Oct 27, 2012

10 Blessings

Today I am writing my 10 blessings that I'm thankful for, in my journal...

  1.  I am thankful for the all the passion parties guests purchases. Because every purchase brings me closer to my goals.
  2. I am blessed to have a good running car. Because that enables me to get to my parties to make money to pay my bills.
  3. I am blessed to have a family that cares & loves me. Because not everyone is that blessed.
  4. I am thankful for the food in my home. Because it gives me fuel to have the energy I need to do my work.
  5. I am blessed to have the use of my legs. Because I enjoy walking in the fall leaves.
  6. I am thankful to have my eye sight to see all of the wonderful beautiful things in this universe.
  7. I am thankful to have a large widescreen t.v. because I don't have to always wear my glasses to see the t.v. guide since the screen is so large.
  8. I am thankful for the plants I have. Because they make me feel happy when I look at them.
  9. I am blessed to have a pellet stove. Because I don't like to chop kindling
  10. I am blessed to have footies. Because they make my feet all warm & cozy.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Everyone ready for Samhain!?? 



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