May 29, 2011

~•~A Magickal Day Afoot...~•~

What a magickal day! I wrote my own spell today. I liked it so much and have such a positive vibe about it, I plan to refine it. A couple of mistakes happened. But maybe that is why they call it 'practicing'. Any spell will be most benificial if you change bits of it to make it your own.
My spell is called

'Good Day with my Husband' Spell
1 bright pink candle, sprinkle lavender rosemary & red mini rosebuds atop of pink candle, and in chalice filled with water. Burn vanilla incense during ritual.
Also need: mini besom (broom), white sage smudge stick, 3 amethyst stones, athame, picture of a goddess of love intent, the passion or other love intent tarot card.

Center yourself. - as in ground and center.
Then smudge your magickal space,altar,tools.
Set up altar with a pentacle in the center. Set up your tools according to the elements, on top of the pentacle. Goddess atop for the element of spirit. Besom symbolizes air, amethysts symbolic to earth, cauldron symbolic to fire, chalice with water for element of water.

Sprinkle bits of lavender, rosemary, and mini red rosebuds in lit pink candle and water.
Light vanilla incense. Which is in the center of the pentacle.
Take athame in hand call upon a Goddess of love intent ask her to bless
your day and smile upon you.
Make writing your spell part of your ritual. I chose to not write it ahead of time on this spell. Write in your neatest handwriting:
Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
Have this we must
Husband and Wife having fun today
bring this my way if you may

Another version I just thought of though could go something like this
perfect love and perfect trust
recieve from above to the dust
husband and wife
having fun in life.

you have your quatrain written in your tidiest handwriting.
Then take your athame clenching the handle with solid willful intent
holding it above your altar draw a heart in the air, seeing the blue flames
it makes thinking of your husband and the intent of true and loving bond
between yourself and your husband. Draw the heart as many times as you like.
I suggest at least three. Do not break the heart. Draw it solid w/out picking up
the athame. Draw as a solid heart line.

Then take your athame and dip it in the melting wax quickly smear it
on the inside of your paper. Sealing it with your love and intent.
Repeat your spell 9 times.
(A witches ladder would be helpful at this time in the ritual if you have one).
While saying your written spell visualize yourself laughing, loving and having fun with your husband. Doing whatever you consider to be fun with your husband...
Light your words on fire to send your wish up to the Gods & Goddesses.

Thank the Lord and Lady for blessing you and your husband.
Dump your water from your chalice in to your witches garden, a plant,
something earthly.
Ground & Center
Clean your tools

Do you ever feel different after you work a spell? I do. I feel clear and clean and energized. I get goosebumps too when I am doing the spell. *lol*

Feel free to comment to me. I'm still in the very early stages of learning. If you see that I'm doing something wrong, using a term wrong. Let me know. :)


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