May 31, 2012


Prompt: Growth

As the growing season presses onward, we should be seeing signs of growth all around us....

Where are you seeing growth in your life right now?
Growth is everywhere in my life. The flowers, grass & other plants I've put into the ground and potted indoors. As well as human growth. Spiritually. Really trying to work on marriage right now with my husband. Trying to make a bigger efffort to change and not be a pack rat *lol* and make time to do things together.
This past weekend we had a really good time in Billings. Did some shopping. Got a new bedroom set. woohoo!! $3,000.00 bedroom set. Our very very 1st bedroom set, and nice piece of furniture. We went to Red Lobster for lunch. It was a lot of fun!

I feel like growth has also been occuring spiritually and creatively. I'm making more crafts just lately. Just this week, I've been making hand dipped long incense sticks and more candles. It feels soooo good to make some summer candles! Very refreshing and uplifting.

The Enchanted Arts Auction Preview 06/03 by Charmed in New England | Blog Talk Radio#.T8YmVoPLCyw.facebook

The Enchanted Arts Auction Preview 06/03 by Charmed in New England | Blog Talk Radio#.T8YmVoPLCyw.facebook

Trying very hard to get the word out about our auction. I feel so blessed to have met Cynthia Freeman on facebook. I was already hooked up with Tophatter. And saw her post about an auction. Yep! I couldn't resist the temptation to get involved. And have since become double blessed that Lady T then crossed onto my path as well.

As a new artisan this is exceptionally exciting and encouraging to me. I have only been creating hand made natural items for just under a year. My parents helped me get started on candle crafting last September as a birthday present. I've since branched out a little bit on a few other items I find very rewarding. I currently do not offer a ton of items. Money has been tight the past year. I feel like things are changing though. As if a transition is about to be born.

I hope you, the sacred reader will join us in supporting the pagan community. My supplies that I purchase online are of the highest quality. I do not currently grow my own herbs. I started a garden last spring, only to have an over abundance of grasshoppers eat my supply. I rescued what I could and have not had money to invest in replanting this year yet.

Join in or Visit the Enchanted Arts Auction!
Please click the R.S.V.P button for us :)

Stop by our facebook page to talk to the artists & ask us questions:

Cynthia Freeman is the hostess of this auction lot.
She has also been invited to blog talk radio by Lady T of Wicce Women, and Charmed in New England, to appear on her show on sunday, june 3rd, to talk about the auction and what will be o...ffered for sale. Sellers are encouraged to tune in, call in, and participate in the chat room also.

As a new crafter I find this all very exciting and encouraging to me!

Please join us at Tophatter for the Enchanted Arts Auction on June 10th and on Wicce Women on June 3rd )O(

If you want to be in the auction you have to help promote the auction.
Contact Cynthia Freeman -

Hope to see you soon

May 24, 2012

~ Enchanted Arts Tophatter Auction ~

Today I'm really excited about an upcoming auction lot that I am in.
Please stop by, have a look-see & R.S.V.P. our auction :)

We are trying to generate a lot of publicity to our auction. We want as many artists involved as possible. Anyone is able to join and enter their crafted items. Cynthia Freeman is the hostess of the Enchanted Arts Lot. She has also set up a facebook page where people can ask questions about the items in the auction.

Blog Talk Radio - Cynthia was also blessed with an invitation to be interviewed by Lady T on blog talk radio on a show called Wicce (pronounced witchy) Women.

Like a lot of crafters today we all have Etsy stores. My store is Sacred Oaks Alchemy Etsy shoppe located at -, You may find Cynthia's Etsy shoppe @ Moon Hunter Jewelry. We are also both on facebook of course ;) 

Lady T also extended an invitation to all in the auction to also call in to the show and participate in the chat available. It is all really exciting and new to me.

This has been my path only a little over a year now. I recognize myself as wiccan, pagan, and a witch. A green witch or a hedgewitch. I am struggling to have an herbal/floral garden. Money has been tight & scarce. My garden I planted last year was destroyed by grasshoppers.

I craft hand poured candles, ritual/aromatherapy oils, bed n' bath natural herb sachets, hand dipped long incense sticks, loose natural incense & am beginning to delve into hand poured natural soap bars. I have worked with paraffin & soy wax flakes. I like soy wax as it is a renewable resource for us. But its pricey and doesn't go very far for that price. Paraffin wax goes much farther. Meaning I get a lot more candles out of my wax supply.

Hope to see you come visit us & other crafters on the Enchanted Arts auction & tune into Wicce Women on blog talk radio on June 3rd to hear more about the art & auction...

~ Julie ~

May 18, 2012

Pagan Blog Project 2012-Week May 18th

J is for Juniper - The letter J made me think of juniper berries. And how relaxing it was on Mother's Day to sit with family in my daughter's back yard under her juniper tree. Watching our grand kids play in the tent; running in and out of it jumping. And I love seeing the juniper berries all over everything. Those bluish-purple berries that look like they have a touch of frost on them make me feel so peaceful and relaxed. My husband Joe even enjoyed the day and we all had some fruit drinks. We all had a lot of fun! Shared stories, ate good food. My daughter always fixes a nice big dinner for the holidays. Just like I did when Nicole & Bryan were kids & just as I grew up with too :)

I was going to write about the magical properties of Juniper, but my computer keeps 'not responding'. so maybe I can finish later...

PBP-Balancing Light & Dark

How do you balance Light and Dark in your Path?

There's lots of angels to take with this, depending on what you choose to apply it to. Should be interesting to see what you have to share on this topic....
This weeks prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts

A good question to ponder. I don't actually know that I do balance the light & the dark. I am trying to.  I am in what seems like a very dark place right now. But in the end I believe that the decisions that I've made will be for the good and have been the correct decisions. I believe that I have to survive the dark to appreciate the light.

Change can be scarey, but that doesn't mean that its not good or that good and positive will not come from it. It only appears dark right now. It will get light again. I feel that Isis and Osiris are guiding me in a direction that is necessary for me to go and I've taken a leap of faith and have decided to listen and follow. I know I will look back on these days as the time when I made the best decision of my life! :)

And actually as I sit and think of how I feel and what I do on a day to day basis at home. I feel depressed, but I do not let it totally consume me. I am grateful for that. And that fills me will light and love and lifts me spirit up.

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May 10, 2012

Phase1 Dispell Negativity

Today I performed part1 of dispelling negativity by cleansing my whole house with my California white sage smudge stick. Walking from room to room repeating my chant. Which I will not repeat here as I believe it could take away from the work I am doing. This post ties in with the one that I wrote yesterday. Read More

On other subjects I planted some dying plants into a pot today and have them in my living room window sill. They are 2 cherry tomato plants and 1 jalepeno plant. What I think I can save of them anyway. They didn't get planted into the ground before I spent the weekend sick in bed. My St. John's Wort still doesnt appear to be doing any better yet either. *urrrgh*

I am working on getting my bedroom/magickal space cleaned up, and some other housework or as I like to call it - domestic goddess duties *giggles* I'd like to decorate my altar.

The lilacs were sure weak this year *sigh* They were so abundant last year! I could smell them clear inside my house! They didn't bloom much. Even the yard is different this year too. Last year at this time the whole yard was like a bright florescent green. This year - hmmm not so much.

Doing some promoting for my Passion Parties business today too. I've posted on FB & tweeted a 10% discount code for anyone who will help me get qualified before May 31st. I might see if there are some yahoo or google groups I can join to promote home business. I'm wanting to spruce up some fliers too.
Just thinking of where I could pin them up around town at though.

The discount is good for anyone, anywhere. So come check out my new adventure in Passion Parties!
Passion Parties by Jules

May 9, 2012


Feeling compelled to do some blogging today, to put thoughts to written word....
St. John's Wort

Feeling sad. Maybe I don't have all of my energy back yet from being sick over the weekend. Horribly headaches that sent me to the hospital. oh horray. More bills. A shot of toradol, (sp?) and phenergan, and 2 oral valiums.

Anyway, thats not what I wanted to journal about today. I feel heavy. Like heart heavy. Dragged down. It's like everything that can go wrong, IS! My St. John's Wort I was so excited to grown and was so excited it was actually a herb that is something I need. It's often used for depression.

I was so excited to start my Passion Parties business. It's like every time I'm so excited and positive about something. Then, I get sick. Like I used up all of my life force . Thats just crazy. I just spent 3 days in bed, and hubby took me to the hospital on Sunday because I couldnt take the head pain any longer. I thought that it was my job making me so sick. That it was my job that was keeping me exhausted so that I couldnt have the time or energy to put into passion parties. But I've been gone from my job now probably 2 weeks. And nothing grand has happened.

Maybe I am not putting in enough effort. In magick, you get out what you put in. So maybe I am not putting in as much as I could.

I don't have a home base to evolve my business from. Usually people start with their home circle. Friends and family. But what if a person doesnt have that. My friends have not been supportive. The way I see it, they have not been there for me. Maybe I'm just a joke to them. Just someone to have some laughs with.  I hand out my business cards almost everywhere I go.  An order from A&W - gal bringing order gets a card. Go to Albertson's - put up a pull tab ad. Hmmmm maybe I should of cut those tabbies myself *lol*

It feels like I'm holding back a little though. What am I so afraid of? I'm not handing out photos of myself posing for porn! *ugh* Maybe I need to clear out the negativity from my life. Maybe I haven't let go of the past. Therefore not able to prosper in the here and now.  Perhaps I thought it would be simple and fun and that the success would come so easy.

So, so far I've come up with The Understanding:
  1. holding on to past anger with my latest nursing job. That must be let go and burned to ash during a waning moon.
  2. I feel badly that I was acting egotistical back in February and acting like being a consultant would be so easy. I think maybe I feel like I don't deserve the success that I want. Because I unfairly judged others.
The Plan
  1. Clear my home of negativity from hostile feelings during the 4 months I worked in Powell as a CNA & perhaps everyone always asking about why I left my other job of 6 years probably brought up bad negative feeling as well. 
  2. I will use california white sage smudge stick through my entire home. Also need to come up with a rhyming quatrain to chant.
  3. I will then do a ritual to release all of the negativity from my mind, body, and soul

Wyoming Big Horn Mountains

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