Apr 13, 2014


What a wonderful life it is! Thank YOU Universe! Thank you Universe! Thank you Universe! Just this past week or so has been great. Burning incense, receiving new magickal books, creating candles, creating incense, keeping up on house cleaning, organizing, spending time with family, journaling, daily prosperity exercise, making progress with my Passion Parties business. 

I am open to success and abundance that I deserve! Powerful intention! I have been watching my prosperity jar grow. I have been working on my business growing as well.

My Prosperity Space for The 30 day Prosperity Exercise
with Jasmeine Wiccan Moonsong 

I've been so creative lately. Yesterday I learned that we (our planet) are coming up on a Cosmic Cross. And that those of us who are empaths, extra sensitive, are going to feel it strongly. Maybe its why I felt so strongly compelled to get back into Witch-School again, re-stock herbs and oils I've been out of, order more books I've not added to my collection yet, be more of a practicing everyday kind of witch.

For my daughter's birthday I did not buy her one single gift. Believe me, its not as awful as it sounds. I merely crafted everything myself. I felt SO good about that yesterday! I made her a red/pink gardenia and warm vanilla sugar candle!

My daughter's handmade birthday gifts. April 12, 2014
1. Gardenia, warm vanilla sugar pink candle
2. Dragon Heart Incense Kit: Dragon Heart natural loose incense (in bottle, tagged, moon charm)
1 pkg of 10 self igniting charcoal discs and 1 cinnamon stick for stirring.
1 small cauldron with lava rocks
1 hand written label including magickal/energy properties of ingredients and
list of ingredients used in Dragon Heart Incense

I also made myself a little something...

My first ever lavender candle.
Dragon Heart Incense added to candle wax.
Ambrosia Sugared Resins added to top of my candle. She just needs a little charm!

Apr 6, 2014

Prosperity Exercise-Day7

Ace of Wands!

Today's Prosperity Exercise, another fabulous tarot card! 

I am loving this prosperity exercise. I have not missed a single day yet.  I always manage to find a dollar in change around the house to add to my prosperity jar. The cards that I'm drawing out seem to be so customized to me and what is going on with me. Amazing! 

The Ace of Wands represents power, new beginnings, ambition, enthusiasm, passion and growth. It is the most potent and purest form of the masculine element of fire. This card shows a creative force that can not be contained. Revealing the creative and career path that I am on...

I feel like I have taken my life, my path back into my own hands. I am in control of my path! I have started back at Seasons in Avalon School of Witch Arts. Ordered new books to read, my rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil is on its way to me! I feel happy with my magickal path. I've gone back to Pagan Space too. If your a member of this free community or would like to join, look me up - WiccanMoon.
 I include magick in my life everyday and every way I possibly can. It's only a matter of time before my Passion Parties business takes flight and I will not have to be working in a nursing home anymore & can be my own boss!

Apr 2, 2014


No Fear and Fearless are my new power words. I was so excited to get home today to find $1.00 in change around my house, and put it into my prosperity jar!!  Today's tarot card drawn is Knight of Swords.

Knight of Swords - Witches Tarot - Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans

I thought about looking at my prosperity space all day long at work! I shared my new prosperity exercise with a couple of co-workers. I love sharing things that I'm so passionate about.

The Knight of Swords was another amazing card for me. Each card I draw seems to fit my life so perfectly. It's amazing and thrilling. Today I will quote much more from Ellen Dugan's Witches Tarot Companion. I do not have anything having to do with tarot memorized, haven't learned about what all tarot is, or how it works...
So, the quotes on the tarot cards are just that - quotes. They are never my own words.

"The knight' cloak and his horse's bridle are both trimmed in yellow and detailed with a heraldic hawk design.  Which symbolize eagerness and the thrill of the chase.  The colors and heraldry clearly illustrate the knight's link to the element of air.  The Knight of Swords is all about valor, momentum, shrewdness, bravery and service. The element of air pushes along the perception of speed; the knight's strength and forward motion are evident.  He is a fearless individual, and his ideals and beliefs propel him forward.  He stands up for what he believes in.  This knight illustrates very best qualities of the suit of swords: balance, energy, intillegence and drive coupled with responsibility.
If we had to sum up this card in two words, they would be - no fear. When this card comes roaring into a reading, expect excitement, movement and adventure.  There is a need for action, and it is time for you to dive in and be the hero.  ... "


Apr 1, 2014


The World - Tarot Card - The Witches Tarot Deck/Ellen Dugan

Last night I added a new part to my Prosperity space. I decided to draw a new tarot card each day & leave it sitting by my prosperity jar. Last nights card was the Seven of Pentacles. An excellent card! Today - The World. Two excellent cards to start off my prosperity exercise.

'Spiritual lessons have been mastered. There is a sense of freedom & harmony to be enjoyed.  Newly acquired knowledge, strength, and spiritual understanding will now be put to good use.'

Today I also have so far gotten to put a check mark by 3 of my 4 tasks on my to-do list. Plus I did some crafty fun as well. I glittered a vase with purple flowers and sunflowers in it, & added a few sparkles to the flowers as well. I just couldnt resist! *lol*

My Passion Parties business desk...

close up of my newly glittered vase. Ombre' styled green, lavender, silver, purple, silver

As I was cleaning around the house today I kept noticing something odd. I'm finding change here, there, and everywhere! *lol* Everytime I see some silver coins, I think - oh! money for my prosperity jar!!

If you have ever considered joining Wiccan Moonsong's Daily Magick but not sure about it. I will tell you it is well worth it! Just got my 1st e-mail from her today. And WOW! Great information and help in just one email. Her love and devotion just pour right through.
I am so much happier & content with magick in my daily life! Blessed Be )O(

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