Jul 1, 2011

wow! What a day it has been today. Every emotion from one end of the spectrum to the other... My daughter and Evie & Dante left for Illinois today. They moved there. I cannot believe that they are gone. At 1 point I felt like picking up anything breakable and cracking it all against the walls of my house. Then there were several crying fits. In the beginning it was all about -- they will be back for thanksgiving, I am excited to go visit. I'm happy for her to be happy and for the kids to have a good positive father figure.. Well, that little con-job on my brain didn't work for long. Because my subconscience knows the true tale. -- I'm dying inside. What am I going to do without my little dinosaur tale teller, and my cuddley Rosie Girl!!! Feel like I've lost my very best friend on the whole planet. I didn't even know Nicole & I had gotten that close. I tell her lots of things. I guess we are like good girl friends. Always texting and sending pics to each other, sharing thoughts, and experiences, I like it when they drop in on me. I love their company. Now I feel all alone. All alone. All alone. All alone... I was enjoying sharing with her all the new and wonderful things I'm learning in wicca & with my studies, and all the books I've been purchasing & reading. I have 20 books now! And I've been making Evie lavender oil, and telling her about different plants and herbs, and yesterday I made her pink rice scented with lavender and coconut. It smelled really really good! *lol* Dante isn't into any of that stuff. But Evelyn, she will listen to me talk about it til the cows come home. And she's sooo curious and asks so many questions. I sure have been really impressed by Nicole too the last few weeks. She has a doctor for the kids all lined up, and getting Eve's meds switched over to there, and she went to their school here and picked up all their school records so she will have them, and not have to wait for them to be transfered or faxed. She got so many things all taken care of ahead of time. Bright Blessings )O(


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