Jul 12, 2011

To move or not to move...

That is the question. I told my husband today that if I don't get this job in Lovell. Then I think we should start packing up. He says 'oh! and quit my 21.00 an hour job.' I said well I am NOT going back to housekeeping. And I have to get a job right now so I don't end up loosing my license for not having in enough extra hours towards my license for the state. And there are no jobs here. And I added I'm reading for a little bit bigger town. He sternly says 'well I'm not'. And you should have thought of that before you quit your job.

I still cannot believe he said that! And I said well I don't think I need a husband that doesn't even believe me. Because he asked me did I 'actually' put in an application at the 1st place or have I just been calling them.
Freaking outrageous I tell ya!

So, once again my husband has shown true togetherness, & support...


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