Nov 30, 2011

Kitchen Witch Wednesday ~ Coffee Cake

Home made coffee cake!
I have been thinking about my dad's home made coffee cake all day long today. I think I'm excited to make some. So, this week for Kitchen Witch Wednesday, I will share my family's recipe for our creamy coffee cake.

This is adapted from my great grandmother's recipe. I'm thinking the part that changed is the dough. We don't make the dough from scratch. But I'm thinking of adding something more homey and crafty to it this year. so maybe I'll find a good recipe for making sweet dough. So, in the modern age we buy 1 box of sweetroll mix.
1 large sour cream (16 oz I think)
                                        1 pint of heavy whipping cream
a drop or two of either lemon juice or white vinegar

Prepare ground cinnamon and sugar (heavy on the cinnamon) in a small bowl that you can easily shake/sprinkle from.

In medium mixing bowl stir together your sour cream and heavy whipping cream and lemon juice or white vinegar. Cover with towel and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl prepare the sweetroll mix as directed on the box.
Shape into ball. Leave in bowl, cover with towel to let rise a bit.

In a large cookie sheet with a tall edge on it, pour out your sweetroll dough. Start to softly shape it into the pan. It will take some time to get it all spread out to all of the edges. I just kind of push it with the base of my hand and keep working it softly and gently. When its spread to all of the edges
you will go around the edges the edge of your hand using it like a hammer to form an edge (crust) around it. And make it look like a swimming pool. *lol*  Cover with towel. Let set for 5 minutes.

Then go back and this is the fun part! -- fold your fingers down and use your middle knuckles to punch little knuckle divits all over the dough. (not the crust though) Punch, punch, punch... Not so hard to tear it though.

Let set 5 minutes.

Go back and do it again, the dough will be all nice a puffy and make sure your just getting it all punched down with dents.

Take your cream mixture and carefully pour it in the center. It will fill the pan right up to the crust.

Now take your cinnamon mixture and shake it evenly all across the top and all over the crust too.
Let it soak up the cream and have a nice even coating of it over the top.

Now lets bake her at 350 degrees for about 20 - 25 minutes or until bubbling and golden brown.

Now, my dad advises me not to eat it right away and burn myself. *lol*
But I will say it is best all warm and gooey! Whats a little scalded tongue....

I hope you will enjoy your wonderful Clayton's Coffee Cake! (my maiden name)


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