Jan 26, 2013


 Incorporating magick into your everyday mundane life is very simple. You have a plethora of options & opportunities before you. One way is, I love to clean with lavender. A wonderful benevolent, relaxing, cleansing herb.

 I create my own natural cleaning solution in a clean spray bottle. Fill with warm water, a couple pinches of dried lavender buds. I rub & squeeze them in my fingers   activating their relaxing aroma or grind w/ mortar & pestle. Add a couple drops of pure essential lavender oil. Doesn't take much, (remember essential oils are concentrated) - amount depends on size of bottle/water.  I use this for cleaning walls, kitchen, window sills...

What is another way we can incorporate magick into our mundane daily lives? Cooking? yes! Lets make something simple, yet very powerful. Light a green candle (the color green is symbolic to healing, health, good luck, prosperity). Now lets scramble up some eggs, sprinkle some garden sage, salt, pepper, & anything else you want in to them. Eggs are life sustaining. They can contain life, as well as give life. What could be better for us than something that is the container of life. I'm not getting into cholestoral issues here concerning eggs *lol* Now lets look at the sage that we added. Sage has long been thought of as an herb of grand importance. I love to add sage to my food. Sage is cleansing, and thought to prolong ones life.

So, now we have cleaned house, and eaten a healthy meal. Now lets relax in our favorite chair and do some reading. I am now increasing my knowledge, as well as enriching my spirit. I choose to read Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura today. What do you choose to read?

Moura, A. (2003). Ann Mouras Garden. In Official Website of Ann Moura. Retrieved January 27, 2013, from http://annmourasgarden.com.

Cunningham, S. (1993). Wicca. In Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen.

Knowles, G. (May 1, 2001). Scott Cunningham. In Controverscial. Retrieved January 27, 2013, from http://www.controverscial.com/Scott%20Cunningham.htm.

Jan 25, 2013


It feels as though I am floating in a vast river of illness. I can see that there is land in sight. But I can not reach manage to reach it.

Hopeful to be getting closer to the land though. I will starve & die if I can not get to land to sustain my body nutrients to survive.

I have been sick to my stomach since last September. Of course I am always thinking I know what is wrong with my own body & can just take care of it myself. I reduced it down to my ulcer. My side was starting to burn where I know I have a small ulcer. I had been drinking a lot of cappoccinos and espressos. Stopping those didn't help. It wasn't too long before I was vomiting all the time. Through that episode went bye-bye to my orange sunkist soda. So, I haven't had pop in 3 months. No coffee products for 4 or 5 months. Still the nausea persists though. I'm no longer vomiting every day. I have cut way back on gluten items. (cheesy bread sticks, pizza sticks, toast, pasta,) still having the occasional pizza and hamburgers though.

I'm seeing a gastro-intestinal specialist in Billings, Montana. I am also still seeing my own local doctor. I just recently went back in @ my wits end with being sick & tired constantly. Told him of all of my symptoms. And he immediately wanted me tested for Celiac disease. wow! So that test should be back in a week. And will have a better idea of what we are and are not dealing with. And my doctor doesn't want me eating anything with wheat in it for 4 weeks.

I have to get my endoscopy appointment set up at the Billings Clinic... *ugh*!!

I have been reading up on celiac disease the past couple of days. Not anything to mess around with. Very serious situation if I do not go gluten free 100% and I do have celiac disease. Celiac disease deprives the body of nutrients getting absorbed and can lead to other serious problems & diseases.

Jan 24, 2013


PROMPT: Black Magic
• Is there such a thing?
• Would I use it?
Black Magick -  Without having done any research to write my blog post on this prompt I feel that I would not use black magic. From what I have learned about magick over the past 2 years is that everything is made up of black and white. Positive & Negative. That is how there is a balance. And that magick is not black or white. It is just what it is. Magick. Bringing about change in one's life through intent. Black magick can be taken like anything else, just in the way you view it. Personally I do not view magick as white or black. It is both. I do not practice any magick against those who also practice magick. I do not believe in casting spells to change another person's free will. I do believe that there is an ancient black magick.  There is always ways to produce negativity. People do it everyday without even realizing it.

When you are saying negative things, thinking negative thoughts, negative things happen to you. It's simply the law of attraction. You don't need any special herbs, tools, or rituals to bring about black magick. Since I have not done any research on black magick. I am curious if it is all for curses, and negativity. Or if that is the myth. A lot of what the uneducated public thinks about witchcraft is false. And even though I have an open mind & had believed and been curious about my path for a long time before I started learning about it. I too had some misconceptions about witchcraft, paganism, wicca...

I'm looking forward to reading some of the other bloggers posts on this prompt. I'm not too knowledgeable on Black Magick. I believe that there are many forms of magick. Just as there are many forms of religion, many forms of happiness, many forms of negativity...

I do however spell magick with the 'k' to refer to it separately than stage magic. I also am rather curious why it is called black magick and referred to as evil doing when black is actually a color of protection...

sig tag by me ~ Graphics: © 2012 Hearts Enchanted

Jan 19, 2013

2013 items in 2013

Today I was cruising around on CharmingPixieFlora's youtube page. Havent been there in a number of months. I came across an interesting video she did concerning something she implimented into her life last year from a blog. Which I can't recall the name of. But she does list on the video comments. To throw out 2012 things to de-clutter their homes in the year 2012. And Flora is continuing it for her life this year as well. 

Well, you just wouldn't believe how much my home needs de-cluttered! Flora says this is roughly 5 to 6 items a day. BUT then important thing she mentions is that for this to be successful she is careful to not bring in unneeded items. Otherwise, what purpose is really being defeated? So she made herself the deal that in addition to her de-cluttering; if she brings something in. (like she buys something new, yard sale, etc...) then she has to throw something out. 

Very smart lady she is! *giggles* This sounds like just the plan to get my home, life, work & spirit organized and cleaned up!

But where shall I begin? hmmm... 

Flora also mentioned that if our homes are in disarray, that is how we feel on the inside. I truly couldn't agree more with her. Nobody understands why my house is such a chaotic wreck. hmmm Well thats because thats how I feel on the inside. All of the things that make me unhappy stay wrapped up on the inside of me. And I go on the computer, read, make candles, to avoid and shut out the physical world around me. Flora mentioned something that really touched on my heart though. 

She said if we walk into a room and all we see is all this chaotic mess. We could miss the pretty vase of perfect flowers. Or the kittens all cuddled up together looking so cute. And wow! How simple and how pure is that! oh yes. She was referring to a quote Albert Einstein? Confucius? -- someone once said (paraphrasing, don't quote me) Make your life as simple as possible w/out making it simplier. So by keeping out the clutter, chaos & disarray. We make room for the simple pleasures in life. The flowers, the plant, the animals,...

Who wants to join me clearing out the clutter in the life?!!
Lets do this together!

graphics by Hearts Enchanted

Jan 18, 2013

Help me to Understand...

Dear Isis, Mother Moon, Mother Goddess, Great Spirit, Perfect Universe; help me to understand why it feels like I have nothing that is my own. Love my cats- Isis & Thor. But it feels like they break and destroy all my things. My husband doesn't respect anything that is mine. Just flips his covers off in the morning clear across the bed so that they hit me in the back of the head! Just one more way of saying i'm invisible if you ask me.

That's how I was feeling earlier today. I came home from work & went into my bedroom, in front of my altar & meditated. I did feel calmer afterwards ;)
Thank goodness! Colored my hair, and now relaxing... Feeling much better than I was earlier today.

Some of my aggravation today probably came from my test results. I had a gastro test done last week. I was given radioactive eggs to eat, a photo was taken every 30 minutes of my stomach for 2 hours. And the test came back with normal results. Goddess only knows how much that test cost & didn't show anything! Why am I not surprised. The tests always come back normal, showing nothing. But that is not at all how I feel... What a waste of time, money, energy & effort. Whatever... :/

Universal Law of Attraction

I feel like I just can't express enough how blessed and lucky I am feeling these days. Each day is better than the one before. The magick of gratitude is definately present & working in my life. I truly understand the universal law of attraction / like attracts like. After all, that was pretty much the very first lesson in Witch-School. The law of the Universe is that like attracts like. Whether that me positive or negative. Do, act, think, speak, write, positive & more positive energy will return to you. You get back, what you put out into the universe.

Have you ever been down in a situation? Maybe your kids are out of control, your significant other is away all the time, and not enough money to pay your rent, and it just seems to snowball. You wish & wish your situation to be different. Your depressed. Your angry. Your complaining. All these are negative acts. Wishing for things is not being thankful or grateful for what you already do have.  So it is indeed snowballing out of control. Without knowing it you are inviting more and more negativity to you.
BUT the good news is that YOU can change it. You have the power to manifest positive energy. Positive changes in your own life are all under control by what you do.

Be thankful for everything in your life. Your car breaks down - by thankful for someone kind giving you a ride. Be thankful you can get your car repaired. Do you get to go to your kitchen sink and get a drink of water & is the water clear, clean & does not make you sick to drink & cook with it? That is certainly not a luxury that every one has. Be thankful! Do you have electricity to cook with? Stay warm? Stay cool? That is another thing to be thankful for. 

Once you start finding these positive things to be thankful for, it will become easier for you to find the positive things in your life. You will be happier, you will find life more enjoyable. More of the same (positive happy things) will start appearing in your life!

Just in this week alone, someone contacted me to become a passion parties consultant. A friend wants to book a passion party w/ me. And the facility administrator at the retirement center I had to leave after 6 years was finally fired by the state of Wyoming. Which means that a lot of us that were railroaded into leaving our jobs at the retirement center can re-apply to go back. We didn't want to leave in the first place. A person can only be harassed and tormented at work for so long...

I feel so blessed & lucky to be beginning to move my business forward. I have been getting organized at home w/ my business supplies, schedules, spirituality, mentally. Considering what I really want out of my life, my business... I know that I do not want to be working for someone else. I want to be an executive director and I want to be in the million dollar club. 


Pagan Blog Project 2013 - Letter B for Blessings/Blessed

This week's blog prompt from the Pagan Blog Project 2013 is the letter B. We will again be going through the alphabet one week at a time. 

I have chosen 'Blessings' for my 'B' word. I indeed feel so awesomely blessed. I have been reading 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne as most of you know. I practice the list of 10 grateful things in my life. Each morning I write a list of 10 things I am thankful for in my life. And I must say, just as Rhonda promised-my life is changing. I am manifesting blessings in my 
life by being positive. Like attracts like as we all know. And by finding all those things to be thankful for, instead of wishing for things I do not yet have. Wonderful things are happening. Just in this past week alone a wonderful gal found me on my magick facebook profile. (http://facebook.com/wiccanmoonmagick) I don't use that profile as much as I used to. My other profile is for my passion parties business & I have a lot going on in there and space off the other profile lol I just happen to be checking it & there was a note from a woman interested in Passion Parties! Then today, a friend sent me a msg on facebook wanting to book a party!

The dictionary defines blessed as:


[bles-id; especially for 3, 7 blest] Show IPA
consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified: the Blessed Sacrament.
worthy of adoration, reverence, or worship: the Blessed Trinity.
divinely or supremely favored; fortunate: to be blessed with a strong, healthy body; blessed with an ability to find friends.
blissfully happy or contented.
Roman Catholic Church , beatified
I feel very fortunate to live the life I love. I am improving it everyday through the power of positive thought. Which is exactly what magick is I think. Magick is to manifest positive change through positive action. 
I am spectacular! I feel spectacular! 
Blessed Be my witchy sisters & brothers.
I am thankful you are in my life, on our planet at this time with me.
Suggested Reads:
The Magic by Rhonda Byrne - my daughter picked it up at kmart last year for $10.00 It's also at Amazon.
Amazing e-books by: Leonie Dawson, Rowan Pendragon
I have picked up both of these e-books. They are transforming! Luv these ladies!!


Jan 15, 2013

Green Witch with Sprinkles: Happy 2nd Blogaversary and a Giveaway

I have found some wonderful blogs the last couple of days. They renew my spirit & make me so happy. I am blessed to have been led to them. Here is another one. The other one I found just last night is linked in my sidebar - I've joined a project called Witchy Enough

Green Witch with Sprinkles: Happy 2nd Blogaversary and a Giveaway:   I am so excited to return to blogging full time, and to share with you, albeit a bit late, my 2nd Blog a versary! Yay! I want to ...

Jan 14, 2013


Posted: 10 Jan 2013 09:00 AM PST
Let's see 'em!

Show us your altar, or at least describe it for us.

What items are always on it?
How often do you change it up?
Where do you keep it?

If you don't keep an altar, tell us why.


yes! I luv setting up my altar & changing it around to suit the seasons, sabbats...
I usually change it at a sabbat. Right now it is still set up from Yule. I will be changing it soon for Imbolc. Which I'm very excited about. I'm going to be making my own Imblc candles!

My altar is a simple night stand table that I already had. It is a table top, then it has a bookshelf middle and a drawer down below. I luv it. I change out my altar cloth sometimes. Not very often though. It usually is dressed with a black altar cloth with a pentacle in the center. It sit in the east corner of my bedroom, beside my bed. But I feel like its in the wrong area. I don't have enough room to cast a circle anymore. I have a different bed that I did before. And the bed is larger, and in a different direction. It feels like its all positioned incorrectly... *sigh*

There are no windows near my altar now. So it is facing a wall, no room for casting a circle. I do my best in my scrunched space *lol*

I luv taking photos of my altar and magickal tools. I do not have a lot of fancy tools. My altars and rituals are usually pretty simple. 

Yule Ritual Altar 2012

Samhain Ritual 2011

Mabon / Autumn 2011

Beltaine 2011
*very 1st sabbat*

Summer Solstice 2011

This is how my altar looked during the summer of

Another simple altar look during the summer of 2011

Walking into the light...

Please do not share this on facebook
Moving forward, change, transformation, walking into the light out of the darkness. They all sound like tremendously wonderful things. I know change is coming. And I know change must take place. It has been coming and coming and coming. I avoid it. Because it is so scary. I know it must be. I know it must be done & that it will happen. And that it even is the best thing for me. But still, knowing that does not make it easy.

This huge change is in my life. It is a very  big change.  Sometimes I look forward to it. I have felt it for at least 2 to 3 years. I know it in my soul.

At first I battled with it so terribly. That divorce  is so terrible and so sinful. It tore me up inside so badly. But now after a couple of years of looking at, of really seeing what my marriage is like. And that I do not like it. This is not the life that I want. This is not the way that I want to feel. And if something doesn't feel right. How can  changing it be wrong. I am so thankful that I have found serenity in an old religion. That I have learned so much in the last 2 years about religion and spirituality.

It can not possibly be right to stay in a love-less, sex-less, uncaring relationship. How can that be right? How can it be right or healthy to stay in a situation just because it is written so. That no matter what woman must stay with her husband or suffer some sort of eternal damnation. ha! I am so glad to be free of that thinking.

I am done coming last. Not being thought of, thought about, considered.
For the first time in my life I know what I want. I want to live by myself, in peace, quiet, tranquility, harmony, positive energy. To keep living as I do now. As I have lived, is to be kept a prisoner down in a dark cold lonely dungeon. All alone. No one to hear me. No one to see me. No one to understand what I feel, to feel as I do.
I just have to break free for myself. I know so many people will not understand. I know my husband will not understand, and will think I'm a terribly self centered thoughtless person. And will think that I have been using him. But that's okay. He can think those things. He is entitled to his feelings. Just as I am entitled to mine, and to be happy and to live my life for myself...

Blessed Be ~ Bright Blessings )O(


Jan 9, 2013

Aphrodites Infusion Chunky Votive Heart Candle Set

In honor of upcoming valentine's day, spring, Imbolc,... I am offering a magickal set of Aphrodite's Infusion hand poured candles. Infused with victorian roses, fresh cut roses, and white shoulders type candle scents. Adorned with ambrosia sugar resin, red ribbed ribbon. One with a rose charm and the other with a dragonfly charm.
1 hour burn time for each candle.

$12.00 for the set plus 9.95 for shipping
justjulie@bresnan.net (paypal address for payment)
Then please email me at mymoonmagick@gmail.com or justjulie@bresnan.net to let me know you've sent payment. Don't forget your address so I can send these out to you right away.

(view of the top candle chunks, ambrosia sugar resin)

(close up of the charms)

Jan 6, 2013


I did some candle making last night for the 1st time in many many months. I've just been so depressed for such a long time. I felt like that was a little lighter yesterday. I want my life to be different, and the only way that is going to happen is by making it happen myself. I also created an herb blend to add into candles I pour with the properties of good luck, money, protection, purification, and love, and health. These candles that I will create could be used for a plethora of ritual workings, or aromatherapy.
Aphrodite's Infusion
Aphrodite's Infusion. Redish-purple colored votive candle with pink chunks
Entangled with swirls roses & white shoulder's type perfume candle scent.
Sprinkled with silver and pink glitter, topped with divine Ambrosia sugared resin.
Softly setting the mood.
1 hour burning time

closer look to see the sparkles, and Ambrosia sugared resin

 I am often so excited to share my creations that I don't always wait until I have them fully dressed to show them off *lol* I will post my pictures after they are all dressed & ready for purchasing. There is a set of 2 of these lovely votive candles. They are 12.00 per set plus shipping costs.

I also made 3 sets of hearts in the same color and sent.
The 1st batch, the wax was still to warm for pouring in the small of a mold. My next 2 came out much much better. SO pretty! Some with silver glitter, some with pink, and others with dark purple.

Dragon's Breath Blend

My powerful blend of dragon's blood, white copal, rosemary,
frankincense and patchouli
The scent turned out divine!! I luv it!! Earthy, hot w/ a whisper of sweet. 

Crafted on a Saturday under the waning crescent moon. Saturday  is ideal for working with protection & shielding. Saturdays planet is Saturn, colors: magenta & deep wine red.
Waning Moon - banishing, dispelling negativity, getting rid of bad habits, illness, any negative energies.

The Herbs used in my herb blend:
Dragon's Blood: element-fire. powers- protection, love, potency, exorcism
Copal (white): element-fire. powers-love,purification
Frankincense: element-fire. powers- protection, spirituality, exorcism
Patchouli: element-earth. powers- money, fertility, lust

Jan 5, 2013


Arianrhod -Pagan Blog Project Prompt. Week 1 January 4-11 2013

Arianrhod - welsh Goddess. Goddess of the silver wheel (the full moon), keeper of time, karma, and afterlife, rebirth. She is believed to ferry souls to the moonland. She rules over the moon, the sea, and the stars. She is believed to take the shape of an owl. She is known for the Goddess of beauty and fertility. Arianrhod represents spining tools such as the weaving loom. Spiders are also sometimes associated with Arianrhod, as she is a weaver, like the spider. She is the weaver of time. The turning of the wheel of the year. She represents the sky, The Stars of the Corona Borealis.

Pantheon: Celtic/Welsh

Planet: Moon

Colors: blue, purple, white, silver and gray

Herbs/Incense: Birch

Candle Colors: green and white

Animals: Owl and wolf

Elements: air & water


Sabbat: Yule

Plant: Ivy

I feel drawn to Arianrhod. She is the first goddess I learned about when I embraced my magickal path. Which started almost 2 years ago. I've always felt a strong connection to the moon. I feel a sadness when I cannot find it in the sky. The owl is sacred to Arianrhod. Owls keep making their way into my life for some reason. My grand kids give them to me as gifts, they find their way to me as statues from yard sales. Same with the wolf. I feel a great love and respect for the wolf. I feel very drawn to these animals. As well I do other animals as well. I even had a dream about a dragonfly just last night.

I think maybe the Goddess Arianrhod represents to me change, transformation, reincarnation in my own life. By reading about her I learn that these things are alright. I used to fear death. I thought it was an ending. But I think it is just a change is all. And change is good.

Jan 4, 2013

WaningMoon and Magickal Eating

Waning moon banish gloom
waning moon banish gloom
waning moon banish gloom

I have a lot of magick going on in my path. I have purchased Leonie Dawson's 2013 goddess e-workbook, as well as Rowan Pendragon's Wild Soul witches Magickal
e-datebook. I have chosen my powerful word for the year. I will keep that to myself though. As I feel it takes the power away to reveal certain things publicly. I am on a 21 day sugar detox. And have also been very sick the past few months. I don't know what is going on in my stomach. But I feel that some of it is due to my diet which has always been high in sugar & gluten. So I'm working on that as well. Which also ties in with the 21 day sugar detox. I don't have money to purchase any books right now. So, I'm referring to a free PDF from Wellness by Rose  And also reading in my Wicca in the Kitchen by Scott Cunningham. A much treasured read!

This year is dedicated to getting healthy. Breakfast is a part of that healthier me. I don't seem to have any stomach problems with eggs. And eggs are on the ok sugar detox list! YAY!! I also went another step and added sage (culinary or common sage) to my eggs. The next time I fix them I think I will also implement burning a green candle for health. I recall reading that in one of Scott's diets.

Today is off to a spectacular start!

It's Friday. I have the weekend off. I ate a healthy, natural & life sustaining breakfast. I shaved my legs with soft and silky shave cream by Passion Parties. And put on some glitter powder & feeling all sexy and divalicious! Did my hair all cute today. I am on day 6 of my 10 gratitude blessings list. I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it! This is the longest I've kept up on my gratitude practices. I do my magical rock practice each night before bed also. I've written out a schedule for my business & a yearly goals list for my passion parties by Julie also. YAY! I'm on track!! I was able to purchase 3 new purple vinyl folders and 100 clear page sleeves to put together more party catalogs. And/or hostess packets.

Jan 1, 2013

The Magic

I'd like to share with everyone a new addition to my life. A book called 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne. Also author of The Secret. Another way of having the magical life you want. Full of abundance, contentment, happiess. Through the magic of gratitude; the universal law of attraction. Since the universe understands like attracts like. When you are thankful for all in your life, and show gratitude for all we have. We invite more of the same into our life. So if we increase & draw to ourselves more of what we put out, why wouldn't I want to make it positive rather than negative.

Of course I already know all of this - being a witch anyway. I already live a magical life everyday, and incorporate magick into my business. (When I say 'my business/business' i'm referring to my Passion Parties home parties business)

I am loving this book! So much that I want to connect with others who are reading these books and practicing an attitude of gratitude.
The Magical Secret (my facebook group) - NOT an official group by the author Rhonda Byrne. To find out more about The Magic & The Secret & the gifts Rhonda Byrne offers ----> Visit The Secret.tv

The 1st practice to follow is each morning to write in an online journal/blog, local journal on your computer or a paper journal - listing 10 things you are thankful for in your life. The 2nd practice I have started each night to follow is to pick a magical rock. I have various stones, and crystals. I chose a polished amethyst of moderate size that I hold in my right hand. As instructed in The Magic, each night before bed I hold my magical rock in my hand and focus on everything that happened through my day. Finding the one that brought me the most happiness. I say thank you to the universe for that one thing.

I am now beginning in & ending my day in gratitude. Once I started doing this (and its only been 3 days) it is becoming easier to find things to be thankful for throughout the day.


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