Jan 1, 2013

The Magic

I'd like to share with everyone a new addition to my life. A book called 'The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne. Also author of The Secret. Another way of having the magical life you want. Full of abundance, contentment, happiess. Through the magic of gratitude; the universal law of attraction. Since the universe understands like attracts like. When you are thankful for all in your life, and show gratitude for all we have. We invite more of the same into our life. So if we increase & draw to ourselves more of what we put out, why wouldn't I want to make it positive rather than negative.

Of course I already know all of this - being a witch anyway. I already live a magical life everyday, and incorporate magick into my business. (When I say 'my business/business' i'm referring to my Passion Parties home parties business)

I am loving this book! So much that I want to connect with others who are reading these books and practicing an attitude of gratitude.
The Magical Secret (my facebook group) - NOT an official group by the author Rhonda Byrne. To find out more about The Magic & The Secret & the gifts Rhonda Byrne offers ----> Visit The Secret.tv

The 1st practice to follow is each morning to write in an online journal/blog, local journal on your computer or a paper journal - listing 10 things you are thankful for in your life. The 2nd practice I have started each night to follow is to pick a magical rock. I have various stones, and crystals. I chose a polished amethyst of moderate size that I hold in my right hand. As instructed in The Magic, each night before bed I hold my magical rock in my hand and focus on everything that happened through my day. Finding the one that brought me the most happiness. I say thank you to the universe for that one thing.

I am now beginning in & ending my day in gratitude. Once I started doing this (and its only been 3 days) it is becoming easier to find things to be thankful for throughout the day.



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