May 31, 2012

The Enchanted Arts Auction Preview 06/03 by Charmed in New England | Blog Talk Radio#.T8YmVoPLCyw.facebook

The Enchanted Arts Auction Preview 06/03 by Charmed in New England | Blog Talk Radio#.T8YmVoPLCyw.facebook

Trying very hard to get the word out about our auction. I feel so blessed to have met Cynthia Freeman on facebook. I was already hooked up with Tophatter. And saw her post about an auction. Yep! I couldn't resist the temptation to get involved. And have since become double blessed that Lady T then crossed onto my path as well.

As a new artisan this is exceptionally exciting and encouraging to me. I have only been creating hand made natural items for just under a year. My parents helped me get started on candle crafting last September as a birthday present. I've since branched out a little bit on a few other items I find very rewarding. I currently do not offer a ton of items. Money has been tight the past year. I feel like things are changing though. As if a transition is about to be born.

I hope you, the sacred reader will join us in supporting the pagan community. My supplies that I purchase online are of the highest quality. I do not currently grow my own herbs. I started a garden last spring, only to have an over abundance of grasshoppers eat my supply. I rescued what I could and have not had money to invest in replanting this year yet.

Join in or Visit the Enchanted Arts Auction!
Please click the R.S.V.P button for us :)

Stop by our facebook page to talk to the artists & ask us questions:

Cynthia Freeman is the hostess of this auction lot.
She has also been invited to blog talk radio by Lady T of Wicce Women, and Charmed in New England, to appear on her show on sunday, june 3rd, to talk about the auction and what will be o...ffered for sale. Sellers are encouraged to tune in, call in, and participate in the chat room also.

As a new crafter I find this all very exciting and encouraging to me!

Please join us at Tophatter for the Enchanted Arts Auction on June 10th and on Wicce Women on June 3rd )O(

If you want to be in the auction you have to help promote the auction.
Contact Cynthia Freeman -

Hope to see you soon


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