Sep 23, 2013


                 My 2013 Mabon Altar
A witches hat worry stone represents the Goddess area of my altar. Three stones in the center to represent the autumn equinox- garnet(red/purple), carnelian (orange/red), and a moonstone. My incense cauldron burns guilded pear autumn incense & myrrh resin, representing the God altar area. The main area is decorated with the Mabon candle from with all the wonderful scents of the autumn season! A few seasonal fruits & vegetables to give thanks to the Lord & Lady for the gifts of this bountiful season - pomegranate, squashes, & an avacado. Along with silk flowers of purple & yellow, dried pumpkin seeds & cloves. 

Wish there were such a thing as smell-o-vision!

I did some small things today to help celebrate this sabbat, but they felt great big in my heart.

Before I had to go to work, I did a mini-ritual where I made a blessing leaf for the 1st time. I thought about what I wanted for the day, how I wanted to feel. And wrote it (one word) on a bay leaf, then burned it. My word of the day was peace. Guess what kind of day I had at the nursing home? Yes!! Yes I did.
Then at work all day I kept wishing the residents a 'happy 1st day of fall'
Afterall, I cant very well go around saying Mabon blessings to everyone in a small western town predominately jehovahs witness & morman lol!

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