Apr 29, 2013


 Pagan Blog Project-Beltane Prompt

With Beltane less than a week away, I thought it was only appropriate to have our prompt be about it.  How do you celebrate?  Is it a personal celebration, or do you go to a public gathering?  What does it mean to you, personally?
Beltane holds a dear place in my heart and soul. It is my favorite sabbat. I am so thrilled that I get to celebrate it this year. I was working a different shift & so exhausted last year. My work shift just changed ( for at least a month ). And I will be able to go have my special day at Red Gulch Dinasour Tracksite & my sabbat ritual. SO excited!!

Beltane has a lot of personal and spiritual meaning for me. I remember celebrating May Day as a child. So there is that connection to childhood. My grandma that I was very very close to passed away on may day. As I have probably mentioned more than once or twice in blog posts before *giggles* - Beltane is also very special to me because it is the very first sabbat I learned about & celebrated. I realized who and what I was March 27th 2011 & immediately started researching holidays. Beltane was SO close that I almost didn't get a maypole candle. But thanx to the wonderful quick work of White Magick Alchemy, I was able to have my very 1st sabbat candle & celebrate Beltane in style.

Beltane is a time of rebirth, & change. Which I feel a strong connection to. I personally have been going through a lot of changes in my life. Personal growth big time through this past year. Have overcome lots of personal obstacles & fears.

I have become more open with my religion. Even at work! *lol* I'm careful who I talk to about it though.

Apr 23, 2013


For week 18 of 2013 is the letter I.
Incense really stood out for me. I found out about natural loose incense two years ago when first learning about the craft. It didn't take long before I wanted to try creating my own. I've made an 'autumn forest' blend that I just love burning. They are not as difficult as you would think. A little of this. A bit of that... (we will lead into my recipe later)

First lets start with what you will be burning your incense in? A small cauldron is what I use for mine. A small die cast iron cauldron. Then I have red rock, and I set a self igniting charcoal disc (after lighting it from the bottom) on the red rock. You can also use sand instead of redrock. I bet colored sand would look very pretty!

All of these items can be purchased at witch shops, eclectic stores, e-bay, etsy...
You can get a lot more charcoal discs for your money at e-bay. I like to support witch shops. But when I'm low on money I go to e-bay and try to find the ones with no shipping. *lol*

Witch Shops/Eclectic Stores:
 Pagan Stuff Cheap
Under The New Moon
White Magick Alchemy
13 Moons
Isis Books
Sacred Mists

Now that we have something to burn our fabulous incense in. Let create it!
What kind of incense do we want to create? Shall we craft it under a full moon? The waxing moon? Do you want to create it as a part of your ritual or sabbat celebration? Or just in the middle of the afternoon on a whim? All up to you.

Star with what you know you love and experiment. I write down everything I craft in crafts and spells book. The pages will later be decorated and added to my big B.O.S. (Book of Shadows)

I love frankincense and myrrh. So I knew that I wanted frankincense & myrrh resin in my blend. I wanted a woodsy scent too. So I added a couple drops of pine and woodrose pure essential oils. With my mortar and pestle I grinded herbs such as rosemary, sage, cinnamon stick, dragonsblood. I put my frankincense and myrrh resin in there too. A wonderful woodsy aroma is what I ended up with.

Since I do not know ahead of time what I will end up with, if I will like it or not. I use just very small amounts of each item. Pure essential oils are very strong. So it usually does not take much. Start with 1 drop, and see if you like it. Add more if its not enough for you.  Crafting items is all about experimentation for me.  Your not going to come up with 'Witches Brew' the very first time you mix together some herbs and resins. *lol* But you just might come up with something that you do like a lot. And with practice you will learn more about the herbs and ingredients your using.

Always use clean tools. Clean your tools immediately after using them. Never use the same dropper for more than 1 essential oil. Keep the caps on your essential oils, as they are concentrated and will evaporate very very quickly. I always seal my herbs back up right away too.

What To Store Your New Incense In: I use medicine bottles that I have washed out very well, jars with lids, I have purchased small apothecary bottles for the oils I craft. I mostly use old medicine bottles and draw a pentacle on them so I know they are for magick only. And try to get the medical label off as much as possible.



Apr 15, 2013

H-is for herbs

Pagan Blog Project 2013 Letter H. Week 16 / April 12

     Herbs - This weeks project blog was really hard for me. Finding something that I know about, that starts with the letter "h". Long before I even started on my pagan path I always 'knew' that for all the western medicine we have for everything, there exists natural herb remedies. Nature provides everything for us to be able to live off the land naturally. I love learning about the healing properties of herbs. My favorite herbs to work with are lavender and rosemary. Both healing herbs. Rosemary was used in ancient times in both weddings and funerals. Rosemary is my favorite oil to wear as a perfume or cologne. Rosemary was used for good luck in wedding ceremonies, as well as to aid loved ones to a good journey in the other world. Wear a rosemary oil blend to ease joint pain, back aches. Burn a couple of drops in water in an essential oil diffuser to increase mental clarity, while studying. I also like to rub on my temples to improve memory daily. Of course meat & potatoes flavored with your home grown rosemary is just awesome!
Rosemary is also a gentle benevolent and binding herb. And therefore is used in many love spells and rituals. Plant rosemary by your front door to ward off evil & keep harmony in the family home. Add essential rosemary oil to your shampoo to increase hair growth!
     Magickal Properties of Rosemary: good luck, cleanses, rid negativity, protection, purification, improve memory, love, sleep. Is often substituted for frankincense. Rosemary can be used as a substitute for any other herb because of its range of magical powers.


Lavender: Lavender is a love herb. A common ingredient in love spells. Lavender brings peace, joy, and healing to the home. Added to your bath water at the end of the day to ease the stresses of the day, relaxation, ease anxiety and headaches. Place a sachet of lavender under your pillow at night to help aid sleep. Throw lavender into your Midsummer's bonfire as an offering to the Gods and Goddesses. The folk name for lavender is 'Elf Leaf'. Perhaps this is why it is associated with Beltane and Midsummer / Midsummer's Eve...

     Lavender also protects against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse if worn.The flowers are also burned or smouldered to induce sleep and rest, and are scattered about the home to maintain its peacefulness. The plant is so powerful that, if when depressed, one gazes upon the plant all sorrowwill depart and a joyous will settle upon the observer.The odour of Lavender is conducive to long life, and should be smelled as often as possible.Lavender is also used in healing mixtures, carried to see ghosts and worn to protect against the evil eye. It is added to purification baths.Despite Lavender's love associations, in the Renaissance it was believed that lavender together with rosemary, if worn, would preserve a woman's chastity.A wish divination: Place Lavender under your pillow while thinking of your wish. Do this just prior to retiring for the night. In the morning, if you have dreamt of anything relating to your wish, it will come true. However, if you did not dream, or if they were unconnected with your wish, it will not manifest.
Resource: Herbs Trees & Fungi

 In the beginning of writing this post I thought it would be very difficult. It was very difficult finding a subject that would interest me & that I had some knowledge of, beginning with the letter H. But it came easy to me to write about lavender and rosemary. They are my favorite herbs to work with. I have been in the craft for 2 years now. Actually, Beltane will mark 2 years. Lavender and Rosemary are the only oils I have made. I learned by experimentation that lavender oil is great for itchy bug bites and athletes foot! 

Join me in some blogging! 

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Apr 11, 2013


Pagan Blog Prompt: Coven v.s. Solitary Practice.

I am a solitary practitioner by circumstance. But I do not mind it being that way. Sometimes I wish I had a mentor. Someone to teach me the old ways of the craft. So I try to choose wise books and websites to learn from. But sometimes the best way to learn is by experience.  At this point I do not have any interest to be in a coven. I have no idea what would be expected of me. Structured studying? no thanks! As a solitary I can learn what I want, when I want, at the pace I want. I'm learning several things at one time. I'm fulfilling my dream of crafting my own candles, learning about herbs & oils, as well as Celtic & Egyptian Pantheons.

I started on my path 2 years ago. I started by searching about the Sabbats. Beltane was my very 1st Sabbat to celebrate, before I even knew anything at all about paganism, the craft, etc... I'd have to say the first and most important things I learned by an online school Witch-School. I had to drop it later on because of finances. But plan to resume. And over the last two years I feel that I have moved from a Wicca interest much more to a green witch. It is the green witch that I feel is more 'me'. A more ancient & natural path is the one that I am more drawn to. But I find it difficult to say to other people outside of the craft "I am a witch". So, if presented with that I would say I am pagan. Because after all, I am that too ;)

I have enjoyed my solitary practice. Creating my own altars, my own sacred space. Creating my own garden inside and outside of my home. I can have a ritual, dedication, anytime and anywhere I want. I do not have to wait to get together with a formal get together time. I live in a small town in Wyoming. Mormons to my left, Mormons across the street from me. *lol* I have no let it widely known of my spirituality. But I'm beginning to. I don't like having to keep it a secret. I'm so proud of who and what I am. It has been a long journey here. I've never been happier.

To wonder and be curious about something most of your life, then to FINALLY be a part of it. Well thats just a wonderful peaceful feeling. Like a huge weight lifted. To find out the things I dreamed of in my dreams is real! Its not a fantasy in my head.

Blessed Be

Apr 8, 2013


Yay!! First of my new books in more than a year.

Can hardly wait to receive my essential oils, herbs, witches brew incense!

Apr 5, 2013


Feeling compelled to write a bit about Beltane today. Beltane is my favorite of the sabbats to celebrate. But because of work I will not be at home to celebrate. Not too happy about that. I read somewhere online that Beltane actually runs from May 1-5th. I hope so. I hope by celebrating on a day other than the 1st will still be ok. I have the feeling it won't be the same though as celebrating on May 1st - May Day... Maybe I can hold ritual at midnight on the night before. ??

Beltane is very special to me. I've been on my pagan path for 2 years now. And Beltane pretty much marks that spot, as Beltane was the very 1st sabbat I celebrated. My awakening to who I truly am occurred on April 27th 2011. I immediately started searching for what the holidays are & how they are celebrated. So I scurried to put together a Beltane celebrating. *giggles* Very very memorable day. Spring & Autumn are my favorite seasons. Always have been. I remember celebrating May Day as a child. And my maternal grandma passed away on May Day. I was extremely close to her. So perhaps I feel like I'm also celebrating our love on that day. Wow, barely got through that sentence w/out a tear! After 12 years, still so heart breaking...

I include my family with celebrating the sabbats. And I just hate it that I'm working that night. Which also takes away any celebrations I would have done that day as well.

I want to go to Red Gulch dinasour digs outside of Greybull. I love taking the kids there. I have a geocache hidden there also. So I enjoy checking on that too. It's so peaceful out there! And when we are leaving at sunset. O.M.G. Gorgeous!! I was thinking of making some soft mead again too. And trying to track down a recipe alternate for bread. As I can not have any of the traditional pagan cakes, breads, etc.. because of my glute-free diet needs.

I always enjoy lighting my beltane candles in ritual, with its pretty maypole ribbons! And using my faerie incense.

It's no wonder I luv Beltane so much. I'm all about the faeries. And Beltane is one perfect time to commune with the faeries. Spring & faeries just go together ;)

Apr 2, 2013

Best air-filtering houseplants, according to NASA | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Best air-filtering houseplants, according to NASA | MNN - Mother Nature Network

I would love to have my home filled with various plants! A plan of action for the spring ;)

Apr 1, 2013

G is for Gratitude

Pagan Blog Project Letter G Prompt

 Gratitude! Be grateful for what we have, where we are in this moment. If you do not have gratitude, we will loose what we do have. Because we did not appreciate it.

Be grateful for everything. Be grateful for the dirty dishes. Because not everyone has food to put onto their plates. Be grateful for those arguments with our children. Because one day they will have knowledge to pass on and your arguments were not wasted after all. Because they DID hear your words. They were just too young to appreciate your wisdom.

Be grateful for the grass we have to mow this summer. Because some people have only dirt!

Having gratitude is to appreciate every simple thing in this life and to acknowledge it for all of its beauty. Whether we understand it or not is not for us to say. To not appreciate it is to throw away the gift.

Gratitude is a part of the Law of Attraction. If we express gratitude for the little things in our lives, larger things are to follow! After all, we can't simply be thankful for only the huge gifts. We have to be able to appreciate the smaller ones first. Then the Universe will bring to us the larger gifts, the ones that we really really want. The law of attraction is 'like attracts like'.

When we are negative, sad, wishful for what we do not have. Then the universe brings more of the same. When we are positive, grateful, thankful, kind to others, the universe brings more of the same! It's not always an easy practice. But you know what they say.
Practice makes perfect...

'What you focus on is what you create'

The Magic Secret -  a little facebook group I created for those reading the books
& applying the practice to their lives...

WhereIsMyLife-a personal post

My life is not where I want it to be. I am not living a life I love, or even want. It's just so hard to correct it. It doesn't happen overnight, and I'm impatient. I'm a passion parties independent consultant. But thats my 2nd job. I want it to be my full time job, and leave nursing. I'm a CNA also. Thats the job that I pay my bills with. I'm not even happy with where I live anymore. No metaphysical shops of any kind to speak of. Not even in the big city. Billings, Montana is where everyone here in small town Wyoming goes to shop. And I couldn't find any there that were still open. I've been with Passion Parties a year. And not where I want to be in the company. I buy supplies for my business from craft stores for prizes and samples. It is so irritating to not be able to just go to a store locally - because one does not exist.

So now I can not get what I need magickly, or mundane. I love passion parties. I love everything about passion parties. I love my spirituality. Finding my spirituality, was finding my true path. My way in life. So why does it feel like I'm being denied both! Passion Parties & Paganism are so similar too! Both are all about positive energy, personal growth,

I live in a small town. I haven't really had a great response with passion parties where I live. They act like they don't have sex.  When I mention what I do, I get ' oh I don't need any help in that area"  - Small Town + Mormon religion= no sex? I don't believe it.  But if I move then I am looking at the same situation. No close circle of friends to support me.  If you don't have a circle of friends to support you in what you are compassionate about, you don't have a jumping board...

Keep wondering if I should move to a larger area though. Where communities are more open about sex. 

Perhaps with moving to the evening shift and getting off of night shift will help my passion parties business. I love helping people. And the parties are SO much fun. SO many laughs! I'm always on cloud 9 after a party. I don't know why everyone wouldnt want to do this for a living. We get to earn trips to exotic resorts, gifts from our corporate office. We get so much help and tips from seasoned consultants, our corporate team, tutorials, documents... I just went to annual convention in Las Vegas and O! M! G!!! SO exciting. We won HUGE prizes, got the scoop on new products, got to see the new catalogs FIRST, we got to learn more about how to enhance our business's.  And first timers get to go to special learning pods to learn how to break through our mental barriers we might have. I am a team leader. Next year hope to be executive director!!! Its a very long jump. But I want it very much.

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