connection to. Goddess's I've researched and have been so impressed with their stories. But not an actual couple. And felt kinda strange when I say Lord and Lady. Like it wasn't actually applying to anyone in
particular. Until Now.

I'm looking back at several signs that have drawn me to Isis and Osiris. So, I invited them to my circle last night. I feel so safe, peaceful, happy, and I'm not afraid to do what I must do. Because Isis and Osiris are with me. I'm not alone. They are guiding me. And will do steer me wrong. ;)
I don't feel scared about the changes that will come. I don't feel burdened or like I have a heaviness or depression hanging on me anymore.

Blessed Be, Raven Sylverwolf

Jul 26, 2011

Meditation,Decisions, and a surpising Deity...

Late last night upon on generous advice of a dear sister (Camille) I did a ritual meditation bath.
My 1st time with meditation in the bath or doing a ritual bath.. Very clear images. A powerful experience indeed. I followed some instruction I found online to use some images representing my choices that I am burdened with a heavy heart over. One was a photograph. The other was the piece of paper from my fortune cookie the night before. Which read:
"Traveling this year will bring your life into greater perspective." Ironic with the way I've been feeling and talking about moving!

Of course I have already made my decision. I know what I must do. I know what will become. But I'm glad that I experienced the meditation bath.

I called upon Isis to aid me. Candles: 1 purple chime unscented. 1 lilac scented votive candle.
Cleared room with white sage 1st. All lights out except candles. I also added sea salt to my bath water as well as a drop of lavender essential oil.

The images were clear that were presented to me. I believe that Isis did aid me a great deal. And I believe that she knew with me she would have to leave a powerful and unmistakable sign for me to recognize that she did indeed aid me.

My purple chime candle dripped the wax in a very very odd way. I didn't even notice it until I was finished. But the wax pooled on the side looking like fluid pouring out of an ancient vessel.

Look at the photos and see what you think.

Isis Egyptian Goddess of  love, rebirth, and all.
Remarked upon as being 'the all goddess'.

Isis is a moon goddess and mother goddess, she gave birth to Horus. The God of the Sun.
Together Isis and Horus created and sustained their people and were the saviors of their people.
Isis, personified as the 'complete female'. Isis is called by many names. A few of them being: Mother of Life, Giver of Life, Goddess of Magick, Crone of death. She is both the giver and the taker of all life.

Isis symbolizes the great mysteries and powers of life and death.
Her golden amber skin glistening positive influences. Isis is the Goddess of change, magick, motherhood and fertility.


I have never worked with the Deity Isis before. I have not ever even thought of working with her. Really didn't know anything about her. I am interested in Egyptian Deities. But I guess I just thought that I leaned more strongly towards the celtic/welsh pantheon, than the egyptian pantheon. I was actually researching some more info on Rhiannon. And somehow was directed towards Isis. I don't even remember how now. *lol*
Working with Isis, makes me feel strong. I am very grateful to her for aiding me in my difficult time of choice and change.

There have been so many signs and symbols this spring/summer that change must come about. My fortune cookie verse I mentioned earlier. This spring there were a phenomenal amount of white butterflies fluttering through my yard. And right at the exact very location that I would see them from my computer, by my bedroom window. Lots of little symbols like that this year...

Blessed Be, Raven Sylverwolf


Jul 25, 2011

A day of updating & deep thought

Today I have done a lot of updating on my blog. Adding new pictures, updated my wishlist, booklist, ... Added in some new things. It was a lot of fun!

Tonight I'll be crafting some oils for my winners at Listia. Enchanted Lavender Oil, and Blessed Rosemary Oil. I'm also trying to sell those 2 items for real money at my Etsy Shoppe.

I sent a letter to withdrawl from Sacred Mists today. Not because I do not like it or anything like that. But because I'm not into nearly a month and a half of being unemployed. I've found a free place of learning. And its in Tuskany! My dream for a long time has been to go to Tuskany, Italy!!

Thoughts -- oooh this is the difficult, heavy, hard stuff. My sister Camille has suggested for me to take a ritual bath and meditate on my issue that is weighing me down. I will do this tonight. As I will also work a ritual to 'release unwanted emotion.' What would those emotions be. *ponders*

Perhaps guilt. Perhaps sorrow, reluctance to do what I know I must do, just because I don't want to go through all the icky hard stuff. But I have to climb the mountain to get to the top and get down the other side. I just bet there is a logical reason why they call it 'climbing' a mountain, when your going up. And call it 'sliding' when your going down. Doesnt one sound so much easier than the other..

Jul 22, 2011

Magickal Friends

so many of Stevie Nicks songs express how I feel about 1 thing or another. Or a person... A situation... A time in my life...

This one 'Rooms on Fire' is to me about a special friend of mine from my childhood...

There is magic all around you...

Alone Again--How Familiar...

Eating my super alone tonight again. Hmm why is that not shocking. Oh yeah its Friday. So that means my husband is
at his golfing tournament. Which I could swear were on Wed. or Thursdays when he started. Now oddly they are on Friday.
Then naturally one has to close the bar down too...


Jul 15, 2011

House Clearing with White Sage

Wafting your california white sage smudge stick, walking through each
room of your home. Working your way towards the door.

Repeating Cleanse this home of strife and fear, let only love come near.

Draw an pentagram on each doorway after you've cleared that room.

Draw a line across the entry doorway of your home with sea salt
stating firmly Let only love enter my home
                     where trust & happiness adorn

Or make up your own...

~~Tea's Hope Chest~~: Tea Gardens

~~Tea's Hope Chest~~: Tea Gardens: "Being a lover of Tea Rooms,I am always on the hunt for another 'Afternoon Tea' or 'High Tea' The English Rose Tea room is on my A list of te..."

Jul 13, 2011

What a nice day...


Today has really been a pretty pleasant day. Not too down today really. Washed down my frig, re-arranged the kitchen a little bit. Mowed the grass. My 1st time running a lawn mower at all - ever! *lol* How funny - huh!! Cut down some weeds, ran the dishwasher and a load of laundry.
Traded links with a fellow sister and chatted on yahooie with my daughter!! wooohoo!! Really good chats w/ her. And I've been doodling with some merlin outlines, making tubes for my members area. Oh! And made a new sister. Camilla in Texas. We've exchanged e-mails. She is new too.

Decided to bring my poor little flowers and herbs inside that are in flower boxes. Grasshoppers have nearly eaten them to death. Seeing if I can possibly revive them. **fingers crossed** I've been wanting to grow my own lavender for a couple few years now. So I really really don't want to loose that one especially.

         Looking for a free wiccan/pagan place to join? ------> Merry Meet Wicca -

Jul 12, 2011

To move or not to move...

That is the question. I told my husband today that if I don't get this job in Lovell. Then I think we should start packing up. He says 'oh! and quit my 21.00 an hour job.' I said well I am NOT going back to housekeeping. And I have to get a job right now so I don't end up loosing my license for not having in enough extra hours towards my license for the state. And there are no jobs here. And I added I'm reading for a little bit bigger town. He sternly says 'well I'm not'. And you should have thought of that before you quit your job.

I still cannot believe he said that! And I said well I don't think I need a husband that doesn't even believe me. Because he asked me did I 'actually' put in an application at the 1st place or have I just been calling them.
Freaking outrageous I tell ya!

So, once again my husband has shown true togetherness, & support...

Jul 11, 2011


I can certainly testify to the benefits of herbal tea and aromatherapy.
I can not believe that I actually got rid of a headache without using my prescription 'imetrex'!!
I didn't know what to do. Don't want all my imitrex used up since I'm currently unemployed and w/out medical insurance. The pills are very very expensive.

Anyway, I took a few whiffs of sacred rosemary oil. I just loooove the aroma of it! And I put some on my wrists and temples and forehead.
Fixed some fairyland tea from Under the New Moon.
Also took some aleve. But my headache was gone way too soon for it to be the aleve.

My depression is lifted, headache gone, I feel hopeful and energized!
A huuuuuge difference from yesterday and from the way I woke up.
*tee hee hee* woooohooo!!!

I've wanted to write about my name giving for a little while now. But felt too overwhelmed and full of anxiety to sit here and do it. But now I feel content to share.

When my name was given to me. I didn't know that it was for me. I kind of wondered a little bit. But I thought, naaaw. It has to be a hint given to me in my sleep about someone I'm suppose to contact. Or someone I'm going to meet.

On May 28th - which is my best friends birthday. (Tanya) - another long story for another day. But a very interesting story it is! We've never actually met in person. lol

Anyway, so I wake up with this name Raven Silverwolf on my mind. Really really strongly and clearly.
I had joined a wiccan college and thought I'd find her in the members database. But no.
The month of June goes by. I'm flying high and happy and having the time of my life reading about wicca, plants, candles, elements, ... Participating in Sabbats. Then I was forced out of my job in mid June and my daughter and 2 grand kids Evie & Dante move to Illinois. (I'm in Wyoming) and I go through much sadness. Stop studying so much. Job hunting, and trying to get my mind off things a little by being at Facebook.

I'm in a group that someone else added me to. I don't mind. I like the group. I start getting involved in the craft more at home by practicing ritual, practicing mixing oils and herbs, and writing my own rituals. I end up getting involved in 1 thread in particular at this group I was added to.
It was about finding a wiccan name. I'm helping others try to figure out a name by a numerology
bases I stumbled across online. Except someone happily brought to my attention I was forgetting the last step. So that was cool. And I'm seeing others post that you can meditate for a name. And others were given their names through dreams. Dreams... Sleep... OMG! Raven Silverwolf is for ME!

So, I try this numerology see if by chance that name fits. My birth number is one. Actually it does fit
if I change the spelling. And yesterday I actually found 3 different spellings that fit.
Raven Sylverwolf, Rayven Silverwolf, & Raven Silverwulf.
WiccanMoon also fits perfectly using numerology. *lol*
So, I can use both I guess. Or maybe at the time I needed the name WiccanMoon to identify my dedications. My connections.

Then, as I grew & really began to take flight and connection became deeper.
The Lord & Lady bestowed to me - Raven Sylverwolf.
Those names in themselves have a lot of connection for me.

I have a tattoo of a celtic knot triquetra on the back of my neck. I was wanting to have something
added to it. A raven came across strongly to me. And the wolf. Well I've always loved wolves. My dogs have always resembled wolves (german shepard) & I had wanted a blue eyed husky since I was a kid.
My blanket I sleep with, that it feels like they protect me is a setting of wolves in the winter woods.

Love & Kindness -

A few other signature tags I created recently


Jul 10, 2011

Here I am again...

Well well well here I am again at the dark and stormy path.
wrapped in dark cloud's wrath
wings broken, spirit restless,

I feel like picking up and moving. Moving to wherever there is more.
More available, more stores, more opportunities, just more.
Without a job there is no reason to live here where I am at. Greybull Wyoming has a population of around 1,800.

I had a state job. It's the best job around here. People come from other towns far away to work there. The management, and how staff and sometimes the residents are treated by administration is not very good. But the pay and benefits are. I hate that it comes down to money.

I've put in applications and had interviews in other nearby towns. Worland is about 45 minutes away. Heard back from them. They don't have any room for new staff right now. Bonnie Blue Jacket is the closest place. It's just 5 to 7 miles. Not hearing anything from them. Every time I call. It's call next week. I've been really busy. Feels like the run around.. Went out to Lovell which is almost an hour drive. Had an interview the next day. If I don't get on there I don't know what I'm going to do.

I can still check with this home health care place in town. But no insurance. So thats not really going to do me much good. I have chronic migraines and am on an anti-depressant.

After that, I'm looking at driving farther and farther. There are 2 or 3 other towns I could try to go to their facilities. What a drag. All that driving. Alllll that gas! I'd just rather move to someplace that has more available. I'm ready for a change.

But there is the issue of we own a house now. Paying on it. Although the payments are low. Under 300.00 My husband is content here. Has a good paying job, 401k, ...

Personally I wouldn't mind getting more up into Montana. But I don't think I'm really ready for the big city of Billings. *lol* I've been to Red Lodge before. Very pretty there. I've heard really nice things about Grand Falls I think is the name. But housing, job availibility, cost of living, all those things factor in heavily.

Jul 9, 2011


This job hunting is really getting depressing. Even considering picking up and moving. But my husband has a good job, is happy at his job, we have a home, he has his circle of friends. Kind of not fair to uproot him. But I've been feeling the move bug for quite some time. And without me having a job there is no really good reason to stay here.

Still want to move even if I do find a job that I'll have to travel out of town to go to every day. Want to live someplace bigger. With more opportunity. I want to actually be able to go new age / pagan stores and pick up a book and thumb through it. Pick up candles w/out having to order them online. Have different stores to shop at instead of just going to walmart once a month...

I don't know...


Jul 6, 2011

Job Hunting...

oh wow, I'm so way tired. I don't know why. *lol* All I did is go put in 1 application. I was there nearly 2 hours though I think. Did an interview while I was there. wow I've never been to a nursing job interview before. The facility I worked at for 6 years sent me to the CNA classes. And I was already employed there as a housekeeper...

Everyone was very delightful though! I hope they have a spot for me. Hopefully full time. Part time scares me. Although, I would take that rather than being unemployed. But sure don't want to get stuck being part time..

Well, I think I'm going to walk in my garden, relax and head back out tomorrow to put in more apps. All the places that are
available are out of town. 40 - 50 miles one way. *lol*

Jul 5, 2011

My 1st circle casting, and using high power magick...

Wow what a day! Casey Marie Anthony was actually found NOT GUILTY! weird...

Tonight I wrote my own employment drawing spell for ritual or 'high' magick as I like to call it.
It was my very 1st time calling out to the 4 corner. (I also call them pillars) 

My very 1st time casting a circle. It was SO much fun. So invigorating. After wards I felt so powerful.
But I don't mean powerful in terms of I felt God or Goddess like. Nothing narcisistic like that. But that I just felt an inner power. More like a high self esteem. Like a beam of light was now shinning from inside me!

I researched my herbs in several books 1st. As high power magick was based on drawing employment to myself. So, it had to do with luck, love, money & happiness.
I annointed myself with sacred rosemary oil. I put a sigil of a pentacle on my 3rd eye.
I used an orange candle: for attracting things, luck, encouragment, strength, career goals, legal matters, action, ambition, property deals, & general success.
Although I know green is for money matters. I only had like a sage green candle. And didn't feel like green fit all of my needs for this employment drawing ritual.
Although I could have used both now come to think of it.

Orange is one of the God candles and green is actually one of the Goddess candles. hmmm... **thinking** lol
Green is for Lord and Lady of the wild wood, earth elemental, herb magicks, nature magicks(gardening), luck,
fertility(don't need that part lol), healing, balance, courage, work, prosperity, agriculture, changing direction or attitudes.

Hmmm maybe I should have used green also.
Anyway, for my very 1st circle casting I used a sample of a basic circle cast from
Ann Moura's book - Grimoire for the Green Witch.

Guess what. I had SO much fun! *giggles* Just had to add that in there.

Incense burned during rite - vanilla Set up of altar symbols - I set up my altar to the elements.
My altar cloth has a pentacle on it in the middle. So, I just go about setting it up on the pentacle.
With my altar facing north
Spirit: Ankh
Earth: bowl of salt with a carnelian stone
Air: altar sized besom
Fire: cauldron
Water: Chalice of water I centered before ritual.

I grounded after ritual. I've been practicing those every day.

I made a mixture of sweet almond carrier oil with a drop or 2 of bergamot, a drop of wintergreen, a drop or 2 of rosemary. Then with a wooden spoon. (don't have my mortar & pestle yet) I ground up a sprinkle of each of the following herbs: patchouli, rosemary, chamomile, and & vervain.
I then added a couple pinches of the herb to the oil.
The rest of the herbs I put in the bottom of my cauldron to burn with my spell,
which I always chant 9 times. (ugh! I really DO need a witches ladder for that!!) lol
My spell chant goes as follows: ( and I will explain the wording to you, so you can understand it - I am in nursing.
I am a C.N.A. so therefore that is what the wording has to do with - finding a job in chosen career field)

Let me spread love like wildfire;
Bring to me a job I desire;
Bring to me the luck of the hire;
So I may one day retire.

Now that I've had new ideas about the candle colors. I'm kind of excited to do it again tomorrow to do it again
with a couple of small changes. I need the practice anyhow so I can eventually not be
reading from a book. Well, I'm off to bed so I can get an early start on my wonderful day tomorrow... :)
~ WiccanMoon ~  )O(

Jul 1, 2011

wow! What a day it has been today. Every emotion from one end of the spectrum to the other... My daughter and Evie & Dante left for Illinois today. They moved there. I cannot believe that they are gone. At 1 point I felt like picking up anything breakable and cracking it all against the walls of my house. Then there were several crying fits. In the beginning it was all about -- they will be back for thanksgiving, I am excited to go visit. I'm happy for her to be happy and for the kids to have a good positive father figure.. Well, that little con-job on my brain didn't work for long. Because my subconscience knows the true tale. -- I'm dying inside. What am I going to do without my little dinosaur tale teller, and my cuddley Rosie Girl!!! Feel like I've lost my very best friend on the whole planet. I didn't even know Nicole & I had gotten that close. I tell her lots of things. I guess we are like good girl friends. Always texting and sending pics to each other, sharing thoughts, and experiences, I like it when they drop in on me. I love their company. Now I feel all alone. All alone. All alone. All alone... I was enjoying sharing with her all the new and wonderful things I'm learning in wicca & with my studies, and all the books I've been purchasing & reading. I have 20 books now! And I've been making Evie lavender oil, and telling her about different plants and herbs, and yesterday I made her pink rice scented with lavender and coconut. It smelled really really good! *lol* Dante isn't into any of that stuff. But Evelyn, she will listen to me talk about it til the cows come home. And she's sooo curious and asks so many questions. I sure have been really impressed by Nicole too the last few weeks. She has a doctor for the kids all lined up, and getting Eve's meds switched over to there, and she went to their school here and picked up all their school records so she will have them, and not have to wait for them to be transfered or faxed. She got so many things all taken care of ahead of time. Bright Blessings )O(
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