Jan 14, 2013


Posted: 10 Jan 2013 09:00 AM PST
Let's see 'em!

Show us your altar, or at least describe it for us.

What items are always on it?
How often do you change it up?
Where do you keep it?

If you don't keep an altar, tell us why.


yes! I luv setting up my altar & changing it around to suit the seasons, sabbats...
I usually change it at a sabbat. Right now it is still set up from Yule. I will be changing it soon for Imbolc. Which I'm very excited about. I'm going to be making my own Imblc candles!

My altar is a simple night stand table that I already had. It is a table top, then it has a bookshelf middle and a drawer down below. I luv it. I change out my altar cloth sometimes. Not very often though. It usually is dressed with a black altar cloth with a pentacle in the center. It sit in the east corner of my bedroom, beside my bed. But I feel like its in the wrong area. I don't have enough room to cast a circle anymore. I have a different bed that I did before. And the bed is larger, and in a different direction. It feels like its all positioned incorrectly... *sigh*

There are no windows near my altar now. So it is facing a wall, no room for casting a circle. I do my best in my scrunched space *lol*

I luv taking photos of my altar and magickal tools. I do not have a lot of fancy tools. My altars and rituals are usually pretty simple. 

Yule Ritual Altar 2012

Samhain Ritual 2011

Mabon / Autumn 2011

Beltaine 2011
*very 1st sabbat*

Summer Solstice 2011

This is how my altar looked during the summer of

Another simple altar look during the summer of 2011


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