Aug 24, 2014


I am so excited!! Ever since I learned about Absinthe 3 years ago, I have wanted to experience it. It is from the 1900's. It is very potent. Made with herbs and Vodka (no less than 100 proof). It is outlawed in the United States. It originates from France. Nick named the Green Fairy. La Fee Verte means The Green Fairy. 

So my obsession and curiosity with Absinthe is in full swing with all my Absinthe tools ordered from e-bay. I love my glasses and can not wait to hold one in my hand! 

                          Authentic La Rochere Pontarlier Absinthe Glass
La Rochere Pontarlier Absinthe glasses have a  reservoir to measure the proper amount of Absinthe to pour in.

Absinthe Spoon and Sugar Cubes

I've downloaded some beautiful pictures too.

Aug 23, 2014

Finding Magick in Everyday

Finding the magick in each day may not always be an easy task. But is something worth looking for. Sometimes I miss the simple signs.  Do you ever do that? Get caught up in the everyday stresses and complications. It can be as easy as enjoying the sound and scent of a fresh rain. Watching a bird.

For the past week or so on my way to work. (It’s dark – 5:00 a.m.) A light – towards the East keeps catching my eye. A bright star and a smaller star. It’s been puzzling me. Are they always there and I don’t notice. Are they new? Is it a planet or something? Aliens?… Have I been watching a little too much Ancient Aliens?

Then today I was looking at my sky map iphone app searching for where Moon is located at the moment. Odd…  There are two planets just above our waning moon. Jupiter. Which looks like it is very large, compared to the planet Venus to the left of it.  Right where I’ve been seeing those stars!

Are we always able to see certain planets with the naked eye? I would not think so. Otherwise what use would there be for telescopes… It is all so fascinating and mysterious to me.

Interesting! Planets ARE visible during certain times… I love it!

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