May 18, 2011

Work & Witch School


I got changed to 8 hour shifts! Woohoo!!! More fun @ home for me. *giggle* I started on my 8 hr shifts on Tuesday May 17th. The whole day was just spectacular.  Today was really awesome too.

My assignment from Sacred Mists has been graded. (lesson1) And I got compliments on it. So, that is totally awesome. I enjoyed the deity focus so much. At the end of each lesson there is Q & A about the lesson. Then I have to select a deity to learn about. And  there is a deity Q & A also.

I'm so excited to get home from work every day to learn and study more about wicca every single day. It's so much fun.
In between my online studies, I am also reading books and practicing grounding and centering.

I also recieved my last order yesterday. And I got a couple of moonstones in 1 of my pkgs. So thats totally cool, since moonstone is sacred to Goddess Rhiannon. Thats my Goddess!

For my next deity focus. I might do Danu.
Bright Blessings - WiccanMoon



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