Nov 29, 2011

A Lot Going On...

wow lots going on again. I've been doing rituals for job success. And I recieved a wishing bracelet in one of my 'new witch' kits from Under The New Moon. The note with the wishing bracelet said to put it on. Make my wish & before the string on the bracelet wears out, my wish will manifest. Indeed!

On Thanksgiving day, I got a call asking me to help care for someone's mother. Who used to be a resident at the retirement center I used to work at. She is actually my mother in laws patient. And my m.i.l. is on vacation right now. And there was an emergency with the husband. So, I went out that evening and got her ready for bed. And have been going out every morning and some days staying until after lunch & going back in the evenings
on some days. Just depends on who is there that can help.

It's really really good to be working again taking care of people!! I'm a C.N.A. (certified nursing assistant)
And I've been out of work since mid June. So, close to 6 months.
And now the husband had to have emergency kidney surgeries. And is going to be starting
chemotherapy also.

I've also been working on my forum a bit more.
The Witches' Garden
I'm really hoping that I will be able to keep it. I'm on a free trial of it right now.
And the middle of December I'll be billed $25.00 a month
So, I'm hoping to keep working even after my MIL gets back to work too w/ our patient.
She works 3 days a week. And I have been offered to pick up the other 4 days.
Which was actually a dream of mine. *giggle* - to just work 4 days a week. :D

And I've also got a lil sale going on at my shop -
Sacred Oaks Alchemy

Here we are headed into December. But it doesnt feel like christmas to
me at all!


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