Feb 15, 2013

Pagan Blog Project 2013-DragonsBlood

Pagan Blog Project 2013 - D is for Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood crushed with my mortar and pestle

Dragon's Blood has a nice slightly sweet n' spicy scent to it. I love working with dragons blood resin. It crushes pretty easily in my mortar & pestle. It looks like red rocks. 

Ground with a mortar & pestle mixed with a small amount of frankincense resin & you have a wonderful incense ready to burn on a charcoal disc. Adding a wonderful spicy sweet aroma to your ritual or home.

Adding dragons blood to any ritual or blend gives it extra power & potent.

Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Magickal Uses: Banish negative energy, protection of any kind, good luck and healing
Deities: I'm sure there are a plethora of deities associated with dragon's blood. This could include any deity associated with love, fire, protection. The Morrighan comes to my mind first. 
Dragon's Blood is the ingredient in many sex & love spells. It may even be turned into ink to give your spells and rituals extra power when written in dragon's blood.

But where does Dragon's Blood actually come from. How did it get its name? It is not really the blood from dragons of course. It got its name in ancient times from the colors represented in these resin chunks. It derives from the  dracaena draco. Or Dragon Tree. Dragon Tree are found in Sumatra and the Canary Islands. Dragon's Blood resin was traditionally used in ancient times in religious & spiritual ceremonies in India, China, and Rome.

If you have animals or children in the home to not sprinkle anywhere it could be accidentally consumed. As it is toxic. It has been believed to thin the blood.

Herbal Medicinal uses:
The legends of Dragon's Blood is said to have been used to treat cuts, wounds, and burns. As well as an intoxicating drink.

I am not an herbalist though. Do not attempt to conjure any tincture for such ailments for yourself or anyone else without extensive knowledge and training. Consult a licensed herbalist for such things.

This article is comprised from my own thoughts, experiences, and articles I have read in books and online.


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