Jul 7, 2016


The Color Black

This morning I woke up thinking of the color black. I love black! I've always had black t-shirts and sweaters. To me black doesn't feel negative, or depressing like some people think it to be.  After stepping onto my true path and learning about wicca & paganism I learned that black is actually a color of protection. I had always felt safe and comfortable wearing it. No wonder!

Black is the color of the Universe. In the color spectrum black is the combination of all colors, as white at the opposite end of the color spectrum is the absence of color. So if all colors come together as one to create black how could it be a color of evil. People who think that the color black signifies evil, devil worship, and the like could be uneducated on what colors actually represent.

The color black has many many symbolic meanings. Protection, defense, banish negativity, ridding yourself of bad habits, mystery, secret, meditation, Saturday, Saturn, freedom, farming, overcoming obstacles and much much more... Witchipedia has excellent color info!!

What are your thoughts on the color black??
Blessings )0(

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