Jan 18, 2013

Help me to Understand...

Dear Isis, Mother Moon, Mother Goddess, Great Spirit, Perfect Universe; help me to understand why it feels like I have nothing that is my own. Love my cats- Isis & Thor. But it feels like they break and destroy all my things. My husband doesn't respect anything that is mine. Just flips his covers off in the morning clear across the bed so that they hit me in the back of the head! Just one more way of saying i'm invisible if you ask me.

That's how I was feeling earlier today. I came home from work & went into my bedroom, in front of my altar & meditated. I did feel calmer afterwards ;)
Thank goodness! Colored my hair, and now relaxing... Feeling much better than I was earlier today.

Some of my aggravation today probably came from my test results. I had a gastro test done last week. I was given radioactive eggs to eat, a photo was taken every 30 minutes of my stomach for 2 hours. And the test came back with normal results. Goddess only knows how much that test cost & didn't show anything! Why am I not surprised. The tests always come back normal, showing nothing. But that is not at all how I feel... What a waste of time, money, energy & effort. Whatever... :/


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