Jan 6, 2013


I did some candle making last night for the 1st time in many many months. I've just been so depressed for such a long time. I felt like that was a little lighter yesterday. I want my life to be different, and the only way that is going to happen is by making it happen myself. I also created an herb blend to add into candles I pour with the properties of good luck, money, protection, purification, and love, and health. These candles that I will create could be used for a plethora of ritual workings, or aromatherapy.
Aphrodite's Infusion
Aphrodite's Infusion. Redish-purple colored votive candle with pink chunks
Entangled with swirls roses & white shoulder's type perfume candle scent.
Sprinkled with silver and pink glitter, topped with divine Ambrosia sugared resin.
Softly setting the mood.
1 hour burning time

closer look to see the sparkles, and Ambrosia sugared resin

 I am often so excited to share my creations that I don't always wait until I have them fully dressed to show them off *lol* I will post my pictures after they are all dressed & ready for purchasing. There is a set of 2 of these lovely votive candles. They are 12.00 per set plus shipping costs.

I also made 3 sets of hearts in the same color and sent.
The 1st batch, the wax was still to warm for pouring in the small of a mold. My next 2 came out much much better. SO pretty! Some with silver glitter, some with pink, and others with dark purple.

Dragon's Breath Blend

My powerful blend of dragon's blood, white copal, rosemary,
frankincense and patchouli
The scent turned out divine!! I luv it!! Earthy, hot w/ a whisper of sweet. 

Crafted on a Saturday under the waning crescent moon. Saturday  is ideal for working with protection & shielding. Saturdays planet is Saturn, colors: magenta & deep wine red.
Waning Moon - banishing, dispelling negativity, getting rid of bad habits, illness, any negative energies.

The Herbs used in my herb blend:
Dragon's Blood: element-fire. powers- protection, love, potency, exorcism
Copal (white): element-fire. powers-love,purification
Frankincense: element-fire. powers- protection, spirituality, exorcism
Patchouli: element-earth. powers- money, fertility, lust


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