May 15, 2011

WiccanMoon-Book of Shadows and Light

The beginning of my online witches diary started at:
But I was late on paying for my hosting subscription. And now its not visible. So, I decided maybe blog spot is the way to go instead. So, I'll just catch you up to speed.

My Wiccan journey started about a little over a month ago. I've always felt a pull towards it. There have been so many signs along the way, now that my eyes are open and I look back at my life.
I enrolled in Seasons in Avalon. Loved it immediately. I have purchased 6 books on wicca and magick so far. My life changed immediately it seems like. Once I made up my mind that this is the path I am suppose to be on. I've loved my studies and homework for S.I.A. And have now recently been accepted to The College of the Sacred Mists-An Online Wiccan College.

Sacred Mists is a truely phenomenal school! I love it there. So much information and training.

I've met a wonderful artist on facebook too. Her name is Sabrina TheInkWitch. She is an amazing artist. And I've decided to hire her to draw a tatoo for me. Actually add to my triquetra on the back of my neck. I am thinking of a besom, long stemmed rose and raven. Blended in with my triquetra.

I've been purchasing tools for my altar as well. And I got to participate in Beltane. That was wonderful!! I had a wonderful magickal day. I'll never forget it...

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