Jun 30, 2014


She appeared out of the starry mist. 
Yellow flowers in her hair. 
A wisdom swarmed within her stare.
The most breathtaking shades of yellow, gold, pink and red.
But I can still feel her dread.
Had those velvet lips ever felt the warmth of a kiss...

** graphic credit: Satellite Ghost at Deviant Art **

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This weeks challenge - warm color writing

Jun 29, 2014


Gratitude is this week's blog prompt. I am going to start off with the challenge though. This weeks challenge is Warm Colors-Art. I chose to work with a photo of myself. Taken after Passion Parties Convention 2014 was over with. My hair had been curled the night before... I was through being glamorous and just snapped a normal selfie. Then I changed it to a warmer color. Well darker at least. It felt warm to me. I'm not sure if 'warm' means blue or any warm type of color. And for all I know in the graphics world I may have actually turned it cooler. *lol* I'm not an official artist or art student.... But I do like the outcome of this photo.

Gratitude... I am grateful to Manda first of all for the opportunity to really think more in depth about gratitude today. I am grateful for all of my plants, herbs and flowers that are still alive and thriving. I planted sunflowers, rosemary, echinaea, viola, cilantro, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, marigolds, forget-me-nots, moon flowers, lavender, candy tuft, moss roses and sage. I am grateful that I have a job to pay my bills. Although it is no longer my dream job, as my dreams have changed. I am still grateful to have it. I am very grateful for my Passion Parties business. I get the unique opportunity to give women a gift. The gift can have many names, many meanings for many different reasons. It could be the gift of feeling sexy, free, or empowered as a woman. It could be the gift of improving or changing a relationship. Creating a new relationship, reviving an old one...

I am also grateful to be an Independent Passion Parties Consultant because this wonderful company, this wonderful opportunity has given birth to growth. Personal strides in growth for myself. I do not think that I would have ever gotten on an airplane and flown someplace I've never been to before - and by myself! I do not think that I would have ever driven to a big city and found someone's house which I had never been to before. 

I am grateful for magick, wicca, and the power of the Universe. If I had not had the courage to finally open that door I would not have found all the personal power that I have today. I feel like I have a much higher self asteem because of magick and Passion Parties. And all that I've learned over the past 3 years.

Thank you Universe! Thank you Universe! Thank you Universe! And thank you to my God and Goddess who help me along my path... )O(

But these are not the only things that I am thankful for. To list all the things in this life that I am grateful for would be completely impossible. I have the most amazing family. I am not great at showing my love and gratitude. I forget to call on anniversaries. I don't get gifts mailed off in time. But I am grateful that I have the kind of family that those things don't really matter. We know how much we love one another...
Without the family I have, and was raised in. I do not think I could have love and gratitude for all of the other things...

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 Hearts Enchanted

Jun 28, 2014


(near) Forks, Washington
The Hoh Rain Forest

Today I joined The Divine Secrets of the Blah Blah Bloggerhood! I already love the first prompt and challenge. This weeks prompt is 'places I've been'. - or want to go... The above photo is taken by my daughter when she and her family went on the Forks Twilight Tour in Forks, Washington. It is a dream of mine to go there too. It is so beautiful. So peaceful looking and oh so serene. Just my kind of place!

For anyone who does not already know I am a 'one of those Twilight people'. I had even thought it would be wonderful to move to Forks. I already know how magickal and wonderful Washington is. As I used to live in the Ellensburg area for 12 years. That is where my two kids were raised. And where they call home.

The water in Washington is very very blue and absolutely breathtaking.

I now live in Wyoming, in a small town called Greybull. Population 1800. It is very scenic and beautiful here too with majestic mountains, waterfalls and no shortage of awesome huge stones.
Shell Falls, Wyoming

Big Horn Mountains - between Cody and Greybull Wyoming
I am originally from Des Moines Iowa. I was born and raised there. I moved to Bakersfield California and lived there for 4 years. My parents and my sister and her family still live there. I lived in Ellensburg and Kittitas Washington for 12 years, and have been in Greybull Wyoming for about 13 years now.

signature tag colored by me
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Jun 24, 2014


  Bringing my passion dreams and success to light... - So mote it be. Blessed Be
Thank you for this fun & inspiring blogging Emberlyn Rayne

Jun 22, 2014


Today I was faced with a big decision. I have a Passion Party tomorrow night that is out of town. Out of state actually! I live 2 hours away from Billings Montana in Greybull, Wyoming. This was originally a very very exciting and happy thing to have happen to me. But through the couple of weeks since this party was booked with me. My husband and I are not doing so well. He makes a habit of coming home drunk, saying mean things to me. Then pretends like it never happened. Well the latest is that my gasoline card is being cut off that I use to go back and forth and I'm suppose to just 'figure it out'. So here lies the dilemma. I have $200.00 in my checking account. Do I go do this party, use most of my gasoline money (that is suppose to get me back and forth to work - I live an hour away from work). Take the chance of not having money to get to work and back home the next day?.. What if there are no sales at all.

But today after thinking all week long, do I go do this party or not. Will I get any money out of it? How will I go back and forth to work?.. I suddenly realized. Just maybe this party is what I need. Maybe the God & Goddess are giving me exactly what I need. So after trying to talk myself out of it all week long. I am happy that I am going to go do this party for my friend and do a good job.

If there are not any sales, then there are just not any sales. It's that simple. But on the other hand, by me going and doing a Passion Party I will get out of town for a while, which will feel good. I get out side my comfort zone. So I also get personal growth. I get my name/business out there more. I get to make some ladies laugh, have fun. Maybe I even get to make a new friend of two. I am making new connections. I get to make the decision to not take the easy way out. Taking the easy way out would actually only make me feel worse.

Of course I'm scared and nervous to find someone's house I've never been to in a huge city. But we do have Google Maps in this day and age *giggles* AND I AM A WITCH! I am powerful! I am strong! I got this!!

I believe the Goddess has aligned this opportunity for me for a reason. This party will be with women who are in beauty and nail tech school. Oddly enough thats what I'm wanting to learn too. I've wanted to be a cosmetologist since I was a little girl. I want to get out of nursing so very very desperately (i'm a C.N.A.) and would love to go to school for nail tech and have a hugely successful Passion Parties business!!

#witch #pagan #nature #brave #passion

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