Apr 1, 2013

G is for Gratitude

Pagan Blog Project Letter G Prompt

 Gratitude! Be grateful for what we have, where we are in this moment. If you do not have gratitude, we will loose what we do have. Because we did not appreciate it.

Be grateful for everything. Be grateful for the dirty dishes. Because not everyone has food to put onto their plates. Be grateful for those arguments with our children. Because one day they will have knowledge to pass on and your arguments were not wasted after all. Because they DID hear your words. They were just too young to appreciate your wisdom.

Be grateful for the grass we have to mow this summer. Because some people have only dirt!

Having gratitude is to appreciate every simple thing in this life and to acknowledge it for all of its beauty. Whether we understand it or not is not for us to say. To not appreciate it is to throw away the gift.

Gratitude is a part of the Law of Attraction. If we express gratitude for the little things in our lives, larger things are to follow! After all, we can't simply be thankful for only the huge gifts. We have to be able to appreciate the smaller ones first. Then the Universe will bring to us the larger gifts, the ones that we really really want. The law of attraction is 'like attracts like'.

When we are negative, sad, wishful for what we do not have. Then the universe brings more of the same. When we are positive, grateful, thankful, kind to others, the universe brings more of the same! It's not always an easy practice. But you know what they say.
Practice makes perfect...

'What you focus on is what you create'

The Magic Secret -  a little facebook group I created for those reading the books
& applying the practice to their lives...


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