Jul 13, 2011

What a nice day...


Today has really been a pretty pleasant day. Not too down today really. Washed down my frig, re-arranged the kitchen a little bit. Mowed the grass. My 1st time running a lawn mower at all - ever! *lol* How funny - huh!! Cut down some weeds, ran the dishwasher and a load of laundry.
Traded links with a fellow sister and chatted on yahooie with my daughter!! wooohoo!! Really good chats w/ her. And I've been doodling with some merlin outlines, making tubes for my members area. Oh! And made a new sister. Camilla in Texas. We've exchanged e-mails. She is new too.

Decided to bring my poor little flowers and herbs inside that are in flower boxes. Grasshoppers have nearly eaten them to death. Seeing if I can possibly revive them. **fingers crossed** I've been wanting to grow my own lavender for a couple few years now. So I really really don't want to loose that one especially.

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