My Plants
I have had numerous plants over the years. I have had
the best luck with my plants, herbs and flowers this year though. They were all started as seedlings.
These are my current photos -   Spring/Summer 2014 

Rosemary. I've not had good luck with the Rosemary
I've bought at Walmart as starter plants in the past.

This year I started from seeds! WahLah!

Same sunflower plant as above. 2 of my resident lady bugs!

My little sunflower is growing very very big.
It has had several daddy long legs and lady bugs.

 My lil' Apothecary

1st bottle of crafted 'Enchanted Lavender Oil'
June 2011
Crafted with full moon magick & my loving intent.
This is my 1st crafting of an oil. It was made for my
grand daughter Evey. I then auctioned another one on Listia.

My 1st bottle of crafted 'Blessed Rosemary oilJune 2011

My Magickal Library
 My library continues to grow and flourish...
At month 4 on my path I have over 20 books.
Full Moon pics from my home. View moon in the south/east.
July 14/15 2011

A few new tools
June 2011

My 1st Beltane ritual.

May 1, 2011

A temporary quick altar.


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