Apr 29, 2013

 Pagan Blog Project-Beltane Prompt

With Beltane less than a week away, I thought it was only appropriate to have our prompt be about it.  How do you celebrate?  Is it a personal celebration, or do you go to a public gathering?  What does it mean to you, personally?
Beltane holds a dear place in my heart and soul. It is my favorite sabbat. I am so thrilled that I get to celebrate it this year. I was working a different shift & so exhausted last year. My work shift just changed ( for at least a month ). And I will be able to go have my special day at Red Gulch Dinasour Tracksite & my sabbat ritual. SO excited!!

Beltane has a lot of personal and spiritual meaning for me. I remember celebrating May Day as a child. So there is that connection to childhood. My grandma that I was very very close to passed away on may day. As I have probably mentioned more than once or twice in blog posts before *giggles* - Beltane is also very special to me because it is the very first sabbat I learned about & celebrated. I realized who and what I was March 27th 2011 & immediately started researching holidays. Beltane was SO close that I almost didn't get a maypole candle. But thanx to the wonderful quick work of White Magick Alchemy, I was able to have my very 1st sabbat candle & celebrate Beltane in style.

Beltane is a time of rebirth, & change. Which I feel a strong connection to. I personally have been going through a lot of changes in my life. Personal growth big time through this past year. Have overcome lots of personal obstacles & fears.

I have become more open with my religion. Even at work! *lol* I'm careful who I talk to about it though.

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