May 15, 2011

        I am soooo excited today! I woke up actually excited to get up and and start the day. Today is my day that I start planting my witches garden. My 1st garden ever. Too funny. 44 years old and just starting to live...

I just got a brand new camera too. So I'll most likely be doing some digital documenting.

I didn't have the funds to get all the seeds and everything I wanted to. But frost is lasting late here. So, I think I will be okay to still plant more stuff in a couple of weeks. I'll have to check the moon phase and everything in my witches almanac.

I have purchased a starter witches kit. Have a bunch of herbs. Hmmm.. maybe I could just drop some of those into the ground. *giggle* Not so sure it works that way though...

I do have seeds for my hollyhocks though. And some 'something' button. *lol* Can't recall the name of it right off the top of my head at the moment.
My daughter bought me my 1st garden statuary too. It's a 3 mushroom statue. So that is cool too.
Well, I'll let ya all know how it goes :)


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