Feb 15, 2013


The prompt for this Thursday is what One book would I recommend to new comers, but since its so hard to choose we are invited to share three books we would recommend.
 The first book that I read was Scott Cunningham's - Wicca for the solitary practitioner. But probably my favorite and the one with the most information all contained in one book is Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ann Moura. My magickal book collections consist largely of Ann Moura, Scott Cunningham, Ellen Dugan and Silver Raven Wolf. I aim to purchase more from Ann Moura and Scott Cunningham & a Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.

Grimoire for the Green Witch was a book that was highly suggest reading for me from a pagan forum on the Delphi.com network. I have not ever regretted it. It is a quite large book. I use it as a reference all the time. It has the sabbats, rituals, a witches daily dedication that I have memorized and say in the morning with the lighting of a specific candle color for how I am feeling. Usually yellow or orange to combat depression. I also recite it many times outloud throughout the day and silently in my head. Ann Moura has included moon phases, various charts for times of the day, week, to bring what change you desire. Gods, Goddesses, chants, songs, festivals, feasts. Color meanings, sigils, craft ideas, info on oils, trees. Herbal plant listings, moon gardening. There is a plethory of knowledge contained in her book. Like I mentioned earlier, I do use it as a reference book constantly. It is my most cherished book. If I had the time to think of 1 thing to grab out of my house in the case of my home being destroyed - besides toilet paper *giggles* I would be this book.

Grimoire for the Green Witch is not just a book with someone elses' words. This IS Ann Moura's Book of Shadows. Therefore it is far more interesting than reading words she has put to paper. It is an indescribable wealth of knowledge. I feel like I'm feeding from an actual magickal fountain of knowledge when I read an Ann Moura book.

She has included from the simple to the sublime. Beginning with her sharing with us her family practice and linage. I had been reading quite a few other wiccan books before I was turned to this one. This is a complete book no matter where you are in your practice, spirituality, knowledge level... There is rules of conduct for a witch, creed of the green witch, the sacred tradition of green witchcraft, the three styles of green witchcraft, grounding and centering, altar arrangements, basic circle casting and opening and closing. Some books will just tell you the basics on how to do something. But Ann goes another step and breaks it down and explains it in short, understandable steps. For example - a book may tell you to cast a circle in whatever way you like. Well that is not very helpful if you are just learning. You did not learn anything from that instruction now did you. Ann tells you the direction in which to move in casting your circle. Deosil. And then goes another step. - Because what if you are not accustom to the magickal lingo yet. To explain quickly what direction that is. (N-E-S-W) - North, East, South, West. A friend told me something to help me remember the directional elements when I first started - Never East Soggy Waffles. *lol* And you can think of widdershins as going backwards, undoing. Deosil is opening, inviting. But it was impressive to me that she mentioned the N.E.S.W. direction.

I purchase most of my books from Llewellyn Book Publishing in the beginning. I have since began purchasing from Amazon at a lesser price.

Even though Grimoire for the Green Witch is my favorite. I would still recommend Scott Cunningham's Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner. When I first started reading books by Scott Cunningham I was really impressed with how easy they are to understand. Nothing worse than being completely new to something, and then still being puzzled after you've read up on it. And his books feel like they were written today. But they were not. Scott Cunningham passed away March 27th 1995. I did not start on my path until March 27th 2011. I can not help but think that the likeness in the dates also connect me to him in a special way. Like he was leading me. I knew nothing at all about Wicca, Magick, or Paganism. But that is another subject, on another day.

Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner is a very easy to follow book also. I would recommend this for the beginner. He gives you all of the basics for starting to learn about your path & practice.   He went through and explained all the areas I was so curious about. My altar, my tools, tool consecration, spirituality, grounding and centering. All the basics are there for you. And that the only tool you really ever need is yourself! You don't have to have all of the other tools for an effective ritual. You don't even have to do rituals. (But I like to. They help me feel connected to nature and the universe, and give me such an uplifting high energy.) All of the other tools are for adding more power to your ritual or spell. If I am casting a spell to bring greater success in my home business. I could do this simply by visualization, speaking from my heart to the Lord and Lady, my patron God and Goddess, or Goddess or just my patron God, or the Universe, whatever higher power you refer to. But I enjoy using my props. A green candle as green is symbolic to the element of earth. Earth is what I call 'my birth element'. Green is symbolic to prosperity, good luck, money, abundance. I would also use stones on my altar that are going to draw on the same things. I would also use herbs that are going to increase the power of my spell. Such as rosemary for good luck and abundance...

My third recommendation for a beginner is going to be a bit different than what you may think. You can read books all day long on crafting candles, learning about crystals, stones, herbs, rituals, but if you do not have gratitude in your daily life. None of what you are trying to do is going to matter much. - In my opinion. Gratitude is the easiest way to bring about positive change in your own life.

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is high on my list of suggestions. This book is about bringing positive change in your life through the power of positive thought. I have experienced it in my own life! It works. Just like our rituals work. Because of the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Have you ever felt like your having bad luck, and more and more and more. When unpleasant things happen to us. And we sit around complaining, and tell it to everyone we come across in our day, and we think and dwell on it. We are giving it power. LOTS of power. Negative energy brings about change just like positive energy does. Rhonda Byrne teaches you how you can change it though. I love her simple action steps. I repeat the 1st step. -- Each morning before you do anything else. Before you turn on the t.v. Before you get on your computer, phone, or any other device. Sit down in a quiet space and write out 10 things that you are grateful for. And the reason why you are grateful for each one. Do this for 28 days and you will notice a change in your circumstances. The more gratitude you have about something, the more power you give it.

I include things that have not yet happened, and then they DO happen!

I wrote for weeks about how thankful I am for people to place orders with me for my passion parties business. And when a friend booked a party with me last saturday, I received $721.00 in retail sales. Which for me as an independent consultant is a profit of over $300.00 for just 2 hours worth of fun, *cough-cough* oh I mean work. *giggles*

Thank you for reading my lil' article. I've enjoyed writing it very much. I love my books so dearly & enjoy talking about them. ~ Julie


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