Aug 11, 2011

With a prayer heard, she flew to the East...

I have continued in my morning prayers to Isis. Today is the 4th day. I kind of missed yesterday though. And that was actually the day I should have needed guidance the most. I was oh too gloomy.
Anyway, I always feel so good after my devotionals to Isis. I wanted the smoke from my blue candle float upward to the East as my prayers were carried up. A envisioned Isis with her wings spread far & wide glide upward into the East Sun.

It was overcast & gloomy when I woke up. Which doesnt bother me any. I like it cool and gloomy. Makes me happy! But now the morning sun is peeking up. Good Morning Isis!!

With Mercury Retrograde going on until the 27th of August I feel like nothing is going right.
My new camera shuts off when I plug the USB in to the computer to upload my pics. Which is very much bumming me out, since I've been documenting a lot of my life the last few months. When I buy new tools I take pics of them. When I have rituals I take my pics of my altar. Sometimes before & after... Then my dishwasher wouldn't function this morning. After an hour I realized it was the outlet. ?? What the heck! *uuuurgh*

I'm looking forward to the full moon of August 13th (Lughnasadh 15) The Sister Wind Moon.
I am planning to do my naming/initiation either on that night or Esbat (full moon) of September 12th. Which is also a Wishing Moon named the Harvest Moon. I'm more drawn to the September Esbat. It is my birth month. Isis rules over Virgo, Sapphire, and many other elements associated with myself. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It just feels calming to me. I will also be claiming the Egyptian Pantheon as my spiritual path. I already have a personal relationship with Isis and Osiris.

Also, I have some homework to perform from my Seasons in Avalon on the Sister Wind Moon Esbat. So, I'm looking forward to that also.


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