Jul 11, 2011


I can certainly testify to the benefits of herbal tea and aromatherapy.
I can not believe that I actually got rid of a headache without using my prescription 'imetrex'!!
I didn't know what to do. Don't want all my imitrex used up since I'm currently unemployed and w/out medical insurance. The pills are very very expensive.

Anyway, I took a few whiffs of sacred rosemary oil. I just loooove the aroma of it! And I put some on my wrists and temples and forehead.
Fixed some fairyland tea from Under the New Moon.
Also took some aleve. But my headache was gone way too soon for it to be the aleve.

My depression is lifted, headache gone, I feel hopeful and energized!
A huuuuuge difference from yesterday and from the way I woke up.
*tee hee hee* woooohooo!!!

I've wanted to write about my name giving for a little while now. But felt too overwhelmed and full of anxiety to sit here and do it. But now I feel content to share.

When my name was given to me. I didn't know that it was for me. I kind of wondered a little bit. But I thought, naaaw. It has to be a hint given to me in my sleep about someone I'm suppose to contact. Or someone I'm going to meet.

On May 28th - which is my best friends birthday. (Tanya) - another long story for another day. But a very interesting story it is! We've never actually met in person. lol

Anyway, so I wake up with this name Raven Silverwolf on my mind. Really really strongly and clearly.
I had joined a wiccan college and thought I'd find her in the members database. But no.
The month of June goes by. I'm flying high and happy and having the time of my life reading about wicca, plants, candles, elements, ... Participating in Sabbats. Then I was forced out of my job in mid June and my daughter and 2 grand kids Evie & Dante move to Illinois. (I'm in Wyoming) and I go through much sadness. Stop studying so much. Job hunting, and trying to get my mind off things a little by being at Facebook.

I'm in a group that someone else added me to. I don't mind. I like the group. I start getting involved in the craft more at home by practicing ritual, practicing mixing oils and herbs, and writing my own rituals. I end up getting involved in 1 thread in particular at this group I was added to.
It was about finding a wiccan name. I'm helping others try to figure out a name by a numerology
bases I stumbled across online. Except someone happily brought to my attention I was forgetting the last step. So that was cool. And I'm seeing others post that you can meditate for a name. And others were given their names through dreams. Dreams... Sleep... OMG! Raven Silverwolf is for ME!

So, I try this numerology see if by chance that name fits. My birth number is one. Actually it does fit
if I change the spelling. And yesterday I actually found 3 different spellings that fit.
Raven Sylverwolf, Rayven Silverwolf, & Raven Silverwulf.
WiccanMoon also fits perfectly using numerology. *lol*
So, I can use both I guess. Or maybe at the time I needed the name WiccanMoon to identify my dedications. My connections.

Then, as I grew & really began to take flight and connection became deeper.
The Lord & Lady bestowed to me - Raven Sylverwolf.
Those names in themselves have a lot of connection for me.

I have a tattoo of a celtic knot triquetra on the back of my neck. I was wanting to have something
added to it. A raven came across strongly to me. And the wolf. Well I've always loved wolves. My dogs have always resembled wolves (german shepard) & I had wanted a blue eyed husky since I was a kid.
My blanket I sleep with, that it feels like they protect me is a setting of wolves in the winter woods.

Love & Kindness -

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