Mar 25, 2014

Tired of Working with Tyrants...

Every day at work it feels like I fight for the right to be myself, to speak, to have feelings and thoughts. But am treated like I'm a robot or a solider. "I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Not a Human Being having a Spiritual experience!"

In my one year written evaluation, it was written that I am to read the minutes and sign them if I did not attend the mandatory meeting. ok, so where are the minutes? No minutes are ever taken by anyone. No minutes are made available for any of us to sign. *shrugs*

I ask about the care of a resident, & I'm told to not get short with the D.O.N. (director of nursing) and told SHE is the one who wrote the note. Wow! *lol* That is why I was asking for help with the situation.
I'm so disgusted with nursing. They do the opposite of what they tell you is right. Residents have the right to make their own decisions, residents being involved with activities is what prevents depression and wanting to die. Yet we are basically told to go lay down every resident after breakfast & lunch. Which just happens to be the exact same time that activities are going on!

I'm excited when I'm gone from there to think about other things in life. Nature, herbs, candles, intent, my home, my family and my home business Passion Parties by Julie.

I have new spring products that were introduced at our annual convention, that I've just recently returned from. I'm excited to show our new body whip in pomegranate ginger and coconut lemongrass scents.

I learned so many exciting things at convention this year! Very excited to implement some of it into my own business.

Blessings - Julie


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