Mar 31, 2014


Today I read on Jasmeine Wiccan Moonsong's blog about a prosperity exercise that really cheered me up and perked my interest.

Prosperity Space

This is a month long commitment, I started it today Monday March 31st 2014.
1.  Decorate any container.
2. Write an affirmation list
3. Put in $1.00 each day, read affirmation list when money is added each day.

 I cleared a corner in my kitchen. This is a cupboard shelf as you walk into my kitchen. So I'm sure to see it every day. I washed up a triangle shaped jar I bought at a second hand store 3 years ago. I loved it. But didn't actually have a use for it. I added patchouli, sage, a ruby chip, $1.00 in change I found around the house, my Passion Parties business card, my Sacred Oaks Alchemy business card (for hand mades), and a bay leaf that I wrote "money prosperity" on in glittery reddish pink ink. Burned a sage, rosemary, cinnamon mixture in my cauldron I whipped up on the spur of the moment. Added two faery guardians from my best friend Tanya in Canada. What better plant to sit next to it than one of my bamboo plants. Bamboo plants are the bringer of fortune and prosperity. 

I love glitter. So I glittered the bottom part of the jar with green glitter and a sprinkling of my SRC I just mixed up. So my prosperity jar is protected and anointed the color of luck, prosperity and abundance as well as herbs!  I've wrapped a green hemp string around the neck of the jar 9 times and added a pentacle broom charm to decorate it as well.

I love my prosperity jar. I think I will find ways to have a dollar each day to add to it!

This is actually the 3rd of 3 magickal things I did today. I re-joined Witch-School, signed up for Moonsong's Daily Magick.

Blessed Be )O( 


Pagan Blog Project-Week 13-Letter G:   Grateful Green Witch

As a green witch I am grateful to the Universe for all that comes my way. Good, bad or indifferent I accept it all. As a green witch I believe that everything in nature is alive. It lives, it breathes, everything has an energy t it. It is all here to aid us in our journey. I believe that the planet Earth belongs to the plants and animals and that we are to co-exists. I believe that we belong to the Earth, not that the Earth belongs to us humans.

The green witch is one who works with nature. Using herbs, incense, plants as a way of life, for the natural magickal properties.  Learning when to plant, sow, and cultivate my magickal garden is much the way that the farmer tends to their fields as well. I learn to plan my planting according to the moon phase. These things are so fascinating for me to learn and use.

When I was a child I often saw myself (or someone?) as a woman in an old cottage, sweeping with a corn broom on a cobblestone walkway, trees, many plants outside, lots and lots of bottles oils, jars of plants and herbs on plain wooden shelves...

Green Witchcraft is the use of plants, herbs, oils. These can be used in rituals, daily cooking, candle crafting, crafting of other items such as oils, bath salts, gris-gris bags, and anything you can think of to use in everyday mundane and magickal life. 

Not just herbs have magickal properties. Everything in nature does. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, animals, trees, house plants, weeds, etc...What are some of the common everyday herbs that have magickal properties? 

Sage:  wisdom, protection, longevity, healing, prosperity.
Rosemary: protection, healing, sleep, youth, love, lust, mental clarity. Rub rosemary oil on aching muscles. Add rosemary oil to your shampoo for increased hair growth.
Orange: luck, love, money, divination. Nicknamed the 'love fruit'
Marigold: protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, - carried in your pocket strengthens justice to smile favorably on you. 
Rhubarb: protection, fidelity. Wear a rhubard root on a piece of string around the neck to protect against stomach pain.

*herbs descriptions: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs. Scott Cunningham*
Llewellyn Worldwide


Mar 25, 2014

Tired of Working with Tyrants...

Every day at work it feels like I fight for the right to be myself, to speak, to have feelings and thoughts. But am treated like I'm a robot or a solider. "I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Not a Human Being having a Spiritual experience!"

In my one year written evaluation, it was written that I am to read the minutes and sign them if I did not attend the mandatory meeting. ok, so where are the minutes? No minutes are ever taken by anyone. No minutes are made available for any of us to sign. *shrugs*

I ask about the care of a resident, & I'm told to not get short with the D.O.N. (director of nursing) and told SHE is the one who wrote the note. Wow! *lol* That is why I was asking for help with the situation.
I'm so disgusted with nursing. They do the opposite of what they tell you is right. Residents have the right to make their own decisions, residents being involved with activities is what prevents depression and wanting to die. Yet we are basically told to go lay down every resident after breakfast & lunch. Which just happens to be the exact same time that activities are going on!

I'm excited when I'm gone from there to think about other things in life. Nature, herbs, candles, intent, my home, my family and my home business Passion Parties by Julie.

I have new spring products that were introduced at our annual convention, that I've just recently returned from. I'm excited to show our new body whip in pomegranate ginger and coconut lemongrass scents.

I learned so many exciting things at convention this year! Very excited to implement some of it into my own business.

Blessings - Julie

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