Jan 25, 2013


It feels as though I am floating in a vast river of illness. I can see that there is land in sight. But I can not reach manage to reach it.

Hopeful to be getting closer to the land though. I will starve & die if I can not get to land to sustain my body nutrients to survive.

I have been sick to my stomach since last September. Of course I am always thinking I know what is wrong with my own body & can just take care of it myself. I reduced it down to my ulcer. My side was starting to burn where I know I have a small ulcer. I had been drinking a lot of cappoccinos and espressos. Stopping those didn't help. It wasn't too long before I was vomiting all the time. Through that episode went bye-bye to my orange sunkist soda. So, I haven't had pop in 3 months. No coffee products for 4 or 5 months. Still the nausea persists though. I'm no longer vomiting every day. I have cut way back on gluten items. (cheesy bread sticks, pizza sticks, toast, pasta,) still having the occasional pizza and hamburgers though.

I'm seeing a gastro-intestinal specialist in Billings, Montana. I am also still seeing my own local doctor. I just recently went back in @ my wits end with being sick & tired constantly. Told him of all of my symptoms. And he immediately wanted me tested for Celiac disease. wow! So that test should be back in a week. And will have a better idea of what we are and are not dealing with. And my doctor doesn't want me eating anything with wheat in it for 4 weeks.

I have to get my endoscopy appointment set up at the Billings Clinic... *ugh*!!

I have been reading up on celiac disease the past couple of days. Not anything to mess around with. Very serious situation if I do not go gluten free 100% and I do have celiac disease. Celiac disease deprives the body of nutrients getting absorbed and can lead to other serious problems & diseases.


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