Aug 18, 2011

To be a Good Witch

Daily Affirmation:

Keep a clean & organized home, garden, yard.

My word is my bond. Keep my word. If I'm not sure if I will
fulfill my commitment. Do not commit.

Be good to the inviroment.

Help others whenever possible.

Get enough rest.

Meditate daily

Aug 13, 2011

Sister Wind Moon - Esbat of August

I've been tracking my mood, and sleep around the esbats the last couple of months.
I get moody, depressed, tired, difficulty sleeping. Then the night before the full moon
I require not much of any sleep at all. And am so energized that day...

An esbat is a time of high energy and power. Maybe that is why I feel energized w/out much sleep. I thought that it meant that the moon is most powerful though...

Aug 12, 2011

Connecting With the Earth...

I keep feeling really mopy sadly all the time lately. I feel better for a while after I've
done a ritual working of one sort or another, connected with Isis... I did do my morning prayers to Isis this morning. Was not overly abundant with energy today though. Just in a hum drum mood..

Then I ended up transplanting my rosemary plants back inside. And wow! I feel so happy. It's like digging my hands around in the soil, and touching the rosemary and whiffing it. That alone and all by itself gave me a happy bubble. *giggles*!!

Maybe connecting with the raw earth is what I'm missing out on lately.
Perhaps I need to sit and make a list of the ways I can connect with Earth.

I love autumn. It is my favorite time of year. In a way when I think of autumn here in wyoming I almost feel sort of lost though. Compared to thinking of it as a child in the mid-west. I'm from Des Moines, Iowa. When I think of back home, I see leaves of all shapes, colors, and sizes on the ground. I could easily gather tons of nature in my hands and bring inside to enjoy; just from walking around any neighborhood. Acorns, rocks, leaves, buckeyes just to name a few of the most common items found outdoors in my home town.

But here in wyoming I don't ever see any acorns. I do love to buy the cinnamon scented pinecones in the autumn/winter. I place them in wicker baskets around my house, with real cinnamon sticks...

I will have to try harder to bond with nature. Maybe go for a drive and find something wonderful & woodly...

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Aug 11, 2011

With a prayer heard, she flew to the East...

I have continued in my morning prayers to Isis. Today is the 4th day. I kind of missed yesterday though. And that was actually the day I should have needed guidance the most. I was oh too gloomy.
Anyway, I always feel so good after my devotionals to Isis. I wanted the smoke from my blue candle float upward to the East as my prayers were carried up. A envisioned Isis with her wings spread far & wide glide upward into the East Sun.

It was overcast & gloomy when I woke up. Which doesnt bother me any. I like it cool and gloomy. Makes me happy! But now the morning sun is peeking up. Good Morning Isis!!

With Mercury Retrograde going on until the 27th of August I feel like nothing is going right.
My new camera shuts off when I plug the USB in to the computer to upload my pics. Which is very much bumming me out, since I've been documenting a lot of my life the last few months. When I buy new tools I take pics of them. When I have rituals I take my pics of my altar. Sometimes before & after... Then my dishwasher wouldn't function this morning. After an hour I realized it was the outlet. ?? What the heck! *uuuurgh*

I'm looking forward to the full moon of August 13th (Lughnasadh 15) The Sister Wind Moon.
I am planning to do my naming/initiation either on that night or Esbat (full moon) of September 12th. Which is also a Wishing Moon named the Harvest Moon. I'm more drawn to the September Esbat. It is my birth month. Isis rules over Virgo, Sapphire, and many other elements associated with myself. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It just feels calming to me. I will also be claiming the Egyptian Pantheon as my spiritual path. I already have a personal relationship with Isis and Osiris.

Also, I have some homework to perform from my Seasons in Avalon on the Sister Wind Moon Esbat. So, I'm looking forward to that also.

Aug 4, 2011

Amazing August

An amazing month of transformation, change, & new beginnings in ways I
did not think possible. It all started the last few days of July actually. Right as
Lughnasadh was beginning.
I told my husband I was moving out to Illinois that I was miserable. That we don't have the kind of marriage that I want. That it seems like we are paying bills is the only reason we're together.
Much to my surprise he didn't feel the same way. And didn't want to split up at all.
I thought he would be relieved. Turns out that even after 24 years he cannot read my mind. *giggles*
So, we've opened the doors of communication. And they are still going. I feel really good.
Through all of that chaos I found Isis. And I feel completely connected to her. I've been reading a lot about Osiris & Isis. Its remarkable how many similarities there are between my zodiac sign, and how they are connected to Lughnasadh.

I feel a new light and a new love glowing inside of me.
Isis is not only a triple Goddess but is known as the ALL Goddess. She covers pretty much everything. She answers prayers to the rich and the poor. She is the only Goddess that is a triple Goddess but does not change form. She stays the same. She rules over so many things that are connected to me as a Virgo. It's so completely amazing. The star where it is said her soul resides is called Sept by the Egyptians. My birthday is in September! She rules over the element of Earth which is the ruling element of Virgo. She also rules over Mercury. Mercury rules Virgo.
When her consort / husband Osiris was killed and his body parts were scattered it was on September 5th that she is said to have found his backbone. My birthday is Sept.6th

Isis' b/day is also celebrated around the time of Lughnasadh. I had a wonderful Lammas ritual a few days ago. Lugh the God of the Harvest & Sun is celebrated on August 7th. (Lughnasadh)
I think I will bake a loaf of bread for my Lughnasadh ritual Sunday night.

I've had a huge fascination with Egypt for a long long time. One of the 1st altar tools I purchased was an ankh. I found out that it meant the symbol of life. But I felt a strong pull to have it. But didn't really know why. I was persuing celtic lore.  And felt that is where the ancient ancestory of Paganism lies. But I have also had an urge to have a Bast or Bastet statuary. Why?? I dunno. Just seems right. After all the cats are the protectors of the underworld. right?

After being touched by Isis it is all slowly starting to make sense.
Things are all coming together...

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