Jan 24, 2013


PROMPT: Black Magic
• Is there such a thing?
• Would I use it?
Black Magick -  Without having done any research to write my blog post on this prompt I feel that I would not use black magic. From what I have learned about magick over the past 2 years is that everything is made up of black and white. Positive & Negative. That is how there is a balance. And that magick is not black or white. It is just what it is. Magick. Bringing about change in one's life through intent. Black magick can be taken like anything else, just in the way you view it. Personally I do not view magick as white or black. It is both. I do not practice any magick against those who also practice magick. I do not believe in casting spells to change another person's free will. I do believe that there is an ancient black magick.  There is always ways to produce negativity. People do it everyday without even realizing it.

When you are saying negative things, thinking negative thoughts, negative things happen to you. It's simply the law of attraction. You don't need any special herbs, tools, or rituals to bring about black magick. Since I have not done any research on black magick. I am curious if it is all for curses, and negativity. Or if that is the myth. A lot of what the uneducated public thinks about witchcraft is false. And even though I have an open mind & had believed and been curious about my path for a long time before I started learning about it. I too had some misconceptions about witchcraft, paganism, wicca...

I'm looking forward to reading some of the other bloggers posts on this prompt. I'm not too knowledgeable on Black Magick. I believe that there are many forms of magick. Just as there are many forms of religion, many forms of happiness, many forms of negativity...

I do however spell magick with the 'k' to refer to it separately than stage magic. I also am rather curious why it is called black magick and referred to as evil doing when black is actually a color of protection...

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