May 14, 2011

Dark skies over me at work...

Two terrible days at work. Well I pulled into the office once again on Thursday. (I was just in there about a month ago or so being questioned about asking for narcotics from my co-workers. Which is not true.

Was questioned about it again on Thursday. Very very tired of this. But so much has changed since I was in there last. I didn't loose my cool. I stayed calm, happy. I refused to sign their paper work. Because I am not guilty of the things that they accuse me of.

They question the students to see if we are doing every single thing we are suppose to be doing with our residents. It was so obvious what managment was doing it is about laughable. They went down the entire list of all the basic things you learn in your C.N.A. classes and the 1st few months on the job.

Provide privacy, tell the resident what you are doing before you do it, or as you do it, etc... I do all the things I am suppose to do. I care about everyone. I care about my job, I care about the people I am taking care of, I care about the people I work with, I care about my family...

So, after lunch that day I went back into the office to request that a UA be done. And I was ignored. No one called me in the department I was working in. The next day 1st thing in the morning I made my request known again. Again, I was not contacted.

In the mean while I started breaking out in shingles, and of course in new spots on my body.
Now on my breast right where my bra and clothing touch.

I've been moved to the opposite side of the building. I've been accused of being 'burnt out' in the area I work in. I can't stand that word. 1st of all, its not even true. If I'm so burnt out why do I bring things from home to give to residents? Why do I go to the store for them? Why do I stick up for their rights? Why do I stay after hours when I already work 12 hour shifts, if I'm so burnt out?

Well, so now everyone in the whole building is all ticked off because the schedule was all rearranged. Everyone's position of where they work and who they take care of was messed with.
So, I'm sure all new drama awaits next week. I have a 3 day weekend off. Then I return to work with all new residents and staff etc... on Tuesday. And someone who has never ever worked in the unit I worked in for the last 2 years will be working over there with all men. Mostly sexual predators for the 1st time. They have notified her of this change while on vacation by leaving a message on her answering machine. I know laughable - huh.

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