Mar 31, 2014


Today I read on Jasmeine Wiccan Moonsong's blog about a prosperity exercise that really cheered me up and perked my interest.

Prosperity Space

This is a month long commitment, I started it today Monday March 31st 2014.
1.  Decorate any container.
2. Write an affirmation list
3. Put in $1.00 each day, read affirmation list when money is added each day.

 I cleared a corner in my kitchen. This is a cupboard shelf as you walk into my kitchen. So I'm sure to see it every day. I washed up a triangle shaped jar I bought at a second hand store 3 years ago. I loved it. But didn't actually have a use for it. I added patchouli, sage, a ruby chip, $1.00 in change I found around the house, my Passion Parties business card, my Sacred Oaks Alchemy business card (for hand mades), and a bay leaf that I wrote "money prosperity" on in glittery reddish pink ink. Burned a sage, rosemary, cinnamon mixture in my cauldron I whipped up on the spur of the moment. Added two faery guardians from my best friend Tanya in Canada. What better plant to sit next to it than one of my bamboo plants. Bamboo plants are the bringer of fortune and prosperity. 

I love glitter. So I glittered the bottom part of the jar with green glitter and a sprinkling of my SRC I just mixed up. So my prosperity jar is protected and anointed the color of luck, prosperity and abundance as well as herbs!  I've wrapped a green hemp string around the neck of the jar 9 times and added a pentacle broom charm to decorate it as well.

I love my prosperity jar. I think I will find ways to have a dollar each day to add to it!

This is actually the 3rd of 3 magickal things I did today. I re-joined Witch-School, signed up for Moonsong's Daily Magick.

Blessed Be )O( 


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