Feb 2, 2013

C is for Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham passed to the next world on March 28, 1993. I find it amazing that it feels to me like he is alive though. When I read his books, it doesn't feel like the books were written years ago. They feel like they were written today. Written for me to find answers I seek today. I feel it is amazing that it is on that same date 2011 that I found myself realizing that I am a witch. And that I am going to go forward and learn all I can about this path that I have been so curious about. That keeps coming back to my mind year after year after year & I just kept pushing it away. March 28, 2011 is the day I learned about Witch-School. And started out on my journey. But I do not want this post to be about me. I want it to be about a man who feels very much alive for me.

As I look at his name, I think it is curious that I was going to write my post this week on The Cunning Folk. And there it is 'cunning'. Scott lived a cunning life. It shows in all the books he wrote on herbs, aromatherapy, magickal healing... I have already learned a lot from him in just the 2 short years I have been on my path of discovery. Scott wrote many books. He was a solitaire practitioner. Although he on occasion did worship with friends & teachers. Scott Cunningham studied under Raven Grimassi for 2 years from 1980-1982 before going solo. Scott believed that Wicca should become more open to newcomers. It had basicly remained a closed tradition to newcomers since the 1950's.

When I 1st entered the world of spirituality and paganism, the book I heard most mentioned was Wicca - for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham. This is my 1st book within the craft. It was a very easy read. Easy to understand; having no knowledge of the craft at all. I have since purchased other books by Scott Cunningham. Such as  Living Wicca, Wicca in the Kitchen, Magical Household, Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.

There is so much work left by Scott Cunningham. I hope to be able to purchase all of his books. They really ring true for what I am searching for. The fill a part of me that has always had one foot in the ancient past...


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