May 21, 2011

My Studies...

My studies are going wonderfully. I am on lesson 2 at Sacred Mists. I have chosen to my 2nd deity focus on Arianrhod. My 1st one was Rhiannon. Arianrhod is the weaver of fates. She is goddess of the 'silver wheel' (the moon), fate, reincarnation, doubt, comfort. I think the deity focus at the end of each lesson is my most favorite part of my lessons. I get to choose what God or Goddess I want to focus on. So thats really cool. These 1st two have been Welsh/Celtic. I am not sure who I will do for my next one. I am kind of thinking about a God. I don't know anything about 'The Green Man' or Green Man. Or I think another one is called Old Oak. Or Ancient Oak. Maybe just Oak Tree....

I am now also involved with 5 extended classes at Sacred Mists.
  1. Empathy
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Lithomany (sp?)
  4. Sacred Protection
  5. Magickal Tools
I'm also involved in a game that last for a year. Called House Challenge. It is like in the Harry Potter movies. There are 'houses' and I am assigned to House of Air. Woohoo! Just like a fae. *giggles*
And all the houses are the 4 elements. Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. So far house of air is in the lead.
At the end of the year I think everyone in the winning house gets a special siggie. *smiles*

Everything @ work is going way fabulous. I'm as a happy as can be. I love being on 8 hour shifts.
The day goes by so fast!

Blessed Be ~ Wiccan Moon

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