May 28, 2011

Decisions?.. Decisions?...

I am trying to make a difficult decision today. Maybe I'll meditate about it. I don't know...
I have decided not to renew my domain next year. And I have also already decided not to renew my webhosting space account. Can't even get into my account anyway. I could write support & they would help me immediately. But I don't even really feel like messing with a website/members area or anything like that anymore anyway. But I do kind of feel badly about the member area content people have paid to join. Although it not be that many. *lol*

So, I opened a free site with But now I feel like I don't even feel like messing with uploading stuff and building a membership area. Hmmm... I don't know...

I'm really really into my studies and work and home. I have no intention of creating anything new.
Well, then I guess that right there says it all. I will not rebuild a members area. 

I did make a new profile for myself though for a forum I've belonged to for about 10 years.
WiccanMoon was taken. :( So, the only other name that came into my head was Brighid.
So at my member name is BrighidLight. Made this siggie
real quick last night.


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