Jan 26, 2013


 Incorporating magick into your everyday mundane life is very simple. You have a plethora of options & opportunities before you. One way is, I love to clean with lavender. A wonderful benevolent, relaxing, cleansing herb.

 I create my own natural cleaning solution in a clean spray bottle. Fill with warm water, a couple pinches of dried lavender buds. I rub & squeeze them in my fingers   activating their relaxing aroma or grind w/ mortar & pestle. Add a couple drops of pure essential lavender oil. Doesn't take much, (remember essential oils are concentrated) - amount depends on size of bottle/water.  I use this for cleaning walls, kitchen, window sills...

What is another way we can incorporate magick into our mundane daily lives? Cooking? yes! Lets make something simple, yet very powerful. Light a green candle (the color green is symbolic to healing, health, good luck, prosperity). Now lets scramble up some eggs, sprinkle some garden sage, salt, pepper, & anything else you want in to them. Eggs are life sustaining. They can contain life, as well as give life. What could be better for us than something that is the container of life. I'm not getting into cholestoral issues here concerning eggs *lol* Now lets look at the sage that we added. Sage has long been thought of as an herb of grand importance. I love to add sage to my food. Sage is cleansing, and thought to prolong ones life.

So, now we have cleaned house, and eaten a healthy meal. Now lets relax in our favorite chair and do some reading. I am now increasing my knowledge, as well as enriching my spirit. I choose to read Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura today. What do you choose to read?

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