Dec 28, 2012

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: how to make a Calming Jar

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: how to make a Calming Jar:   You will need:    Mason Jar  Craft glitter - 3 pouches (roughly 1/2 tbsp each)  Glitter Glue – 1.8 fl oz.  Hot Water  Directions  1.Boil ...

What a great idea! Looks fun, easy, inexpensive & happy!!!

Dec 25, 2012

Yule Ritual 2012-Smelling Like Christmas!

Making all the Christmas morning goodies tonight. Ok, just one goodie and one lunch fixin'. Candied yams at my son-in-laws request *lol* And the Clayton coffee cake!! Then at my daughter's house I'll whip up the cinnamon pull apart bread! woohoo!!

Left (Goddess area):
silver candle for my Goddess Isis, color of the moon and symbolic to the Yule season. The all Goddess, triple Goddess, creator of all and everything.
Chalice with water to represent the element of water.
One of my faery figurines to represent the fae and the element of air.
 Center (both Goddess & God area):
my working candle is always at the Spirit area (top of the pentagram), my offering to the Lord and Lady (orange/clove pomander), my main altar decoration to Yule is the center area with pinecones, stones (citrine, tigers eye), herbs scattered about-sweet cinnamon stick, 2 laurel bay leaves, dried rosemary, dried juniper berries, myrrh, frankincense. My circle of pinecones is closed with a little Goddess medalion, and my bell.


Right (God Area):
Sun God candle, bowl of salt & my california white sage stick that I used to 'clear my space of all negativity for my magickal work to take place'.
Cauldron with red rock that I normally use to burn charcoal with loose natural incense. But I am out of charcoal discs for incense. So I used it to burn a red candle symbolizing the Sun (called for by Scott Cunningham's Yule Ritual in Wicca for the Solitary Practicioner).

handmade autumn magic candle (smells like melting honey). I made it last autumn trying out a technique where I smear candle dye with a q-tip on the inside of a votive candle mold. Pour the wax. When I removed the candle it looked JUST like a cat! lol

The candle was orange in color, so I used it to represent the Sun/Sun God, return of the Sun! In the Egyptian pantheon the Sun God is Ra.

My herbs that I had gathered on my altar during my ritual, I later used my mortar & pestle to pulverize those herbs. Making them into a loose natural incense & sprinkled them all over my Sun candle and continued with  my ritual. Excellent wonderful aroma!!!
(juniper berries, rosemary, myrrh, frankencense, sweet cinnamon stick, bay leaf, cloves)

I had also previously sprinkled pine pure essential oil around on my altar and pinecones. That too was a wonderful aroma to have wandering through the air as I perform my ritual. It was a very long ritual too. =)

The orange (orange/clove pomander) in the back left is my gift offered to my God & Goddess Osiris & Isis; that I made on the eve of Winter Solstice.

The cinnamon stick particles are really catching fire & taking off.(on the right side)

Anyone reading through any of my rituals for the 1st time, who does not follow the same or similar path might be scared of wicca, paganism, witchcraft, magick, shamanism, or the like... I am an open minded person. I had been curious about wicca and ancient teachings for many many years, and even I had some things wrong about paganism. Just because of the symbols we are fed by society. Heck! I thought Pagans/Paganism in general was something that did not even exist anymore. I had always heard that the Christian traditions were Pagan to start with a long long time ago. Such as May Day. I grew up with May day and it is a very special and sentimental day to me.

Now take the rituals that we perform. They have nothing to do with putting evil onto someone. That is laughable to me now. The sabbat (holiday) rituals have to do with giving thanks to the earth and universe for gifts recieved.

Curious what the use of herbs and oils are all about?
Herbal Grimoire

  • Juniper Berry Properties - purifies the aura, clarifies thought, and protects from negativity
  • Bay Leaf Properties- is a sun herb. Yule is a celebration of the Sun returning. December 21st (Winter Solstice) is the longest day of the year. After that night every day the Sun stays up a little bit longer, gaining in strength until it is at its most powerful. (summer)
  • Cinnamon Stick Properties- also linked to the Sun. It is a fire herb. Associations include protection, abundance, love, hearth, home.
  • Clove Properties -  Associated with the Sun, warmth, prosperity, protection. Encourages action, and its scent encourages confidence.
  • Rosemary Properties - protection, love, clearing, purifying, Place under pillow to repel nightmares, inhale as an oil to improve memory. Use at both funerals and weddings because of its is benevolent associations. Associated with the planet Mercury.
  • Pinecone Properties - Male, associated with the planet Mars. Elements: air & fire. Prosperity, birth, fertility.
  • Frankincense (resin) Properties - Associated with fire and the Sun. Good for centering yourself for meditation, chakra cleansing (the third eye), purification of negative energy. Relaxing
  • Myrrh Properties - purification, martial protection, healing of heart, spirit, or body. 
Stones and Gems I used ~ 
  • Citrine Stone - citrine is a grounding stone. yellow in color. Relieves anxiety, depression,  promotes positive energy. Yellow is symbolic to creativity, the element of air, intelligence. Boosts self esteem. Aids digestive problems.
  • Tiger's Eye - Associated with Ra the Sun God of the Egyptian pantheon. Encourages bravery.Elements: Earth, Fire. Grounding, helps energy flow freely through the body. Prosperity, reduces cravings & addictive behaviors.

Dec 23, 2012

Passion Parties 19th Annual Convention 2013

I've been looking online here there and everywhere at glitter high heels, cocktail dresses, gowns, earrings... Trying to find free & the best inexpensive deals for all my things I will need for convention. And figure out how to fit it all into 1 small carry on suitcase. I guess my husband thinks I'll be wearing shorts or something... It's all so extremely exciting! My very 1st convention.

Passion Parties Annual Convention is held in Las Vegas, Nevada every year. This year's theme for convention is 'Bringing Passion to Life'.
My sister Jenny & I will be there together this year. I've heard her talk about it over the years & can not wait to experience it myself. She is an executive director in the company and runs an amazing business. She has been a consultant for 7 years. And this past year was her most amazing year to date.

Here are some pics of things I'm considering online.
Passion Parties signature colors are purple and hot pink. I want to attend convention in clothing that I'm comfortable in. I want to be able to be myself, in the styles that appeal to me. I've met a few pagans in this company in the past year. The fact that there are so many like-minded people in this company makes it all the more exciting and comfortable for me. 

I especially luv luv luv the wine colored dress! Kinda struggling between going with company colors. EVERYONE will be wearing purple. Which sorta makes me want to go with a different color. I've worn purple all of my life. I always buy purple or lavender. *lol* 

And we can't forget the oh so pretty nails! These are some designs I found online that I like. I often bid for things at and sometimes I can send in a pic of a design I like, to get something similar... For Passion Power in Seattle last summer I wore really cute pink cupcakes *lol* 


Dec 22, 2012

Winter Solstice Pomanders

I made orange & clove pomanders w/ my daughter & grandkids Evey & Dante on December 20th this year. fun & rekaxing!

Dec 20, 2012

Thoughtless or Normal?

 Merry Winter Solstice to one & all! 

I feel very drawn to write today. I have found it increasingly sad in the past few weeks that there seems to be much thoughtlessness around me. I have heard people obsessing over facial creams and upset that they can not get the one they wanted, as if it is life or death. I have been sick for months & have to go out of state to start getting medical tests done. By which is making me loose out on work and let down my clients. Which I feel like a complete heel anyway when I let people down. But really? You think that housekeeping is more important than my health?  I've already lost 20 lbs from being sick. I have been throwing up for months and I would have expected people to be more understanding... *sigh*

I guess I am just especially surprised  that at this time of year the real lack of caring for others...

What are your thoughts? Are you too experiencing any of the same feelings? Have you seen a lack of caring lately in your community?

Now, off to read in my books to find a Winter Solstice Ritual ;) I'm sure Ann Moura or Scott Cunningham have something that I will like.

Blessed Be xo Yule & Winter Solstice Blessings 

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*Graphics by K4U* 

Dec 14, 2012

looking toward Yule

Wishing everyone a merry Yuletide!
Yule or by whatever name you call it - Christmas, Christmastime, Yule, ... It all has much the same meaning and symbolism. The Gift of Giving and Sharing. New Beginnings. Thankfulness. Love. Being thoughtful of others. Sharing our blessings...
I have been trying to learn more about the old traditions. I think of Yule / Christmas a time of being together with family. That handmade gifts are the best. The less is more, because its not about how much material things you have. It's about the time you spend with ones you love. And oh! Those homemade feasts! Cinnamon pull apart bread, real and creamy coffee cake made with real cream! Ham, dinner rolls, homemade chicken and noodles! oh my!!

I do not have much to give this year. Because of my financial status in work. (compared to years past) - which doesn't make me feel very good. So I am making my gifts this year. I just learned about making orange and clove pomanders last night. I had no idea that they take weeks to be ready. I still may take a bash at making them. I think it would make a really fun family project to do before Christmas. I think my grandkids would enjoy it too. Just thinking of the scents of fresh oranges, and clove, and cinnamon oh my! love those scents so much! In ancient times people made these as air fresheners.
The last 2 years that I've been following a pagan path, I've wanted so badly to make a yulelog with candles and decorate it with sprigs of pine branches, holly, and pinecones. As well as a bake a yulelog cake. Maybe my kids can help me to make this come true. I don't have a drill for the candles. Or really the log. *lol* A yule log cannot be purchased or bought in any way. It has to be your own, traditionally from the year before's wood harvest. Or it can be a log that is a gift. Ash wood is the traditional wood that is used. But in modern times pine has been substituted. I'll have to get together with my daughter and son in law and see what we can come up with. They have pine and juniper trees in their yard. *giggles*!!!

Oct 27, 2012

10 Blessings

Today I am writing my 10 blessings that I'm thankful for, in my journal...

  1.  I am thankful for the all the passion parties guests purchases. Because every purchase brings me closer to my goals.
  2. I am blessed to have a good running car. Because that enables me to get to my parties to make money to pay my bills.
  3. I am blessed to have a family that cares & loves me. Because not everyone is that blessed.
  4. I am thankful for the food in my home. Because it gives me fuel to have the energy I need to do my work.
  5. I am blessed to have the use of my legs. Because I enjoy walking in the fall leaves.
  6. I am thankful to have my eye sight to see all of the wonderful beautiful things in this universe.
  7. I am thankful to have a large widescreen t.v. because I don't have to always wear my glasses to see the t.v. guide since the screen is so large.
  8. I am thankful for the plants I have. Because they make me feel happy when I look at them.
  9. I am blessed to have a pellet stove. Because I don't like to chop kindling
  10. I am blessed to have footies. Because they make my feet all warm & cozy.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Everyone ready for Samhain!?? 


Pinky Promise Giveaway - Blog - Pentel of America - Pens, Pencils, Refills, and Markers

Pinky Promise Giveaway - Blog - Pentel of America - Pens, Pencils, Refills, and Markers
I luv pentel inkpens!

Oct 22, 2012

A Pool of Thoughts...

 I have SO much going on right now. In a way I like being busy & moving forward on my path. On another hand, it does not come easily to me. It's a lot to juggle 3 jobs. I've never done that before. I've just always gone to work, come home, then get up the next day & do it all over again. *lol*

My Passion Parties business is really taking off & growing! 'You get out of it, what you put in.' So true!! As soon as I started giving to others to help them; no matter what my financial situation was. I started receiving gifts in my business. Leads for parties in Wyoming starting popping up for Jenny to hand to me. And have been traveling to do them no matter the distance or circumstances. I bought a Passion Sister a pkg of 250 business cards from Vista Print when she could not afford to do it for herself. All of a sudden I have started running into an old friend at the motel I worked at for four years, when we first moved out here to Wyoming. How many years have I been going to this motel to get an orange sunkist bottle of pop and never ran into any of the old crew I worked with. Then I started devoting Tuesdays to working my business for Passion Parties. And just all of a sudden I'm running into the manager all the time when I go there to get a cheap pop *lol* And she read my magnet on my car & said oh! I should have a party! I told her YES!! You SHOULD!! *lol* I didn't have any cards or anything on me at the time. But I did tell her I will bring her one later on. And so I did. I took her 3 biz cards, & 1 of my 'Shades of Winter' catalog inserts. Pointed out to her that these are our winter sales & on my website is the regular catalog & a shopping cart, contact form, other info, etc...

I now have my extra nursing clients all scheduled in too. I picked up seven new housekeeping clients, in addition to my currently eight clients I already had. Now almost every day of the week is filled! WOOHOOOO!!! mo' money bebe!

I should be able to qualify to be paid as a 'Team Leader' and get my title officially changed now.
The first title elevation you do is 'qualified' consultant. You want to elevate to that level immediately. When you sign up you purchase a starter/demo package. That gets you to the consultant status only. When you sell 250.00 or more in retail products in 1 month, you are then qualified. And can begin growing your business ie: (booking parties, vendor events, signing consultants under you...)

I now have 1 qualified and 1 non-qualified consultant. When a consultant has 1-5 consultants signed under theirselves I then have certain qualifications to meet for my title to change. Team Leader is my next elevation title. To be paid a bonus check I must do:

  1.  at least $300.00 in personal retail sales
  2. have at least $100.00 in retail sales by my frontline. (or downline, which is consultants I have signed).

    I've passed my goal for personal retail sales. Now I have to make sure that my frontline has a combined total of $100.00 in retail sales.

Oct 13, 2012

Don't Understand this Sadness...

I should be so much happier than what I am. I don't know whats wrong with me though. I can't even recognize growth and accomplishment when I have it. I drove to Billings, Montana for the 1st time for a Passion Party. And I got orders. So that is a good good thing. I freaking drove to Billings. I went through with it. I didn't cancel. I didn't get scared and back out. I went through with it. I conquered it! That is huge personal growth. I do not drive anywhere I am not 100% familiar with. I live in a very small town. I don't ever drive into the big cities. That kind of anxiety has held me back in my life. Maybe I just have too much that I'm worried and scared about right now. And can't see the good things that are happening. I've been living off of my retirement and workers deferred compensation benefits for over a year now that  I accumulated while being a state employee for 6 years. That is all now gone and so the pressure is really on.

I'm in home healthcare now. But not making as much as what I've become accustom to. I was expecting this huge instant success in my Passion Parties business. But it hasn't happened for me this way. I keep telling myself its like magick. I will get out of it, what I put in to it. I havent been putting in enough effort, to receive the results that I'm wanting.

Finances have become so desperate now that I have to cancel all my monthly automated payments. My checking account was enormously overdrawn a few days ago. And its not that I'm spending money that I don't have. It is online automatic payments through paypal. So I'll have to cancel my forum I love. that is $60.00 a month ( forum) and my website for passion parties has a shopping cart on it. So, now I'll have to downgrade my site until I can rightfully afford it. *sigh* Passion Parties by Julie. I can't do anything about my prescriptions I have to have. I can't go without my imitrex (for migraines), can't go w/out my anti-depressant! Now I'm being treated for an ulcer & H-pylori. One of the h-pylori meds are $100.00!!! In November my husband will have the opportunity to add me onto his insurance. But I'm sure I'll have to hear about how that is going to cost him more money.... *ugh!* I feel like such a burden, not being able to pay my own way. I haven't had to rely on someone else money-wise for a long time. I do not like feeling like this at all!!

                                                                               siggie a gift from my pixel sis Jacqui

Oct 5, 2012


What have you harvested this year?
How are you saving your harvest so that it lasts through the winter?
What other preparations are you making before the snow falls?
I've harvested higher self esteem! In the spring (back in April) I joined a wonderful company called Passion Parties. Part of my goal was to build a stronger me. A little more outgoing. And I am doing that. I am believing in myself more. Standing up for what I feel & believe to be right. Not settling for being treated like dirt & thinking that I deserve it. Knowing that I deserve more & demanding it, and not taking anything less than what I do rightfully deserve. I feel stronger in my spiritual beliefs as well. If someone had come up to me last spring and asked me if I'm a witch. I would have been shocked and possibly even denied it. But now I feel like I would embrace the opportunity to talk about my religion & spirituality. I own it now!

I have learned a lot about self worth from passion parties in the past 6 months. I find myself being less depressed too. And realizing how much a waste of time that is. There is no reason to feel bad about my weight or anything. I can make the choice to change it at any time :D When the time is right. It will happen...

Sep 1, 2012

Blue Moon 2012

Pretty well unhappy that I've been looking forward to our Blue Moon for months and now its all overcasted sky and I cannot see the moon at all!

Jul 30, 2012


Lughnasadh is just around the corner.... It is the first of the 3 harvest festivals.

As we begin our descent into the dark half of the year, what harvests are you seeing in your life?
What things did you start in the spring that are beginning to come to fruition?
What are you hoping to harvest before the cold arrives?
Prompt by Pagan Blog Prompts

What a perfect blog prompt! It's in the autumn that I feel most connected with nature. It's always felt like a truly magical and special time to me.

I opened up a new chapter to my life this past spring. Something that I never saw myself doing. But I suddenly felt like I could. I signed up to be a Passion Parties Independent Consultant. I have never been outgoing, one to get up in front of people and talk, or talk to people I do not know, go places I've never gone before. But I was gradually beginning to see myself as a person who could do that. Who wants to do that. I bought my demonstration kit in April. April 3rd to be exact. I just became a qualified consultant this month. Which thrilled me to no end & took some pressure off.  I am seeing so many positive things coming to light right now.

I want so badly to be successful in this business. My 1st party ended with retail sales of almost $600.00!! Woohooo!!! No too shabby =D I'm signing my very 1st consultant early August which marks the beginning of building my own team. Which I didn't think would come for a long time. What a fabulous brilliant feeling.

There are seminars to go to. But they are for a limited time only. I didn't think I had any hope what-so-ever of getting to go to one. But all of a sudden there is this huge light at the end of the tunnel! But it feels like its only just the beginning :) I have a CNA job interview this Wednesday. If I get the job I can go. And I have a job to come back to. And I'll be all pumped up with new info for my passion parties business when I get back from the Passion Power Event! Theres even another consultant that already has a room booked. So all I have to do is just pay 1/2 the price of the room. :D

So many good things...

Jul 25, 2012

Passion Parties Sale!

Today, I'm offering up a sale to my facebook friends & those who LIKE my fanpage

You will recieve 15% off your order by entering code: FBPASSION when placing an order.
Sales don't last forever though. right! :D So your order must be submitted before August 1st 2012. at Passion Parties by Julie.
We are currently having a Shades of Summer sale too! So, don't miss out. Quantities are limited. Sale ends September 15th. But supplies may run out before that date. So don't wait until the last minute ;)

We are also having a sale on 1 of our starter demo kits for new consultants.
When you order your demo kit (Passion Fantasies-PassionPac) for a limited time you will recieve the Leaf Vitality ($140.00 value!) This is a new & very popular item!! Don't miss out!

I am currently looking for awesome ladies to build my team!
Did you know that Passion Parties has a convention once a year in Las Vegas!!!
can you say: F U N!!!

Jul 16, 2012

Feeling Very Blessed

I'm feeling very very blessed today. The day has gone back and forth and this evening i'm just left with the feeling of feeling very blessed with much love and abundance in my path. Actually not even 100% sure why I feel this way.

Friday I had my very 1st Passion Party. It was SO fabulous!!! So much fun! And did really well with sales. We all had so many laughs. What a really really great group of ladies. I didn't know any of them prior to the party. But I'm so glad that I met them. My party actually came about because the hostess is a friend of my sister-in-laws. My party closed today ending with a total of $597.00 in retail sales. I was hoping to have a super duper party with $1,000.00 in sales. But heh! That is darn good for my 1st party. Plus the number of guests went from 4 to 20 then back to 4. *giggles* So that is really excellent for a total of 5 orders! :D


I'm super super excited, because now I am a 'qualified' consultant!!! Wooohooo!!! AND this way on Friday the 13th. Which, before now. I actually never left the house on that day. *lol*
My hostess was very happy with all the discounts that she qualified for. So maybe more people will start hearing about me now :D

Then just on an ordinary cruiz thru facebook this evening I happen to see a post that mentioned one of my witchy sisters. And ended up meeting a wonderful fellow witch; filled with so much love & light! She is doing something very profound. It really inspires me to be a better person. A better witch. She offered for anyone to send her a message with their address, if they would like to recieve a gift from her. After spending a little while on her profile page it struck me as like a pay it forward type of kindness. Perhaps a little of her light now shines within me. And come to find out she is into pixels also. And I think she is also a virgo like me too :)

Well this week has really really turned around for me. I think I shall like to keep this high energy going & participate in some of the blog challenges this week. I know Pagan Blog Prompts are on Thursdays.
So I'm looking forward to that. Now, if I can just get a certain lil witch to get back into doing (i believe it was called) Wednesday Kitchen ?? hmmm that doesnt sound right. *lol* I should send her a lil' emaily

Have you stopped by my witchy forum? The Witches' Garden ?? It's free. I'm looking for individuals to help me build the content. Do you have knowledge & experience you could share for free? Do you like to write? Stop by & make new friends :D
Magickal Love & Light ~

Jul 2, 2012

Quick Change...

Isn't it funny how quickly things can change?

I was so down and distraught earlier today. Then I got all cleaned up, put on some makeup,
went in to my altar gave thanks to the universe for all that I have and all the gifts that I am shown. Held me flourite stone in my hands. And wahlah! It's a whole new different day *giggles*

And after talking to my husband. My work prospects are looking so much better. Plus I also went & met with a hostess today, that is having a passion party on July 13th. WoooHooo! So excited. Both of us are.
yaaaah! for the sun shining upon my heart again :D

Defeated Again

Feeling defeated, beat-down, all alone & on the outside. For the past months I've been talking to the administrator of where I used to work. (a state retirement home) Left a year ago. And have been trying to go back. Brick wall, after brick wall, after brick wall. Why am I doing this to myself? Like the abused woman who just keeps going back to her abuse husband or boyfriend. Why does she go back? Not because she likes getting beaten up. But because go back to something familiar is so much easier than starting anew and unfamiliar path.

I've missed my support circle of friends so much. I did go out and work someplace else and it was horrible!! I want my life to be complete and put together again. I want to be thankful for all that I have. But I do need a job to pay my bills. And I can only do that as a CNA. And if I don't get back to work I'll loose my license. And I really don't want that to happen. Kind of feel like I am at a crossroads. But I don't know which was to go anymore. Feels like I just absolutely fail at everything I try to do.

I've also started doing some shadow work the past couple of weeks. In looking into my soul and the things that have happened in life. My sister and I talked for nearly 3 hours yesterday. And I feel like I accomplished a lot! A lot of really really meaningful work.

Love & Light to all

Jun 18, 2012

So many AH HAH Moments today!

Today I started off reading up more on Summer Solstice to put articles into my forum. The Witches' Garden. But 'eh felt kinda gloomy & not inspired to do any of my own writing really. And ended up copy/pasting info from (with credit links of course)

Then somehow I ended up on youtube looking more at Charming Pixie Flora's videos. I hadn't watched any of her stuff since last spring. Found myself looking at all sorts of videos. That were really deep, meaningful, and that I sincerely identified with. What was going on? I was being drawn in closer & closer. And even crying. Because what Flora was saying was so true. Because she was hitting on so many things I've thought. How could another human being possibly have thought the exact same things I've thought & said.
Was this all happening for a reason. Well of course. What is the reason? To get me excited about my path again? Possibly...

In fact I did end up being so moved that now I really felt like writing in my blog. I tried one of her summer solstice incense oil recipes. And love it! And why shouldn't I. It has peppermint, which I was just reading only a few days ago lifts your spirits, relieves depression. And now here I was feeling so uplifted and inspired. How amazing. I even added some of her videos to my forum. Then thought!
O-M-G! What if I feel this inspired all the time. What if I go look at 1 video a week and blog on my thoughts based on that video. Share how it makes me feel. Then just what if other people see my posts and start blogging along with me! *giggles* How fun would that be :)

So, I decided to write to Flora & share my idea with her. It is not an original idea. *lol* I already belong to some pagan blog prompts afterall. Maybe it will catch on and be fun though. It would be really nice to have someone to blog back and forth with. 

I'm in 2 upcoming auctions on Tophatter. (Live, real-time, virtual auctions). I'm loving tophatter!
Hosted by me: HeartCraft Handmades-Art with Heart June 30th
Facebook Group to ask questions, stay up-to-date on future auctions... - HeartCraft

I'm also involved with a wonderful group of pagan ladies:
Enchanted Arts Auctions. These are once a month. Our 2nd one is coming up July 5th.

Blessed Be )O( WiccanMoon xo 

Jun 15, 2012

Everything Happens For a Reason...

They say everything happens for a reason. And I've always believed that. We don't always understand at the time why the particular thing or chain of events is happening to us. Especially if its not a very good experience. But 'after the darkness, comes the light'! Yes I am just a bundle of sayings. *giggles* Good things come to those who wait. I believe that one too. And am actually experiencing all of these right now.

All of a sudden i'm running into family members of residents from a nursing home I use to work at. Left, and am now actually trying to get re-hired at. So, that has to be a sign of something good. Right?! I feel like it is. They say really wonderful things to me that make me feel so so good.

I'm also finally starting to sell some of my crafted products! woohoo!!! And yesterday I even put together my own logo/label to put onto my products. Just need to find some help in printing them out in the correct size so they are no all pixeled out. *lol*

I'm so so excited about upcoming Litha also! It is my favorite sabbat of all. Family, food, fun, outdoors...

May 31, 2012


Prompt: Growth

As the growing season presses onward, we should be seeing signs of growth all around us....

Where are you seeing growth in your life right now?
Growth is everywhere in my life. The flowers, grass & other plants I've put into the ground and potted indoors. As well as human growth. Spiritually. Really trying to work on marriage right now with my husband. Trying to make a bigger efffort to change and not be a pack rat *lol* and make time to do things together.
This past weekend we had a really good time in Billings. Did some shopping. Got a new bedroom set. woohoo!! $3,000.00 bedroom set. Our very very 1st bedroom set, and nice piece of furniture. We went to Red Lobster for lunch. It was a lot of fun!

I feel like growth has also been occuring spiritually and creatively. I'm making more crafts just lately. Just this week, I've been making hand dipped long incense sticks and more candles. It feels soooo good to make some summer candles! Very refreshing and uplifting.

The Enchanted Arts Auction Preview 06/03 by Charmed in New England | Blog Talk Radio#.T8YmVoPLCyw.facebook

The Enchanted Arts Auction Preview 06/03 by Charmed in New England | Blog Talk Radio#.T8YmVoPLCyw.facebook

Trying very hard to get the word out about our auction. I feel so blessed to have met Cynthia Freeman on facebook. I was already hooked up with Tophatter. And saw her post about an auction. Yep! I couldn't resist the temptation to get involved. And have since become double blessed that Lady T then crossed onto my path as well.

As a new artisan this is exceptionally exciting and encouraging to me. I have only been creating hand made natural items for just under a year. My parents helped me get started on candle crafting last September as a birthday present. I've since branched out a little bit on a few other items I find very rewarding. I currently do not offer a ton of items. Money has been tight the past year. I feel like things are changing though. As if a transition is about to be born.

I hope you, the sacred reader will join us in supporting the pagan community. My supplies that I purchase online are of the highest quality. I do not currently grow my own herbs. I started a garden last spring, only to have an over abundance of grasshoppers eat my supply. I rescued what I could and have not had money to invest in replanting this year yet.

Join in or Visit the Enchanted Arts Auction!
Please click the R.S.V.P button for us :)

Stop by our facebook page to talk to the artists & ask us questions:

Cynthia Freeman is the hostess of this auction lot.
She has also been invited to blog talk radio by Lady T of Wicce Women, and Charmed in New England, to appear on her show on sunday, june 3rd, to talk about the auction and what will be o...ffered for sale. Sellers are encouraged to tune in, call in, and participate in the chat room also.

As a new crafter I find this all very exciting and encouraging to me!

Please join us at Tophatter for the Enchanted Arts Auction on June 10th and on Wicce Women on June 3rd )O(

If you want to be in the auction you have to help promote the auction.
Contact Cynthia Freeman -

Hope to see you soon

May 24, 2012

~ Enchanted Arts Tophatter Auction ~

Today I'm really excited about an upcoming auction lot that I am in.
Please stop by, have a look-see & R.S.V.P. our auction :)

We are trying to generate a lot of publicity to our auction. We want as many artists involved as possible. Anyone is able to join and enter their crafted items. Cynthia Freeman is the hostess of the Enchanted Arts Lot. She has also set up a facebook page where people can ask questions about the items in the auction.

Blog Talk Radio - Cynthia was also blessed with an invitation to be interviewed by Lady T on blog talk radio on a show called Wicce (pronounced witchy) Women.

Like a lot of crafters today we all have Etsy stores. My store is Sacred Oaks Alchemy Etsy shoppe located at -, You may find Cynthia's Etsy shoppe @ Moon Hunter Jewelry. We are also both on facebook of course ;) 

Lady T also extended an invitation to all in the auction to also call in to the show and participate in the chat available. It is all really exciting and new to me.

This has been my path only a little over a year now. I recognize myself as wiccan, pagan, and a witch. A green witch or a hedgewitch. I am struggling to have an herbal/floral garden. Money has been tight & scarce. My garden I planted last year was destroyed by grasshoppers.

I craft hand poured candles, ritual/aromatherapy oils, bed n' bath natural herb sachets, hand dipped long incense sticks, loose natural incense & am beginning to delve into hand poured natural soap bars. I have worked with paraffin & soy wax flakes. I like soy wax as it is a renewable resource for us. But its pricey and doesn't go very far for that price. Paraffin wax goes much farther. Meaning I get a lot more candles out of my wax supply.

Hope to see you come visit us & other crafters on the Enchanted Arts auction & tune into Wicce Women on blog talk radio on June 3rd to hear more about the art & auction...

~ Julie ~

May 18, 2012

Pagan Blog Project 2012-Week May 18th

J is for Juniper - The letter J made me think of juniper berries. And how relaxing it was on Mother's Day to sit with family in my daughter's back yard under her juniper tree. Watching our grand kids play in the tent; running in and out of it jumping. And I love seeing the juniper berries all over everything. Those bluish-purple berries that look like they have a touch of frost on them make me feel so peaceful and relaxed. My husband Joe even enjoyed the day and we all had some fruit drinks. We all had a lot of fun! Shared stories, ate good food. My daughter always fixes a nice big dinner for the holidays. Just like I did when Nicole & Bryan were kids & just as I grew up with too :)

I was going to write about the magical properties of Juniper, but my computer keeps 'not responding'. so maybe I can finish later...

PBP-Balancing Light & Dark

How do you balance Light and Dark in your Path?

There's lots of angels to take with this, depending on what you choose to apply it to. Should be interesting to see what you have to share on this topic....
This weeks prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts

A good question to ponder. I don't actually know that I do balance the light & the dark. I am trying to.  I am in what seems like a very dark place right now. But in the end I believe that the decisions that I've made will be for the good and have been the correct decisions. I believe that I have to survive the dark to appreciate the light.

Change can be scarey, but that doesn't mean that its not good or that good and positive will not come from it. It only appears dark right now. It will get light again. I feel that Isis and Osiris are guiding me in a direction that is necessary for me to go and I've taken a leap of faith and have decided to listen and follow. I know I will look back on these days as the time when I made the best decision of my life! :)

And actually as I sit and think of how I feel and what I do on a day to day basis at home. I feel depressed, but I do not let it totally consume me. I am grateful for that. And that fills me will light and love and lifts me spirit up.

                                                                                            sigtag by me
                                                                             doll base by Hearts Enchanted
                                                                                        outlines by H.E. & ALP

May 10, 2012

Phase1 Dispell Negativity

Today I performed part1 of dispelling negativity by cleansing my whole house with my California white sage smudge stick. Walking from room to room repeating my chant. Which I will not repeat here as I believe it could take away from the work I am doing. This post ties in with the one that I wrote yesterday. Read More

On other subjects I planted some dying plants into a pot today and have them in my living room window sill. They are 2 cherry tomato plants and 1 jalepeno plant. What I think I can save of them anyway. They didn't get planted into the ground before I spent the weekend sick in bed. My St. John's Wort still doesnt appear to be doing any better yet either. *urrrgh*

I am working on getting my bedroom/magickal space cleaned up, and some other housework or as I like to call it - domestic goddess duties *giggles* I'd like to decorate my altar.

The lilacs were sure weak this year *sigh* They were so abundant last year! I could smell them clear inside my house! They didn't bloom much. Even the yard is different this year too. Last year at this time the whole yard was like a bright florescent green. This year - hmmm not so much.

Doing some promoting for my Passion Parties business today too. I've posted on FB & tweeted a 10% discount code for anyone who will help me get qualified before May 31st. I might see if there are some yahoo or google groups I can join to promote home business. I'm wanting to spruce up some fliers too.
Just thinking of where I could pin them up around town at though.

The discount is good for anyone, anywhere. So come check out my new adventure in Passion Parties!
Passion Parties by Jules

May 9, 2012


Feeling compelled to do some blogging today, to put thoughts to written word....
St. John's Wort

Feeling sad. Maybe I don't have all of my energy back yet from being sick over the weekend. Horribly headaches that sent me to the hospital. oh horray. More bills. A shot of toradol, (sp?) and phenergan, and 2 oral valiums.

Anyway, thats not what I wanted to journal about today. I feel heavy. Like heart heavy. Dragged down. It's like everything that can go wrong, IS! My St. John's Wort I was so excited to grown and was so excited it was actually a herb that is something I need. It's often used for depression.

I was so excited to start my Passion Parties business. It's like every time I'm so excited and positive about something. Then, I get sick. Like I used up all of my life force . Thats just crazy. I just spent 3 days in bed, and hubby took me to the hospital on Sunday because I couldnt take the head pain any longer. I thought that it was my job making me so sick. That it was my job that was keeping me exhausted so that I couldnt have the time or energy to put into passion parties. But I've been gone from my job now probably 2 weeks. And nothing grand has happened.

Maybe I am not putting in enough effort. In magick, you get out what you put in. So maybe I am not putting in as much as I could.

I don't have a home base to evolve my business from. Usually people start with their home circle. Friends and family. But what if a person doesnt have that. My friends have not been supportive. The way I see it, they have not been there for me. Maybe I'm just a joke to them. Just someone to have some laughs with.  I hand out my business cards almost everywhere I go.  An order from A&W - gal bringing order gets a card. Go to Albertson's - put up a pull tab ad. Hmmmm maybe I should of cut those tabbies myself *lol*

It feels like I'm holding back a little though. What am I so afraid of? I'm not handing out photos of myself posing for porn! *ugh* Maybe I need to clear out the negativity from my life. Maybe I haven't let go of the past. Therefore not able to prosper in the here and now.  Perhaps I thought it would be simple and fun and that the success would come so easy.

So, so far I've come up with The Understanding:
  1. holding on to past anger with my latest nursing job. That must be let go and burned to ash during a waning moon.
  2. I feel badly that I was acting egotistical back in February and acting like being a consultant would be so easy. I think maybe I feel like I don't deserve the success that I want. Because I unfairly judged others.
The Plan
  1. Clear my home of negativity from hostile feelings during the 4 months I worked in Powell as a CNA & perhaps everyone always asking about why I left my other job of 6 years probably brought up bad negative feeling as well. 
  2. I will use california white sage smudge stick through my entire home. Also need to come up with a rhyming quatrain to chant.
  3. I will then do a ritual to release all of the negativity from my mind, body, and soul

Wyoming Big Horn Mountains

Apr 30, 2012

Just thinking out loud...

My Thought Process:
I'm in the kitchen cleaning up. See that Yoda has a couple of cans of cat food left. So I get upset (because we buried him on 4/20.) - and i toss them in the trash and immediately break down into tears. Remember Joe asking me a few days ago if I want a little black kitten. think -- why would he ask me that. why do i need to expend the energy to love an animal that will just die. And it could end being a bad cat that craps all over the place and meows constantly. which would drive me even more bonkers. and think -- well he is the one that needs an animal to cuddle and love. not me. Too bad he can't give even some of that love to the people around him that need it. next thought -- maybe if he'd gone to counseling with me so many years ago he wouldnt have so many problems. oh well. the counselors said i'd never be anything more than an adornment on his arm and that he doesnt really love me. and that we will never have a real relationship.

Wipe my tears and I go empty my dead rosemary plant from last spring back into the earth from whence it came....

Above painting in memory of my beloved Thomas Kinkade whom always painted his cottages, churches, etc.. with at least one light on. He was what was called back in the early 80's a 'latch-key kid'. Which meant when he came home his parents were at work. He came home to a dark house after school. So he painted with brilliant light in all of his paintings and there is always a light on. We love you more than you can know Mr. Kinkade ~ Peace Love and Light be yours infinately

Beltane 2012

tomorrow is Beltane. And here i sit so sad and so disconnected.

 Beltane is the joining of the Lord and the Lady. The earth opening up and life being renewed.
But I feel dead inside instead of happy.

quit my cna job (certified nursing assistant) to be a full time passion parties independent consultant. But did i just fall through the rabbit hole? Is it all a fantasy in my mind. Only crazy people make fantasy their reality. right? Those are the people committed to mental hospitals.  Why arent I happy? I should be happy.

My body will get better now. I won't have shingles outbreaks, i won't have shingles nerve pain, maybe the migraines will cease as well. Not so much stress and drama and aggravation!!

My husband thinks he will have to make the car payment and pay all the bills now. So his brain is scrambling to find a way to pay all the bills by himself. Why won't he ever trust my intuition? This IS the right path. This is the path to happiness. This is the path to health and well being. This is the path to prosperity.

My husband Joe is the only one and singular person on the planet that is not behind me, supporting me, cheering me on. hmmm what does that say? Well here is a perfect example. This just happened over the weekend.

• I had the weekend off. He had the weekend off. But I was at home (talking to my sister on the phone at the time) and he was off 4 wheeling, and whatnot. And my sister was trying to encourage me to talk to him and asked if we both have time off and havent seen much of each other b/c of our work schedules. How come we are in separate places. And I said well, i guess you just said it. We are in separate places mentally and physically... So she talked me into getting all cute and one up and going up to the bar where he was at. Not much happened there. Went home around 8:30 and he came home around 30 min. or so later and still nothing happened. whatever... We've had sex like maybe twice in more than a year.

How is it that he can just go through life everyday no human contact, no hugs, no touches, no kisses, no anything! I'm not made that way...


Julie Jenks
Passion Parties® Independent Consultant
"Liberating women from the bedroom to the bank"

Phone 307-899-2946
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Have a DIVAlicious Day!

Apr 28, 2012


What are we suppose to do when we feel defeated? I've lost my lil' buddy. My familiar if you will. Yoda was my little shadow. Followed me everywhere. Even found his way into all of my rituals. He was always in my circles. But now he's gone. Now what do i do? Everything is so lost. I have dreams and an actual plan for the 1st time in my life - at 45 years old. But it is like I'm being held back from it. My husband doesnt see the same vision I do. I'm in so so much physical pain from my CNA job at the nursing home. I want to change careers. But he wants to immediately see $$$ results. Just feels so hopeless. And then at other times I feel so powerful & determined. How do I make it come to light though. I try and nothing comes about. I fail... I know the path to happiness & success is not in nursing. 

It is with passion parties. Being an independent consultant. And with my candles, oils etc... I want to someday have an eclectic shop. Or metaphysical shop. Whatever word we attach to it. It is a shop of my own. A unique store for this area. I just want to simply call it Julie's. or Sacred Oaks Alchemy.hmm maybe even the lavender rose lol But it would be mine. And mine alone.


Apr 6, 2012

Passion Parties!

Well, I'm almost on my way to getting started in my new career as a
passion parties independent consultant!! My demonstration kit is ordered & estimated to arrive on Monday April 9th. My business cards & promotional tools are ordered and estimated to arrive next saturday.
I got a few new clothing items today. Yup!! Pink and Purple wooohoo!!!

Buying a new printer tomorrow and the ink cartridges are cheaper for it than the one I have. Plus its a better printer. Does more I think. I will be printing out A LOT of stuff with passion parties.

I just can't emphasize enough how much help there is within this company.
There are consultants sharing their guidelines for lists, coupons, advertisements, brochures, all sorts of things.
It's just really amazing all the help and hints and tips that there is. I've never seen anything like it before. And its not competitive. It's run by women. But its not caddy. They all want the other to succeed and soar as high as they can. It's all about empowerment, feeling good about who you are, about celebrating womanhood and being yourself, and celebrating the body and feeling. Just amazing!

So, i'm going to do a little shameless plug for myself. *giggles*

My name is Julie
I am a Passion Parties Independent Consultant
I am located in Greybull, Wyoming
serving the Worland, Manderson, Basin, Greybull, Lovell, Powell, Cody areas
of Wyoming.
I also have a store that you can purchase items online if do not live near me.
If you do live near me. Book a party now! Lots of fun and laughter. Who doesnt like to have fun & laugh.

Host a party! Join as a consultant! or Place an order online with me today!

Other links associated with my business - friend me today - would you consider giving my business page a LIKE. I'm currently trying to reach 30 LIKES.
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