Oct 7, 2013


I have noticed something wonderful happening with one of my bamboo plants. It has suddenly shot up tremendously. All of a sudden it has grown a great deal. What have I done different? I was rearranging some plants in my living room. (taking them off the pellet stove that I of course do not use in the summer)

I placed it on my Passion Parties desk. This is where I make my samples, prizes, keep my orders... Then there is this connection that I realized too. Suddenly I've been getting orders at work left and right! What have I done different in my life?

Well, I have been doing a lot of visualization while burning incense. I visualize on my way to work, when I'm just sitting alone at home, at work...
I'm not going to say exactly what I am visualizing, as I believe that will take the power of it away. I bet you can figure it out though *giggles*
And coincidentally the bamboo plant is a 'good luck' plant. See all the connections happening!
I have no idea what made me set that plant on my desk. It's a very very small desk. It's actually a little kitchen table nook with 2 stools that store under the table. Somehow it got converted into my Passion Parties work space. *lol*

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